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Models Direct Reviews - From our Teen Models

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Jemimah, Reference: FGWX-8498

Wow, Great photo Shoot, Wonderful Crew!

Jemimah had a great photo session yesterday, and she was so pleased to be booked by Models Direct.

The crew of the scanning pen products were also wonderful, telling and showing us what to do, and this made the job so easy.

Jemimah made new friends also during the photo shoot which made her so excited.

Thank you Models Direct for giving Jemimah this exciting opportunity!

Date of experience: 16 July 2024

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Lily, Reference: TNVY-7746

Amazing! I had a fantastic time on my first shoot for Models Direct. The clients and the other models were all really friendly and made the time flyby on the shoot.
I can’t wait to see the campaign photos and videos. It was an amazing experience.
Thank you!

Date of experience: 16 July 2024

Elijah, Reference: TPYQ-7937

Elijah had a fantastic experience on his first shoot.The team were so friendly and helpful. They explained what each part of the process would involve to help reduce any nerves and made the whole experience for both model and chaperone an enjoyable one. Thank you!

Michelle, Reference: CHGR-9696

It was such a lovely experience modelling for this charity. They were super sweet and aided you along the way, telling you which poses to do, and they never failed to compliment you. I would say the day was very long, with a lot of waiting around so I'll definitely bring a book or some work to do next time. It was also fun getting to know the other models there. We were given snacks and lunch was bought for us which was a huge bonus.

Date of experience: 27 June 2024

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Maia, Reference: YKNK-8443

I had so much fun taking all the pictures, all the models and everyone were so lovely, made me feel really comfortable and I am very happy with my experience.

Date of experience: 27 June 2024

Japjeet, Reference: XTYR-6773

My first shoot was so fun, I enjoyed it a lot. Firstly I went there and they gave refreshments and they made sure that I was comfortable and they provided lunch as well. Honestly I was feeling like I am at home. Everyone was so friendly and supportive. And Charlie who manages the booking and everything gave me so much support. I asked for a fridge at the shoot and she made sure that there will be a working fridge there. She called me a day before shoot to make sure that I am ready for the day.

Overall my experience was great and I would love to work more with Models Direct.

Carlo, Reference: KNTD-8973

This is from Carlo.

During my day at the shoot I spent time with the company director, photographer and 4 other models. We shot in locations of a house such as in the bedroom, kitchen, front door and garden. This involved various poses such as relaxing, using a phone, reading a book and cooking. The director was very hospitable providing snacks and lunch and the photographer was clear with his directions and what he wanted from each photo. I didn't feel out of place due to the other models also having little little experience.

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Elizabeth, Reference: WKMW-3836

It was my first experience on a modelling job and it wasn’t at all what I expected but it was really fun. Everyone was super nice and it was a really entertaining day. Thank you Models Direct for this amazing opportunity.

Fleur, Reference: PCTF-3977

Had amazing communication throughout the process of the casting. Super kind and understanding individuals. Made me feel so comfortable and easy.

Dominic, Reference: FPYQ-4479

Well what can I say apart from an absolutely amazing and professional experience from start to finish.
Charlie has been incredibly helpful, kind and supportive with answering any questions that I had and being very prompt with her replies to emails and phone calls.
The team who Dominic worked with were also extremely helpful and very friendly towards myself and Dominic. The day went well and was very relaxed and smooth . Dominic did some shoots posing in different lights and with different equipment. He changed tops a couple of times but again everything was extremely relaxed and calm. We look forward to hopefully working with Charlie again!

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Roshan, Reference: PSNG-9696

As this was my first modelling assignment I didn’t know what to expect but Models Direct put me at ease from start to finish. I was given all the information I needed to understand what was expected of me and what I could expect on the day.

Everyone was very friendly and it was a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. I really enjoyed the whole experience and can’t wait for my next shoot!

Freeman, Reference: DZDW-7884

I put in the effort to ensure I did my best and the shoot went well, it was an amazing shoot. Full of fun, nice for me to meet other models and it was a pleasure. The people were warm, welcoming, funny and easygoing, They absolutely made my day!

Bethel, Reference: ZBCP-3768

Very good experience. All the information and guidance from Models Direct was very clear. The photo shoot was very good and professional. Excellent day!

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Lilly, Reference: BYFN-6473

It was a fantastic day they were very welcoming and lovely people. Lilly was nervous to start, but soon became relaxed and was laughing and enjoying herself.

Chloe, Reference: CDBF-7346

Thank you so much for my daughter's experience, it was easy and smooth and kept informed all the way through. Would definitely recommend the company.

Adebola, Reference: QDWB-4694

I had my first assignment recently and i could say that its was fantastic, Charlie helped me through the process and made sure that i was comfortable and okay during the shoot other than that the shoot was fantastic and i enjoyed myself.

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Jack, Reference: KSYG-8496

Alongside another model from the company, we had an incredible shoot yesterday with Portsmouth City Council, promoting a new campaign for the local public transport system. The photographer and organiser were so friendly and easy to work with which resulted in a much more comfortable environment in which we all cooperated really well, finishing the two hour job ahead of schedule.

Bianca, Reference: NDKN-9878

I enjoyed working with centre point , it was a very pleasant experience.The people on set and the models were very friendly and kind , they made me feel comfortable. Thank you for this opportunity.

Kind regards
Bianca Frattini

Maia, Reference: YKNK-8443

Everybody was so kind, thoughtful and professional. A wonderful experience!

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Anvitaa , Reference: MGCC-8949

I had a wonderful time shooting for the Engage Therapy website. The whole event was very professionally managed and it was fun meeting other models for the photoshoot. Special thanks to Kate for making all of us feel very comfortable and being very clear in her instructions.

Darion, Reference: QGSD-8788

I had an amazing experience with the team they were extremely welcoming and supportive. I felt very comfortable working with them so overall it was magnificent.

Sacha, Reference: XTHH-4888

Sacha had a great day. The instructions Charlie sent were very good and the client was very friendly. He really enjoyed it. It was a great experience! Thank you very much

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Judah-Pharez, Reference: FVMF-7968

Lola, Reference: DXSD-6399

Had a fantastic day, my first shoot with Models Direct. The video and photo shoot was fun, even behind the scene, I made a friend too! Thank you for the great experience.

Cash, Reference: SHNH-4687

Very professional. Does what it says on the tin. Very organised and considerate. Staff excellent. Simple and straight-forward.

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