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Models Direct Reviews - From our Male Models

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Steven, Reference: YMZT-3397

Great people to work with, I enjoyed the shoot from start to finish. Everyone was very friendly and professional, I hope to work with them again.

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Aslan, Reference: NDBG-8983

Very good day on set for a new advertisement! We were provided with breakfast, lunch and snacks, plus tea coffee etc. The client was very hospitable, assertive and helpful on the day. It was great to work in such a fun and friendly environment with different nationalities of all ages/sizes/genders of models. As this was my first paid shoot it filled me with great confidence to do bigger and better things. I’m really looking forward to more work just like this!

Paul, Reference: PQSF-4344

I enjoyed the day, the casting crew was excellent, make up girl was nice, great job, all welcoming all models got on well. I made some good friends and the experience watching the set up of lights and production work was magic, love the takes!
There was laughter and lots of fun to get the right shot.
Saying my lines and acting was great fun and would love to do it again every day and like to gain experience in all areas.

Jonny, Reference: ZFNZ-6673

Great experience today, the set took slightly longer than expected, but the whole day was just great to be there.
Food and drink was provided and a well deserved beer at the end haha.
All the team were excellent.
Thanks again.

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Matthew, Reference: BVFF-9768

Fun shoot to be a part of, a good experience and day all around!

Mohammed , Reference: SWFW-7639

Positive vibes all along. On the day we were all greeted by an amazing team. Start to finish I can’t complain loved every bit of it. I did not once feel awkward everyone was nice and friendly. Cannot wait to carry on with more amazing work with amazing vibes.

Damien, Reference: SCTM-4479

The whole day was such a good experience.. From start to finish, It was good energy, positive instructions & had a good laugh.

I had the pleasure of meeting great people in the industry.

I cant wait for the next shoot.

Model Direct have been brilliant representing me.


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Abdul, Reference: ZSKK-8369

Was a great experience on the day of the shoot. All staff where very friendly. All communication with Gemma from Models Direct was on point.

Jerry, Reference: CHTQ-7974

Hello my experience yesterday was awesome and I’m grateful to Models Direct for my first shoot and I hope that more jobs will come.

Neil, Reference: VZPF-3976

Clear instructions before the shoot. The shoot itself was enjoyable, meeting new people and expanding network opportunities. Help was polite and smoothly managed.

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Clark, Reference: GBSD-9666

Had a shoot through Models Direct yesterday, absolutely stunning location, lovely crew, relaxed atmosphere, not much more I could ask for honestly. Not exactly a revenue stream, but definitely a fun day out.
It was a lot more laid back than expected, drinks and snacks were provided, and then we got to use the property's pool after, a very enjoyable experience overall.

Michael, Reference: BXNH-7386

I was part of an extremely fun shoot for a well known food delivery brand. Not only were the team professional and meticulous, they were fun and allowed room for a completely relaxed environment. It was a great day of work! Models Direct were also incredibly helpful in regards to making sure i got to the location safely and followed up with me post-shoot to make sure it all went smoothly. This level of care provided by the agency is amazing to experience and is what helps the agency stick out from others. I can't wait for what is to come with my career with Models Direct!

Pablo, Reference: CNWK-7674

It was a lovely experience the shooting yesterday at Brighton Beach. Very nice place under the sunny weather surrounded by a professional team and friendly actors / models. I would highly recommend Models Direct. Charlie was also behind each step of the way to make sure everything ran smoothly. :)

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Tony, Reference: FNFQ-9367

I had a lovely day yesterday doing a stills shoot for Gemma of Models Direct. Everybody was really friendly, it was really good fun. I told everyone, part of the shoot was me getting a wonderful massage, I was playing a patient in a care home, and I had a carer looking after me. Plus we all had a lovely picnic lunch, and I got paid! Heaven !!

Alfred, Reference: GXQD-9967

Had my first shoot with Morrisons last week. It was a great experience, everyone was polite and welcoming. It was fun doing the various shoots with different actions and facial expressions. Overall a great experience.

Jay, Reference: TKGQ-7394

Brilliant modelling shoot on a private jet! Wow. What a fantastic day! What a fantastic experience! I had to opportunity to be photographed on a private jet for a deluxe catering company. It was a challenging but confidence-building experience, meeting such an interesting company and innovative team. Models Direct were so helpful and guided me through the whole process. Can't wait for my next booking!

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David, Reference: GMYF-9333

Had an excellent experience modelling for Isaac Dewhirst, very well facilitated by the agency.

Ethan, Reference: VNQF-7693

Alexander, Reference: DXKC-7644

Had my first official modeling shoot today, procured by Models Direct and it was so much fun, a very relaxed and not taxing 2.5 hours - I almost forgot I was doing a job! Thanks for Charlie and Kara for supporting me, especially Charlie who gave me a call before and straight after the shoot to check in on my wellbeing/mental health. I can't wait for the next one!

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Bankole, Reference: GCGP-8778

Thank you to Models Direct for a great job!

Ola, Reference: NYZK-7384

Thank you to the team (Esther, Kerry, Lauren, Iain, Dennis and Klaus) for a better and more exciting second photo-shoot experience. The team worked well together, and I believe that they collectively brought out the best in me as such, much appreciated again.

Les, Reference: RPBT-4786

Being my first assignment of this kind, I had no idea as to what I should expect, and just tried to do as I was asked. Really happy the client seems pleased even so, they are the ones who count. So long as I did what they asked, when I asked them at various times, and which they said they were happy about. I thought it was really interesting, to see how the shoot was set up, and how it developed during the day, with various scenes and settings. All the shoot guys and the make-up lady were really easy to work with, helpful and didn't seem worried I was fairly green either. The other model, Valerie was great to work with and helped a newbie settle to the job, easy to talk to, and interesting to chat with between the scenes. I'd be very happy if any more shoots come up, where you think I would suit, in future. Thanks again!

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Kerolos, Reference: KWVX-4798

Wow what a day it was for a photoshoot. Really enjoyed it as the weather was lovely and the client team was friendly. ModelsvDirect team Charlie was so clear on the phone, friendly and helpful. She did answer all of my questions regarding the photoshoot from the beginning through phone calls and emails. Thanks MD

Stephen, Reference: BCWR-3839

5 complete strangers came together and we may or may not see each other again, but I felt we left as friends. Krissie & Aaron from MIP UK (Client) who are both lovely by the way explained everything that was needed of us, and we had a ball doing it, I'm` smiling writing this review. We were feed watered and made to feel a part of the MIP UK family. I hope that the finished photography & videos are a massive success and help with their future business

Bankole, Reference: GCGP-8778

It was truly an amazing first shoot in spite of the initial anxieties. The chemistry of the model group was fantastically positive and the client was very supportive. I really had a lot of fun so thank you for that.

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