The Model Agency’s Carole White Discusses How The Modelling World Has Changed

Plus size model Toccara Jones
Plus size model Toccara Jones

Talent Management is all too aware of how quickly the modelling industry can change. From size zero and plus size models, right through to transgender and albino models, the world’s tastes can change drastically in a matter of years.

So what about in a matter of decades?

Carole White, star of new Channel 4 documentary ‘The Model Agency’, has spoken out about how the modelling world has changed since she set up Premier in the early 1980s.

White said: “We have changed. I now look for girls with breasts, and that is something we wouldn’t have countenanced ten years ago. Our biggest demand in the past two years has been for a D cup, but obviously you have to have a really fit body.

“Now, we talk to models about nutrition, make sure they have a personal trainer. Even our language has changed. A decade ago, we would just have said: ‘Don’t eat!’”

White also stressed how modelling can be both fulfilling and difficult work.

She told the Daily Mail: “I know models who speak three languages, they see the world, they do get an education. It’s better than working in Tesco, you can do great things.

“I tell girls they need to be as fit as Olympic athletes to make it. After New York I have girls who are crying with exhaustion. [In London] the fee for an established designer is £370 per girl, per show. A new designer might pay a girl £100.”

We think that while to be an editorial/runway model you may need to have an ultra-toned body, to be a model in general, you certainly do not.

We represent a hugely diverse range of looks, and welcome all sizes, ages, ethnicities and features.

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