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Models Direct Reviews - From our Male Models

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Darren, Reference: MZZR-6336

I thoroughly enjoyed my first shoot today. The client was very accommodating and created a relaxed atmosphere throughout the day. I met amazing people, had a laugh and got to be part of a well organised shoot. I can’t wait for my next one!

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Andrew, Reference: BQWN-8363

My first modelling job was very last minute, to feature in a Coronavirus advert by the Scottish Government. Even though it was short notice, the member of staff at Models Direct (Charlie) was really friendly and helped me through everything.

Bruno, Reference: MPTN-7468

I would like to say thank you to Models Direct, especially Charlie. Thank you for the experience, it's something I would very much like to do again. This time I worked on a project for Aviva, acting with other people and being photographed. The teamwork and organisation was excellent. I would definitely recommend Models Direct. Thank you very much.

Santiago, Reference: XXFK-8777

Another great experience with Models Direct. This time it was a photoshoot for the pictures bank of Aviva, which they will use in all sort of campaigns in the next 18 months. We did all sorts of great pictures, outdoors in a beautiful location outside Norwich, changing outfits and playing different roles and even playing with a dog model as well. Great experience.
Highly recommended!

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Santiago, Reference: XXFK-8777

Models Direct is a great agency. They constantly find me new jobs. Friendly staff, always ready to guide you and willing to help.

Ian, Reference: MQBW-7768

I would firstly like to highly recommend Models Direct. They are such a professional company to work for. I was involved in a photo shoot yesterday and I would like to thank the production cast for all the help and advice!

Elvin, Reference: YGWF-4646

I had a great experience working with models direct on a photo shoot. The shoot was fun, everyone on set was friendly and easy to work with and we also had some good food! The day went very smoothly and we wrapped on time. 5 star experience!

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Gavin, Reference: CK749726

Video feedback received.

Aaron, Reference: VHXR-4886

I had an amazing time at the Barclays photoshoot and enjoyed every second of it. The clients were extremely friendly and so easy to get on with. They made me feel really comfortable and gave me all the support and guidance I needed... it was such a fun shoot. Thank you to Charlie and Models Direct for a great opportunity. I look forward to the next one.

Lee, Reference: NGFB-9439

Had my first modelling job with Barclays Bank. Thanks Models Direct.

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Anthony, Reference: TYBC-6937

Grateful for the experience and the opportunity to shoot with Model’s direct. It was a pleasure to work alongside such an amazing and talented crew; everyone made me feel at home while being very professional and friendly. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and am very much looking forward to seeing the end result. Hoping to work for/with you all in the foreseeable future.

Bibin, Reference: VSBQ-7933

What a great experience it was! This is my 1st job with Models Direct working with a top end client. Had a great day and the communication from the crew during the day was excellent and motivating. Really happy with my booking agent Charlie for considering me for this assignment work.

Jonathon, Reference: RBKX-8883

Had my first job with Models Direct working on a TFL campaign in South London. 
Had a great day and the communication with Models Direct during the day was excellent and helpful.

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Bruno, Reference: ZCKP-8683

Hi! I find Models Direct a great company to work with, they are professional, kind and really helpful, even in short notice shoots they are excellent and always there to make sure that we have the support and anything else we need to make it easy for us, i am really happy working with Models Direct.

Mamad, Reference: MVCW-7393

Thanks for the opportunity you had for me, I really enjoyed it and I would like to share my experience with you, I had a nice time on set working with a good team and everything went well.
I really appreciate Molly's help sending very clear details and she had great communication before shooting day, very organized.

Julian, Reference: KHMR-4348

My shoot today went really well despite the winds and cold weather the shoot was conducted professionally. The photographer and director onsite were kind and friendly and assisted me with the shoot very well. Great shots were taken and I am really happy and excited to being working with model direct and looking forward to future jobs with them. The shoot was not too long and not short and it was for a great cause as well, well done to Deliveroo for taking this on and helping the voices of many people reach distant lands. Thank you to models direct for working with me to make this possible.

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The Burton Family, Reference: CB708491

Another great experience for the family. Brilliant time had by all. The cameraman, Alex, was lovely and helped the kids feel at ease instantly. Thanks Molly for setting us up for another fantastic shoot. We look forward to more shoots in the future.

Tim, Reference: VNDH-8748

I want for you to know that my shoot on Friday turned out to be a 100% success and I was very satisfied to have undertaken this assignment. My only regret was the difficulty in finding the venue by relying on busses when there happened to be a tram depot just across the road! This I discovered after I left the shoot but luckily, the event had been postponed for an hour and a half - so I was in fact early! I met with Jeremy and his photographer along with another girl from Models Direct already in the car being photographed. Sorry I did not get any pre-shoot photos of the event but I really didn't want to disrupt the work going on.

I didn't understand the concept of the seatbelt extender at first but now I realised how useful it would be for plus-size drivers - and why I was chosen for the shoot! All in all I cannot fault the afternoon's work and upon leaving, they appeared as pleased with me as I was with them. I hope this product will become a roaring success and I feel pleased to have been a part in its launch.

Thanks for the opportunity and hope to work with Models Direct again in the near future.

Darin, Reference: QMRP-8448

Just to let you know that I am back to London to day. The videos & photo shots were great we have completed the work successfully, everyone were happy I believe we have done a brilliant job. found it interesting the team were really amazing, very friendly, polite and easy to work with

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Graeme, Reference: FQPP-4997

Really enjoyed working with Models Direct again! The crew were all lovely, fun and very professional - which makes all the difference when you’re shooting outside in the winter morning chill!

Charlie at Models Direct made it a pleasure to work today, for all the greatly appreciated updates, clear communication, thoughtful planning and considerations. Thanks! :))

Mohummed, Reference: XGHZ-3373

I had a very good first experience as it was everything that I had imagined it to be like, and I am looking forward to other assignments. Thank you for the opportunity that you’ve given me to pursue a career in modelling.

Jamie, Reference: GSBT-8386

Had a great experience working with Acco Brands, showcasing their unique and colourful products to a live audience.Had a great experience working with Acco Brands, showcasing their unique and colourful products to a live audience.
The staff on the day were very welcoming, and made it clear what they wanted from us.
I would also like to thank my agent Molly for organising the opportunity, and I look forward to my next assignment with Models Direct.

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Benjamin, Reference: XHRY-3987

my first assignment with models direct was very great. I did had a great time, very glad it was a success and i am pleased that the client was very happy aswell. The Clients were very friendly and welcoming. Everything was in order from the start to finish. I am happy to have worked with the brand.

Rahul, Reference: KHCH-6867

It was amazing day on set with my friends as we had lot of fun and crew was nice as well. Everything went well and find it very relaxed at the end. Had a great experience.

Marco, Reference: GSMC-7898

Great booking on a winter evening! Yesterday was another great booking with Models Direct. We were on a very cool set for a video game trailer in London. Second time working with the client, who were just as great this time! Everyone was super friendly and very professional throughout, met some great people, really good booking! Great opportunity and looking forward to more in future, thanks to Molly and the Models Direct team, much appreciated!

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