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Models Direct Reviews - From our Male Models

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Clark, Reference: NVFX-3776

This was my first shoot and very much enjoyed thank you for putting me forward for this role and hopefully many more to come!

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James, Reference: QKKV-4384

I met a colleague of mine there; Jamie, we are both represented by Models Direct. It was great seeing him again. The cast and crew were lovely. I started at 8am and ended at 5pm. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I’m looking forward to working on more projects! Thank you for this experience and opportunity.

Birud, Reference: GZZH-9936

Fantastic team!! Had a great experience on the set and the whole process was very smooth and detailed.

Nick, Reference: VWKV-4396

Enjoyed meeting lots of new people. The staff were really friendly and it was overall a positive experience.

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Victor, Reference: QWSM-4647

NHS campaign in Liverpool.
It was wonderful for my first experience, I was nervous and anxious to begin with but the staff made me feel at ease very professional. Also Carol the model I worked with put me at ease. Gemma was really enchanting and very professional throughout kept me informed of my role. Looking forward to my next assignment.

Michael, Reference: KYCD-9387

Absolutely fantastic shoot. Enjoyed the day fully and the whole process from start to finish was very smooth and organised. Gemma was amazing in communicating and organising the day. Looking forward to another in the near future. Thanks Models Direct.

Adrian, Reference: MVZK-4386

This was my first ever shoot since I joined Models Direct a year ago. It was an amazing experience, hopefully this is the start of my career.

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Yarin, Reference: KHCD-7763

Only after a few months of joining Models Direct I had my first job, i was very surprised by this. The shoot was enjoyable and relaxing.

I would highly recommend Model Direct.

Stephen, Reference: GSWC-8934

10/10 the whole experience from the start to the end was fantastic. Nice people to work with, looking forward to doing it again soon!

Rhys, Reference: VNXG-3668

What an amazing first shoot!! The photographer and videographer were so professional and i really learnt a lot from them. From start to finish the crew and client made me feel welcome and relaxed and couldn't do enough for myself and Amy, the model I was working with. She was a joy to work alongside and made the experience so enjoyable. Gemma was so professional and helpful too. I've got the bug for it now and can only hope more work comes my way soon because I felt like a million dollars all day and I'm still buzzing.

Sean, Reference: YPTX-4777

Good First experience!
The team were efficient communicators and really positive to chat with. My first shoot was great, I felt well prepared and informed. Thanks!

Bradley, Reference: DZHP-7949

The shoot I did was a great experience and one I won’t forget, from laughs to chats. It was an all around good day and a great shoot!

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Bruno, Reference: HVVB-9434

Great experience!!
Took a long time to get a job, to be fair it was during the pandemic so can’t blame them, but eventually I went to work with this major pub brand and it was a great experience! Fun people, helpful and friendly, would recommend!

Dodie, Reference: NZCK-9983

This was my first call up with Model's Direct and I enjoyed myself.
Hopefully more bookings soon!

Dante, Reference: HHWC-8333

Great first shoot! This was my first call up with Model's Direct and I enjoyed myself.

Everything was straight forward and plain sailing. Camera crew were really friendly and on point with what they wanted and I also felt comfortable whilst filming. There was also a make-up artist there that provided me with everything to look good on set, i.e. jean jacket, afro comb, brush, make up etc. and the scene that I was in was a breeze.

I also got complimentary food and drink and made new connections with people so it was perfect I must say!

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Nick, Reference: VWKV – 4396

I was prepped on how to dress and given a good run down of what to expect on the day. Staff at Models Direct were friendly and helpful. Definitely glad I did this job and good to get my first job in!

Pablo, Reference: CNWK-7674

Shooting with a former rugby funny star.
It was a great experience for me and my first opportunity to be acting face to face with rugby player James Haskell. Also, lovely cast and crew. Making new friends every day.

Giacomo, Reference: XKVK-9678

It was an amazing experience, the crew and the other models were so friendly and the atmosphere was so relaxed that it was impossible not to have fun.
I hope to work with them again.

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Michael , Reference: TZGG-9669

Great first shoot today, found everyone to be professional and very helpful.
Good to liaise with Gemma, she kept me in the loop throughout the process.
I hope to continue a good working relationship with Models Direct.

Robert, Reference: QPXX-7497

What a day I absolutely loved every minute of it. I was well looked after and got to meet a legend, I could do this every day if given the chance.
A massive thank you to Gemma for sorting it and being so helpful with any questions I hadOverall the best day I’ve had in a while 10/10!

Birud, Reference: GZZH-9936

Had a great experience. The process was smooth and informative for someone like me who was doing it for the first time. The crew was very friendly and welcoming. All in all i had fun.

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Ed, Reference: FVBP-8779

Good job Models Direct.
Communication from Models Direct for this assignment has been good. Day of filming was fun. Small criticism with breakfast not being provided when it was supposed to be but a fun day had nevertheless. Production team were personable and welcoming.

Kieran, Reference: YBHX-3497

Great team who made the day fun and enjoyable!

Arthur, Reference: XSRQ-6447

Great team and friendly atmosphere. Looking forward to any other shoots with them .

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