Helena Christensen Talks About Her ‘Supermodel’ Status & 20 Years In The Business

Danish supermodel and former Victoria’s Secret Angel Helena Christensen recently spoke to Vogue Australia about her 20-year-long modelling career.

Helena Christensen
Helena Christensen

Talent Management has always loved the era of the supermodels; an amazing period in the 90s when an elite group of girls made modelling history.

During this time, alongside the so-called ‘supermodel originals’ – Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss, Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, and Christy Turlington – Helena Christensen was also making a name for herself.

The Danish supermodel and former Victoria’s Secret Angel  recently spoke to Vogue Australia about her 20-year-long modelling career.

Discussing the supermodel era, Christensen told Vogue Australia: “I think that the media put more emphasis on all of this than the girls did. We were just working and working a lot. I personally think that all of these girls had something special about them.

“They had strength, femininity, personality and originality. We were all very different physically and personality wise. Everyone had such different looks and senses of humour. We came from different parts of the world and grew up in different ways. We were all doing something so strange and bizarre and unique that it made our bond stronger. We were together in this.”

Today, Christensen has lived through an impressive two decades in the business, so what is it that keeps her coming back for more?  “This job is always inspiring,” she said. “You work with new people almost every day. Because I have worked with so many different photographers, they all get something different out of me. So you kind of evolve as a person along the way.”

We at Talent Management applaud this 42-year-old veteran of the modelling world; not only has she enjoyed one of the most diverse careers in modelling history, but to this day she still remains one of the most in-demand models around.