Top 12 Christmas Toys Announced Today!

Milky The Rabbit - from the Dream Dozen 2011

Milky The Rabbit - from the Dream Dozen 2011

With all the mild weather we’ve been enjoying lately it is hard to believe that Christmas is less than two months away! In the Models Direct offices we have noticed more seasonal work being offered – for models, actors and entertainers – with an increase in theatre productions, advertisements and promotions that is usual for this time of year. We have also noticed an extra buzz from the mums, dads at our busy modelling agency this week because they know that the Christmas Dream Dozen is announced today.

The Dream Dozen is a list of predictions from the Toy Retailers Association – the voice for toy retailers in the UK and Ireland – on what this year’s Christmas best-seller toys will be, and with recommended toys starting at £18.99 it’s a great way for parents to ensure that their children will be delighted with their gift this year.

Chairman of the TRA’s Dream Toys selection panel, Gary Grant, says:

“This year we’ve seen some amazing technological advancements from the toy industry. This doesn’t mean to say that the toys are ‘techy’; rather that technology has been used to enrich the whole experience of play. Throughout the top 70 toys we’re also seeing a fantastic mix of the old and new – including traditional brands like Scalextric powering into 2012 with an Olympic inspired set, a board game of skill and action based on the phenomenon that is the Angry Birds app and classic characters such as Mickey Mouse brought bang up to date for today’s savvy kids. All proving that the industry continues to be incredibly forward thinking, innovative and adaptable.”

So, are you sitting comfortably? Here (in alphabetical order) is this year’s Dream Dozen according to experts at the TRA:

Doggie Doo, John Adams, RRP £22.99
Fijit Friends, Mattel, RRP £54.99
Fireman Sam Pontypandy Rescue Set, Character, RRP £29.99
Kidizoom Twist, Vtech, RRP £49.99
LeapPad Explorer, Leapfrog Toys, RRP £79.99
Lets Rock Elmo, Hasbro, RRP £69.99
Milky the Bunny, Flair, £59.99
Monster High Lagoona’s Hydration Station, Mattel, £39.99
Moshling Tree House, Vivid, RRP £18.99
Nerf Vortex Nitron Blaster, Hasbro, RRP £44.99
Ninjago Fire Temple, Lego, RRP £91.99
Star Wars Ultimate Force Tech Lightsaber Assortment, Hasbro, RRP £39.99

Just incase there was any room for doubt Models Direct is delighted to see that a new list has been generated this year, a top 12 tested, judged and rated by children in the Kid’s Choice Awards:

Angry Birds, Mattel, RRP £19.99
Bop-It! XT, Hasbro, RRP £27.99
Fab Effex Variety Pack, Spin Master, RRP £19.99
Flufflings, Vivid, RRP £19.99
Gelarti Designer Studio, Flair, RRP £19.99
GX Buggy, Tomy, RRP £39.99
Hot Wheels Wall Tracks, Mattel, RRP £29.99
LeapPad Explorer, Leapfrog, RRP £78.99
Milky the Bunny, Flair, RRP £59.99
Nerf Vortex Nitron Blaster, Hasbro, RRP £44.99
Star Wars Millennium Falcon, Lego, RRP £129.99
Top Agents Super Racer, Playmobil, RRP £19.99

Finally, mums have also been asked to share their two favourite pre-school toys in the Mum’s Choice Awards. Nifa Mclaughlin, who helped to judge this category commented:

“As mums we were looking for a combination of things from the winning toys. Firstly that our kids were excited about the toy and loved playing with it, but also that the toy lived up to expectations, was quick and easy to get started with and would hold the interest of a lively toddler for more than five minutes! All the toys were fantastic but we found the girls especially loved the Kidizoom Twist and the boys couldn’t get enough of the Imaginext Batcave.”

Imaginext Batcave, Mattel RRP £49.99
Kidizoom Twist, Vtech, RRP £49.99

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