Julien Macdonald Searches Streets For Britain’s Next Top Model

The Search Is On For Britain’s Next Top Model
The Search Is On For Britain’s Next Top Model

World famous British luxury womenswear designer, Julien Macdonald has been searching the streets of Wales for Britain’s Next Top Model (BNTM).

Welshman Macdonald was spotted yesterday scouring Cardiff for girls to feature in the next series of the hit modelling reality series, set to air this July.

Macdonald, a BNTM judge along with Elle Macpherson, Grace Woodward and Charley Speed, said: “She needs to be 5ft 8ins, she can have any type of figure, but she needs to have a beautiful face – great bone structure and an interesting nose.

“Tomorrow she’ll have to strip to her bikini in front of Elle Macpherson so she needs to have confidence too. Overall, we’re looking for a real Welsh beauty.

“It’s been ages since I’ve been out in Cardiff but I know it’s an amazing, multicultural city and we’ll find some great girls.”

And it seems he did just that; Macdonald found Cardiff-born ballet dancer sisters Natasha, 18, and Samantha Hancock, 20.

Julien said: “They’re tall, gorgeous girls from Cardiff and they’re Elle Macpherson’s height.”

Samantha said: “I came third in Miss Cardiff in 2006 but to be chosen by Julien is amazing – I’d love to be a model. I’m so excited.”

The sisters, along with the other lucky women selected, will join a group of 50 girls chosen back in December at an open casting.

Everyone here loves BNTM- in fact, we watch it religiously – so we can’t wait until July to see whether the Hancock sisters make it.