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Models Direct Reviews - From our Teen Models

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Adebola, Reference: QDWB-4694

I had my first assignment recently and i could say that its was fantastic, Charlie helped me through the process and made sure that i was comfortable and okay during the shoot other than that the shoot was fantastic and i enjoyed myself.

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Jack, Reference: KSYG-8496

Alongside another model from the company, we had an incredible shoot yesterday with Portsmouth City Council, promoting a new campaign for the local public transport system. The photographer and organiser were so friendly and easy to work with which resulted in a much more comfortable environment in which we all cooperated really well, finishing the two hour job ahead of schedule.

Bianca, Reference: NDKN-9878

I enjoyed working with centre point , it was a very pleasant experience.The people on set and the models were very friendly and kind , they made me feel comfortable. Thank you for this opportunity.

Kind regards
Bianca Frattini

Maia, Reference: YKNK-8443

Everybody was so kind, thoughtful and professional. A wonderful experience!

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Anvitaa , Reference: MGCC-8949

I had a wonderful time shooting for the Engage Therapy website. The whole event was very professionally managed and it was fun meeting other models for the photoshoot. Special thanks to Kate for making all of us feel very comfortable and being very clear in her instructions.

Darion, Reference: QGSD-8788

I had an amazing experience with the team they were extremely welcoming and supportive. I felt very comfortable working with them so overall it was magnificent.

Sacha, Reference: XTHH-4888

Sacha had a great day. The instructions Charlie sent were very good and the client was very friendly. He really enjoyed it. It was a great experience! Thank you very much

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Judah-Pharez, Reference: FVMF-7968

Lola, Reference: DXSD-6399

Had a fantastic day, my first shoot with Models Direct. The video and photo shoot was fun, even behind the scene, I made a friend too! Thank you for the great experience.

Cash, Reference: SHNH-4687

Very professional. Does what it says on the tin. Very organised and considerate. Staff excellent. Simple and straight-forward.

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Chloe, Reference: VCRS-8978

My 11 year old Daughter Chloe had an amazing photo shoot for Aviva last week. She had an awesome time and everyone there made her feel very welcome and she was comfortable straight away. The communication with Models Direct was perfect from beginning to end, Charlie and Justine kept us up to date with information and checked in with us before and after the shoot, they were amazing. Chloe was buzzing after and she cannot wait to do more work. What a fab experience for Chloe for her first photo shoot. Thank you.

Montana, Reference: VKBG-3766

I had a fun time whilst shooting with Models Direct. This is due to the easy going approach that they took. As a team, we went with the flow and every shot felt natural and the assistant also supported me and suggested different poses to try. They even provided both food and drink and made sure that I was comfortable with everything that we were doing. After shooting inside the youth hostel, the Photographer suggested that we go outside and experiment with different poses around Covent Garden which was very exciting to do too. On the other hand, they contacted me rather late; being on the day of the shoot, leaving me having to rush to make it on time. Overall, I would say that it was a very fun experience and I did not feel judged or over pressured. I would recommend Model’s Direct!

Jonathan, Reference: RYGY-3966

My first placement with Models Direct. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole day... instructions were very clear and the people I worked with were all friendly. Was made to feel relaxed and enjoyed the morning. Looking forward to next assignment.

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Saffron, Reference: YMHQ-8864

Today i had my 1st modeling shoot for a girl guiding mag the people were really friendly i had a lot of fun and i cant wait to do more modeling.

Ryan, Reference: ZBRV-9794

Ryan had a great day with his shoot, enjoying the experience thoroughly. He said that the team were great, communicating clearly what they needed and they had a few laughs together, making the time go far too quickly! Thank you so much again for the opportunity, Ryan would I know, do it again in a heartbeat :)

Karris, Reference: RRXY-4443

I was really excited to get the call from Molly and was looking forward to being a model for the day and gaining experience as this was my first time.
The 3 men that met us at location were very nice, friendly, especially the photographer who made me feel at ease straight away.

We shot various pictures around the Campus, wearing their tshirts, lanyards and sun glasses and had great fun with the other model Ryan. It was nice because it was his first job too so we were just as nervous as each other but no need to be as I feel at home once the camera is clicking!

Thankyou for putting me forward for this job and I hope I have many more to look forward to.

I have attached some pics of the day.

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Ben, Reference: ZRWQ-9686

I attended my very first assignment today which was a small acting part in a training video for Motability Recovery. I was sent through the script and full, clear instructions of the shoot, what to wear, who the other actors and crew were in plenty of time. Everybody at the shoot and the client was really nice to me and made me feel relaxed especially as it was my first assignment. They even altered the script to suit me better. I can't wait for my next assignment as I very much enjoyed the atmosphere.

Paris, Reference: MVCZ-8689

Had my first job last night with Models Direct at the UEA promoting the Bloodstock event held in August at Catton Park, Derbyshire. Absolutely loved the experience working with Liam and can’t wait for the next one!

Aishwarya, Reference: BQKY-8889

"Recently completed an assignment, it was a commercial and the experience was really great. It was professional yet warm and welcoming. I truly enjoyed it. Looking for more."

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Chloe, Reference: P770348

"Yesterday, myself and 4 other lucky models were asked to take part in an ice skating photo shoot at Bluewater Shopping Centre down in Dartford. After a warm welcome from the team, we were treated to getting our make up done by House of Fraser and had the personal stylists from Oasis and Topshop dress us. The day could not have gone any more perfectly. I met some amazing people and Charlie at Models Direct organised everything so smoothly and was extremely helpful. The crew on the day were also extremely attentive. This is my third project with Models Direct, I had such a great time and can't wait for the next one! Thanks for everything guys."

Jospeph, Reference: QWVR-3863

"Had a really fun day, spent all day shooting for Bluewater on the ice rink. Amazing people and everyone was so professional. Can't wait to do it all again! Waking up at 3 in the morning to catch the bus just to find out it has been delayed! Ended up being 40 minutes late but everyone made me feel welcome and not to worry about it. Went for a walk over to Topshop to find out our outfits! Loved the styles of the outfits I was given. Made me open my eyes and go for colours I wouldn't usually go for. The ice rink itself was such fun to skate on, with the Christmas tree in the middle making it an amazing background."

Amy, Reference: 902415

had a fantastic day yesterday it's my first assignment I have been given, I was a little nervous but the day was amazing! my make up and clothes were perfect.Everyone was so polite and made sure we all had what we needed. i had a really fun day and met some amazing people.

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Rameesah, Reference: 783618

I had a fitting today which was super easy and comfortable! Models direct (Marie) communication with me was absolutely superb and got back to me with any answers to my questions fast! I cant wait to have fun at the photo shoot - The costume looks fab!

Shyan, Reference: CB746028

Bridal photoshoot - I had an amazing experience with working with Models Direct. I was involved with the Brides do good photoshoot, and as well as the shoot being for a good cause (to send proceeds towards ending child marriages) it was also very fun. I feel that through this shoot Models Direct has equipped me with some necessary experience to help me progress in my modelling. Overall, a fun first photo shoot!

Luke, Reference: CE775972

This was my first promo event with Models Direct. I was the Easter Bunny for St Marks Shopping Centre in Lincoln. I made my way to the meeting point and the Centre Manager was there to meet me. The costume was in place as described by the Models Direct representative and after some introductions, myself and another model got ready to go out and meet our public. With my basket full of Creme Eggs, I hopped off around the Centre. It was fun being able to put a smile on so many faces, especially young children, who were in awe of the Easter Bunny. After the event, Marie form Models Direct contacted me again to check that all went well, ensuring that I enjoyed the event and kept me briefed about what would happen next. I thoroughly enjoyed my first promo event and look forward to more.

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