Rihanna’s Makeup Artist’s Favourite Brand Comes To The US

black|Up Cosmetics: Image sourced via blackupcosmetics.com
black|Up Cosmetics: Image sourced via blackupcosmetics.com

If you, like the girls at Talent Management, want your make-up to look as good as Rihanna’s, then you’re in luck.

The Talent Management girls are self-confessed make-up junkies, and if you are too, then we’re sure you take note of great celebrity make-up styles like Rihanna’s.

Known for her bold eye make-up, flawless skin and ability to pull off bright colours, you’ll be happy to hear that the make-up used by Rihanna’s makeup artist, Mylah Morales, is now available online in the US.

It’s called black|Up Cosmetics, and is a luxurious Parisian makeup artistry designed by professional makeup artists to enhance the beauty of multi-ethnic skin tone.

Lionel Durand, Managing Director, said: “black|Up cosmetics fills the void that currently exists in the industry, offering women of colour high end cosmetics designed specifically with them in mind.”

At the moment, the brand, whose fans include Estelle and of course Mylah Morales, is available in stores across Europe and online in the US.

So if you find it difficult to match foundation to your skin tone, or can’t find good high pigment make-up to light up your eyes or lips, then check it out.

Their intense eye colour range is our favourite – it’s ideal for any woman looking for intensely vibrant, colourful eye make-up looks, whether you’re after a subtle or glamorous look.

Talent Management also loves their Matifying Foundation, which gives even the oiliest skins an unrivalled perfectly even matte finish.