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Models Direct Reviews - From our Male Models

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Brooklyn, Reference: RTGS-8783

Very professional photo shoot, thank you Models Direct!

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Bradley, Reference: DZHP-7949

This was my 2nd photoshoot and it was amazing the people were amazing and made it so much fun. We had to pretend to cook, study, try clothes on and act like we was talking about our health etc. Which was something I've never done before. The shoot itself was great, a lot of laughs and chats. So there was never a dull moment. Thanks again to Charlie for getting me the photoshoot I look forward to working on bigger and better things in the near future!

Julius, Reference: WRVV-9668

I had a great shoot and worked with nice clothes. Charlie has been very helpful and managed to get me some amazing pictures from the job. Based on the experience I have had I would strongly recommend this agency.

Ollie, Reference: WKKT-6839

Had a fantastic day out. Really enjoyed myself and everything was done professionally, would definitely recommend.

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Stan & Olivia, Reference: THQY-8739

We had an amazing time at our shoot with a well known brand. My husband and daughter loved every bit of the shoot from hair and makeup to dressing up. Charlie at Models direct was very helpful. Providing all necessary information we needed. 5 star agency. Thank you and looking forward to receiving more work in the future.

James, Reference: MQNV-8739

It was like waLking into a shop and seeing old friends right away the very first second of meEting these people i felt like i was part of one big family. This is a very professional bunch of people who are top at what they do if someone who has never done this before then these people are the ones to make you feel at home. I loved every second of it they were really good with me, BIG BIG THANKS.

Talha, Reference: DYVD-3433

I had a great time on my first shoot. I was a bit nervous but when I met the team they were very welcoming and showed me exactly what I needed to do. I would easily say yes to working with them again.

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Bradley, Reference: DZHP-7949

I enjoyed everything, minus how hot is was. Everyone was so nice and understanding and trying to involve each other in to everything. The shoot was a bit different to what I thought. It felt like I was talking to a bunch of friends and not a photographer and models. Which made it a lot easier to get involved!

Anoop, Reference: NNZV-4788

It was a great day. Although it was my first paid photoshoot, I felt completely at ease. The photographer was great and the other models were fun to work with. Looking forward to other jobs from Models Direct.

The Agyemang Family, Reference: MSDT-4499

We had a family shoot on Thursday, was brilliant, we had a such good time, the people was very friendly and professional, thank you to Models Direct for the opportunity and the way they look after us in everything. We are so glad to find this beautiful agency. Hope we will be selected again for future work.

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Stephen, Reference: CGQP-3467

Mosope, Reference: GMXZ-6964

Overall a good and fun experience. The shoot didn’t take too long, it was in a nice pub setting, everyone was professional and fellow casting mates were easygoing and friendly.

Michael, Reference: WRVV-9668

This was my first job with Models direct. It was a great experience shooting with professionals and was also very insightful and I gained a lot of knowledge while on shoot. Charlie who reached out to me to assign me to the job was very professional and helpful. I would definitely recommend modelling with models direct.

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Nigel, Reference: NYQF-9847

Nathan, Reference: HGND-7464

Good day at the shoot, everyone was really friendly and welcoming and a first good experience with the agency. Reading a lot of negative reviews on here but definitely not my experience!

Alfredo, Reference: QRPK-4693

Very good agency! Last weekend I had my first paid job with Models Direct for TFL! Charlie is the best agent ever! He’s very professional! It was an amazing day and I got my first star as a model with experience! Without MD team I couldn’t get that!
Thanks so much Models Direct Agency!!!

Kevin, Reference: VSMM-9398

Great photo shoot for Aviva today .
Communication from Charlie at Modelsdirect was brilliant. I was looked after extremely well on location, all social distancing in place. Thoroughly enjoyed my day! Thanks Models Direct!

Callum, Reference: XXWF-9863

Such an enjoyable day, and I met some funny people. I’d never done promo work before and MD were incredibly accommodating. They handled everything and the day went smoothly! The two families I worked with were full of characters and I honestly didn’t think it would be that much fun. Thank you for the opportunity.

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Jack, Reference: ZBTN-8447

Recently, I completed an assignment through Models Direct creating a campaign for Holland Pies. I can honestly say, I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it! From the minute I stepped through the door, everyone was so welcoming and upbeat. The day went so fast and was so well planned by everyone involved. Amazing company and can’t wait to work with them in the future. Thankyou MD

Barney, Felix & Rufus, Reference: YNSY-4889

A great experience to introduce my sons into the world of modelling and promo work! They loved it and the other people were great to work with. All details and communication from Models Direct was easy and straightforward.

Matt, Reference: SHMM-6346

Just completed my first assignment and it went really well. Molly provided clear information ahead of the day which made it run smoothly. Since joining Models Direct I have found them to be professional and personable too. On the day itself the client was amazing, really friendly as was the other model on assignment too, we all worked well together making it an enjoyable day. I look forward to doing that again soon!
Thank you again, and hopefully get more work soon!

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Gary, Reference: VZHP-8987

Wow ! what a great assignment , had a most enjoyable experience, the client went out of there way to make me feel welcome.

Kalium, Reference: FZPZ-6777

Had my first photo shoot with Models Direct, they was very helpful and professional. Charlie and her team helped me throughout the 2 day shoot. Thanks for the opportunity.

Chris, Reference: HYQQ-4788

I had a great experience! I found the team put me at ease straight away as this was my first time doing anything like this.

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