Advice For Teen Models

Models Direct’s Teen Model, Khade

Models Direct’s Teen Model, Khade

Modelling in your teens can be a great way to build confidence, earn some extra cash and have fun. Successful teen models tell us that they find the experience of modelling rewarding and positive but for most of them it is a part-time job that they enjoy after prioritising family and study responsibilities.

If you or your child are, or hope to become a teen model there are various ways in which you can approach wellbeing and time management to maintain a healthy balance between your modelling work and the rest of your teen life. Models Direct has put some tips together for teen models who want to stay savvy and look and feel their best.

Time management

When it comes to studies the rule is simple; school comes first. The modelling industry is competitive and it is important that you focus on getting good grades at school, even if you find yourself becoming a modelling success story. Good time management and routine will ensure that you can enjoy your interests, and quality time with family and friends, while still achieving great grades at school. If you can get into the habit of managing your time effectively now you will really benefit later in life too. Wall calendars, with spaces to write in for each day, are a great tool for this and are a favourite with Models Direct. Place your calendar where you will see it every morning and ideally where a parent will see it too so that they can prompt you should you forget anything. Add the items that must be done first then you can clearly see what time you have left for more fun pursuits. A great tip is to colour code your items, i.e. add your ‘must dos’ in red and use an alternative colour for the optional additions.


Arguably the three main elements to affect your wellbeing are diet, activity and rest, and all savvy models know that to look and feel your best they must all be addressed sensibly.
While it’s important to eat healthily at any age, your teens can be particularly crucial in terms of development so approach your diet responsibly. Your bones will grow more during these years than at any other time and you will probably be at your most active too.
In order to maintain your energy levels eat plenty of slow release energy foods such as porridge for breakfast and beans with your lunch. These foods will help you to perform well both mentally and physically throughout the day. To ensure strong bones you will need to include lots of calcium and vitamin D in your diet. Calcium can be found in dairy foods, nuts and green leafy vegetables, and oily fish and eggs are great sources of Vitamin D.
It’s also very important to get the right amount of sleep during your teens; about 9-10 hours should be optimum so make sure you get at least this every night. Avoid consuming caffeine after 3-4pm and stop gaming at least 2 hrs before bedtime as this can also affect the quality of your sleep. Being active during the day will help you to sleep soundly at night and keep you feeling and looking fit. Models Direct recommends at least 30 minutes a day. The possibilities here are endless, whether it’s cycling to school, joining a dance club or even playing a favourite console game that gets you moving, exercising should be fun.

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