Modelling Myths Exploded By The Girls Of Dirty Sexy Things

The models of Dirty Sexy Things
The models of Dirty Sexy Things

The girl models of Dirty Sexy Things reveal the biggest myths they’d like to explode about modelling

Ocean: “Contrary to popular belief, bookers/designers don’t always want to use skinny models. I’ve been turned away from work before because they wanted a different body type.”

Jessye: “People think you make lots of money for doing very little but that’s bull****. You don’t always get good money and it can be mentally hard work.”

Ariella: “The biggest myth is that it’s glamorous. Most of modelling is waiting and castings. And castings are no different to interviews. As a model the biggest part of your job is to go on these interviews with not one boss but maybe three bosses who ask you to take your clothes off and do an interview half naked and judge you.

“You look after yourself; you have to be very conscious of how you look. How do you moisturize? Do you have long shower? Do you have good hair? It’s your job. You are your product.”

Charlotte: “It’s not that easy to do. It doesn’t matter if you’re naturally skinny, you always have to watch how you look. Even on your days off you have to keep yourself looking good whether it be your body, your skin or your hair. You also can’t have an opinion, you have to go to shoots and leave everything you care about at the door to embrace someone else’s vision.”