Models Direct’s Child Models Enjoy Photoshoot For ADHD Campaign

Models Direct models Alex & Gemma feature in Flynn Pharma's ADHD medication campaign

Models Direct models Alex & Gemma feature in Flynn Pharma’s ADHD medication campaign

Advertising agency Tap Creative recently came to Models Direct looking for two ‘real’ looking child models aged 8-12 to front an ADHD medication campaign for Flynn Pharma – a company that aims to re-energise tried and trusted branded pharmaceutical products.

9 year old Alex and 11 year old Gemma fit the company’s requirements perfectly and the pair were booked into a 2-day photoshoot in Cambridge.

On the shoot days, the models were required to pose in a variety of everyday situations – including waking up in the morning, going to school, taking part in a PE session, playing and relaxing after school, and bedtime – in order to highlight the medication’s benefits alongside the campaign’s slogan ‘a good start leads to a good day’.

Alex, who was paid a modelling fee of £510.00, told us how the day went: “I loved the modelling assignment with Models Direct! Everyone was so nice. I had to pose doing everyday things such as getting up, going to bed, brushing my teeth, eating lunch and breakfast, playing, and going to school. It felt great; I was a star for the day! Everyone fussed over me, which I liked a lot! I really, really enjoyed my 2 days.”

Gemma also earned a substantial fee of £500.00 for her modelling efforts. Gemma’s mother, Ronni, told us how much her daughter enjoyed the shoot: “The assignment with Models Direct was very relaxed and professionally conducted. The client and photographer were very helpful and Gemma was very relaxed and loved the two days. She was required to pose in several different school situations and it all went really well. Thank you for finding Gemma the assignment and she is keen to do more!”

Not only is it great to hear that our models had such fun on set, but it’s also rewarding to see these children help raise awareness of a developmental disorder that is in fact the most commonly diagnosed psychiatric disorder in children, affecting approximately 3 to 5 percent of children globally.

So well done Alex and Gemma from the team at Models Direct!

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