Models’ Beauty Secrets Revealed!

Meaningful Beauty® skincare range by Cindy Crawford

Meaningful Beauty® skincare range by Cindy Crawford

For models, getting the best from your looks is basically a full-time job.  So, we’ve been scouring the net and have found some of the best beauty tips around from the girls that do this for a living.

From beauty must-haves to makeup tips, here are our favourites…

Russian model Masha Novoselova

“I have this SK-II mask that I use a lot when I’m travelling. It’s the best thing to hydrate your skin. I just put [it on] and then go to sleep! It really makes you feel fresh and hydrated.”

Czech model Linda Vojtova

“I wash all my makeup brushes with baby shampoo. It keeps them clean, and the brushes last longer.”

American model Cindy Crawford

“Make sure your foundation matches your skin. If you can, sample it and then go outside with a mirror, because a lot of times we get something in a store and then in real life it’s too orange or too yellow or too grey.”

American model Julie Henderson

“For my eyes I use two different things in the morning. Kiehl’s helps with puffiness or black circles or just simple wrinkles. And I just discovered Meaningful Beauty eye cream by Cindy Crawford.”

Brazillian model Alessandra Ambrosio

“Another thing I thing is really great for your hair is coconut water. [It] has a lot of minerals so it hydrates you a lot and it’s really delicious.”

American model Dree Hemingway

“For beauty, my must-haves are Kiehl’s face cream, which is my favourite. I also just bought the new Givenchy mascara, which I’m really excited about because it has a really cool ball at the end which makes all glorious things happen with your lashes.”

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