Talent Management’s Top Tattooed Models

Fahrani Empel (right) on the cover of Surfing Magazine's 2009 Swimsuit Issue
Fahrani Empel (right) on the cover of Surfing Magazine's 2009 Swimsuit Issue

Tattooed models are not for conformity, but then again, neither are we. Talent Management understands that beauty is diverse and means different things to different people. That’s why we applaud the tattooed models who have become successful, all while rocking their unique look…

Carolyn Murphy

American model Carolyn Murphy, now 37 and still modelling, has a large Japanese Koi fish tattoo wrapping around the top of her thigh all the way around to the small of her back. While Murphy sometimes poses with her left side towards the camera, we’ve seen plenty of shots where her tattoo is in full show – most of which are accompanied by complements across countless blogs on the net, including ours!

Fahrani Empel

Following in the footsteps of her Indonesian mother, who was also a top model in the 1970s, Empel’s multi-tattooed body has walked for shows in the world’s top fashion capitals. But when the ever-judgemental fashion industry told her to steer clear of any more tattoos, she stayed true to her perception of beauty and soon found herself back in the tattoo shop chair – a move that’s created a cult following.

Isabeli Fontana

In 2008, Brazilian model Isabeli Fontana made her debut on Forbes’ ‘The World’s 15 Top-Earning Models’ list, having earned $3 million. And yet she is another famously tattooed model. Fontana has her son’s name, Zion, tattooed on her upper back, as well as a thorn and rose wrapped on her ankle, and a Cancer star sign on her wrist. However, this model’s ink certainly hasn’t held her back, having modelled for Marie Claire Elle, Vogue, and the famous Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, among many others.

Having been internationally successfully, we’re sure we’ll be seeing more of these tattooed models for some time to come! And remember, if you have a tattoo that is holding you back from applying to be a model, just check out how many models are rocking photoshoots and catwalks, despite having tattoos.