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Models Direct Reviews - From our Male Models

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Sukhjeet , Reference: TSGN-3378

Hi as it was my first shoot. I didn't know what to expect. So was a bit nervous and excited at the same time. The rain for the day did not help but went well. Everyone from the director to the stylist was amazing. The crew was always on hand and me and fellow model were well looked after. Brilliant day and could not fault the crew. They were brilliant. Even leading up to the shoot date. Was kept informed of all information and there was always someone on hand if i had any questions. Excited to see the finals.

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Birud, Reference: GZZH-9936

Another amazing experience with them. The process was really detailed and informative. It was well organised and The team was fabulous and really friendly. Really enjoyed it!!

Marcus, Reference: SMDZ-8938

Absolutely incredible to work with this model agency, no stress, simple booking, and all I have to do as a model is keep up my portfolio and update my pictures & Models Direct profile! The rest is on them which is a relief.

Highly recommend models who are just starting out or even models who are refined but still want more freedom & flexibility... go with Models Direct!

Nathan, Reference: MMTN-7778

Models Direct themselves have been amazing. I have been dealing with lovely people, the communication has been great. I went out for the shoot, I knew everything in advance so there were no shocks and the team I worked with were fantastic. The experience was great from start to finish.

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Roy, Reference: FBDX-8689

This was my very first modelling assignment and having never done anything like it previously I wasn't sure what to expect.

I can say without hesitation this was a thoroughly enjoyable experience from start to finish!

From the initial contact from Gemma at Models Direct, who explained everything in advance via e-mails and telephone calls, through to the actual day of the shoot which was interesting and fun!

I was on set with around 15 other models a number of who were also on their first assignments, we hit it off as a group straight away and we had a great day together.
In fact we immediately set up a WhatsApp Group after the shoot so we are able to keep in touch with each friends what more can you ask for :-)

And again, after the shoot had finished, I received another phone call from Gemma to congratulate and make sure everything had gone ok.

All in all, a fabulous experience and I'm already looking forward to the next one!!

Matthew, Reference: BVFF-9768

Had a great time, really enjoyable and would love to do something like that again soon!

Rafael, Reference: PNKS-6449

I really enjoyed it, it was a very friendly and open environment and all of the models were friendly and very out going. The staff were very understanding and corrected us in a productive way making it feel that we were just correcting and not making mistakes, this made it very easy to follow instructions. Really loved it and i will recommend for sure! Thank you for the opportunity!!

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Ben, Reference: FDCH-3344

Fun, social and fluid. Great atmosphere and plenty of opportunity to learn.

Simone, Reference: FSVS-4794

It was a great experience. We combined a pleasant job opportunity to fun. I met new people and spent good time with them. I’m looking forward for the next one. Thanks for this opportunity again!

Brad, Reference: FYXC-9736

Today's commercial shoot has been absolutely amazing. Thank you to all the production crew, models and to Models Direct. It has been an absolute terrific day.

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Kostadin, Reference: QDFW-4393

Today I had the pleasure of having my first photo shoot, it was really fun and I enjoyed every bit of it. The staff taking the photographs and videos where amazing, they were very friendly and amazing people. One bit of advice I have for people taking their first photos is be yourself and have fun!

Kenneth, Reference: CMDV-3398

A purely positive experience.
Had a brilliant experience on the photoshoot thanks to Models Direct. Everything was explained on the phone and email prior to the shoot so models were aware of the kind of day they would have.
There was a short wait in the morning as the crew set the location up but they explained everything step by step as to what they wanted which was great direction.
The crew and models on set were all kind and helpful.
I am looking forward to doing more work with Models Direct.

Stuart, Reference: FBDT-8679

A sunny day out at the pub!
I was lucky enough to do my first assignment recently, after being invited to take part in a commercial shoot for a well known brewery.
Gemma from Models Direct was very attentive with the email and telephone contact leading upto the shoot and I felt I was in good hands.
On the day I met 15 other models on location who became instant friends - from all differently walks of life all with the same goal and each of them lovely to chat with and share the experience.
The production crew on set were great, very friendly and easy to work with.
I was involved in a short video scene and also captured as an extra in another scene.
Gemma called me post shoot to see how I had got on as well.
I hope this will be a stepping stone to further work and I’m happy to say I feel confident to take on anything Im required to do going forward.

Carl, Reference: YPYQ-7793

Just had my first shoot and what a brilliant experience!

The entire day was amazing from start to finish, I had so much fun and met some fantastic people which I’ll definitely be staying in touch with.

Highly recommend anyone to give this a go you won’t be disappointed.

Thank you Models Direct!

All the best
Carl Broderick

Keven, Reference: QRMR-4344

Had an amazing day doing the commercial, been working from Model’s Direct not for too long but had my first shoot on the 26/05/2023. Gemma was really helpful with the emails and the phone calls, made me understand from the beginning to end, the sun was out, the people at the shooting were really helpful, they explained to us what we were suppose to do, it was really good.

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Andrew, Reference: HRDC-7663

Had a very productive and professional day with model direct and Green king pubs ,we were informed during the day what to do excellent experience really enjoyed the day

Dimal, Reference: XCXK-8849

Yesterday was a great day in the sun on the set of my first ever commercial shoot! We had plenty of football and beer on tap to keep us entertained throughout the day. It was so much fun to get a behind-the-scenes look at how the commercial was made and to be a part of it all. A big thank you to the guys at Models Direct for all your work behind the scenes, especially Gemma who kept me fully informed throughout the whole process and everyone who made this day so special. Here's to a great day on set!

Gary, Reference: PTKF-8748

The day was great, timings were a bit disjointed but the staff were organised as best they could be and the overall experience was great. I met a few new friends along the way aswell, which is always nice, the photographers were excellent at giving directions, and hope the campaign goes well! Regards Gary.

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Josh, Reference: TYDN-9683

Well organised shoot. Good to meet different people. A lot of waiting around but that’s to be expected on any shoot day!

Jack, Reference: TFXR-7777

Excellent communication and support. The admin team all the way to the production crew are extremely supportive and helpful in the process. I felt really at ease on my first job having been given clear instructions and phone calls in the build up to my shoot.

I look forward to my next opportunity and would recommend Models Direct to anyone wanting to start their career as a model.

Jamie, Reference: PMZN-7387

Absolutely class, great people, great vibe and free lunch - bonus!!

Dylan, Reference: GDKZ-7699

Got there and the members of the crew were really welcoming and friendly! Chatted to a couple of other models and everything was really cool! It was my first shoot and for a first one it was really relaxed and casual, a really good first experience!

Myles, Reference: GBVG-8674

The overall experience was great, set up very well and professional. Something I hadn’t really done before but a great laugh and would definitely do it again.

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