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Models Direct Reviews - From our Female Models

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Kristina, Reference: A733256

Great assignment today with top professionals. The other model was a delight to get to know and the job itself was so lovely from start to finish. I can’t wait to see the results as the photographer showed a little glimpse of it and the results looked great.

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Stephanie, Reference: DDYM-7984

I had such a fantastic day on location shooting for a gorgeous luxury brand. Charlie was so organised and gave me full details and information about the shoot. She answered all my questions and was really encouraging and a pleasure to speak to. The team were so lovely, very welcoming and created a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Loved the work, people and the location was stunning!

Nivi, Reference: FSCR-7788

I had such a brilliant time at my recent shoot for a luxury brand. The location of the shoot was absolutely stunning! Charlie was incredible throughout this whole experience - she provided me with all the necessary details prior to the shoot and kept me updated and answered all of my questions in good time. She is always so positive and supportive! The team over the two days were just incredible and made me feel right at home! From the moment I had arrived I was looked after so well and the make up artist Joyce was super talented and made me feel beautiful! I had a lot of fun on this shoot and met some really lovely people too!

Frances, Reference: BVKX-9448

I had a really positive experience with my shoot for a large vehicle brand. Charlie, the booking manager, was great and made sure I knew what I was doing and who I was working with and checked in on me before and after the shoot. I have no complaints!

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Savannah , Reference: WNQS-8376

This was my first shoot with Models Direct and for such a well regarded brand as this, so naturally I had many questions and there were many unknowns and nerves to begin with, however these were quickly erased thanks to all the support and information given by Charlie (booking manager). A very special thank you to you Charlie, it was a pleasure to work with you. The shoot day itself was a success and this experience has cemented my intentions to continue modelling in future, I would do this again in a heart beat! It was also great to meet and work with other models represented by Models Direct on this project. Couldn't have wished for a better experience and I am excited to see the finals. Finally, thank you to the production team too, they really did work hard to make sure the shoot went seamlessly, and made sure us models were well looked after.

Kiara, Reference: ZNWT-6469

I was booked to work with this client.
I had a really good day and I’m looking forward to more opportunities like that.
Thank You

Chidimma , Reference: FFCT-6996

A great experience with my first commercial with Models Direct. The crew members were very helpful and respectful. All the models were well looked after. Looking forward to doing more jobs with Models Direct.

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Rohini, Reference: CQRY-7876

I enjoyed the experience and met some new people. Food, snacks and drinks were provided. Had an amazing day! Thanks Models Direct.

Rosa, Reference: NKYY-3444

My experience was lovely and I really enjoyed being on set it was a great experience. I can't wait for future shoots. Thanks guys!

Rebecca, Reference: VGMP-3648

There were a few production issues with call times but it was excellent to be there and be part of the set. I can’t wait to get involved in another campaign!

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Ellie, Reference: XFFY-9968

Stepped out of my comfort zone & I LOVED it!!
This weekend I experienced my first job; modelling with Smart and Savvy Women - a fashion production and it was AMAZING.

It was so interesting to see how productions like this work and that it’s not all still photos! The crew, designers, other models and professionals were so kind, helpful and offered priceless advice for on the day and not to mention future opportunities (fingers crossed!).

In what can be a highly pressured and time-sensitive situation everyone was understanding and offered constructive advice where needed as I had never done a catwalk project before.

Simply put, I absolutely loved my experience and now can’t wait to see what else is out there!

Thank you :)

Dianke, Reference: VSQW-4696

My first job modelling catwalk with Smart and Savvy women. The location was incredible very glamorous staff members welcomed us so nice and friendly. The producers talked through what was going to happen so we did not feel lost. I learnt a lot about the fashion industry and catwalk and how to walk with confidence. This experience will help me in my future thanks to Models Direct, I can't wait to have more opportunities.

Bryanna , Reference: ZPDY-4367

My experience modelling with Smart and Savvy Women - fashion production was spectacular. From meeting and befriending the other models and designers, to gaining more knowledge about the fashion industry and cat walking,and receiving advice about modelling techniques from the professionals for future opportunities; all made the event worth being apart of.

Not to mention, I have now dived into and developed the know-hows involving the BTS of reality TV.

With such a friendly and welcoming environment, I felt very comfortable with everyone involved with the production and even with the crew members also.
My expectations were definitely met, as I was treated with respect and understanding as I have never done a catwalk project before.
So in short, I absolutely loved it!

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Teana, Reference: MNNH-9979

I had a great job yesterday with the client. From the call with Gemma at Models Direct, to confirmation email, to answering my questions.
There was a fair bit of waiting around as expected, but they were really relaxed and friendly and supplied plenty of refreshments.
Met lots of other Models Direct models who were a mix of new to experienced who were all great to meet and friendly too.

Definitely looking forward to working with Models Direct again.

Chioma, Reference: PPVQ-9864

My time on the Greene King job was an amazing experience. Everyone was welcoming and friendly which made the time fly by and be filled with laughter and fun memories. Look forward to more work to make many more new friends.

Annica, Reference: SXNQ-3388

Yesterday was amazing. I met some wonderful people, the cast were so so kind, patient and fun, interacting with me to get the best results and some other lovely models. I enjoyed seeing the process of film making and also taking part, being comfortable with the camera, the crew and doing my part perfectly. I am sending a big thank you to Models Direct and the client, for allowing me to be part of such a fantastic experience. I look forward to being part of more exciting experiences such as these.
Much Love and positivity.
Thank you

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Roopa, Reference: TFVY-3994

Monica, Reference: XCFW-3774

This was my first shoot so I was a bit anxious but it was very relaxing. The other people on the shoot were very supportive. The shoot involved taking still pictures doing the day to day things residents would be doing in a care home. It was not rushed I had time to relax. It was a lovely day and a lovely picnic lunch was provided.

Sarah, Reference: QRMY-4386

I had my first assignment and it was amazing! Models Direct where so helpful & guided me through everything I needed to do. The clients made the day so comfortable and enjoyable, it was a pleasure to work with them. Models Direct provide the opportunity to be part of campaigns that you couldn’t imagine, I can’t wait for my next assignment!

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Justyna, Reference: ZWRT-7664

My first assignment was with Morrison's exactly 8 weeks after joining Models Direct and it was great fun especially the part with the lovely dog, and it was her first assignment too!
Looking forward to the next one. Thank you Charlie for organizing!

Doris, Reference: BHSV-3639

This was my second assignment with Models Direct. It was at Morrison's and the shoot was simple and straightforward.
Thanks, Charlie for the effort.

Carol, Reference: KWVH-6999

First photo shoot… I had a lovely day participating in a promotional shoot for Night Owl luxury bedding. I had plenty of support from Gemma and Nicola, the clients, models and other members of the team throughout the day. It was very relaxed and I can't wait to see the results of the photo shoot. Gemma kept in touch throughout through telephone conversations and e-mails. Can't wait to see what comes next!

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Junita, Reference: TWND-3487

Brilliant first experience with Getty Images. Klaus and Iain were both brilliant and very encouraging. Had lots of fun being a model and really hope Klaus and Lauren captured what they envisioned. Stylist Esther was very helpful and makeup by Kerry was awesome. All in all a wonderful first time experience. Thank you team MD! Thanks to Charlie for checking on me ☺️ .

Annie, Reference: PVPD-6763

Great first experience with Getty Images, Klaus and Lain were both fantastic. Stylist Esther was amazing she knew how to bring out the best in you and make you fell feb with the choices of wonderful wardrobe. The make up Kerry was also good. Overall great experience. Thank you Charlie for all your support

Valerie, Reference: SWYF-6396

Another really lovely assignment with MD, courtesy of my agent Charlie, who is just a joy to work with, for Abbeyfield (retirement village in Ewell West). The day flowed smoothly, quite a bit of the shoot took place outside and thankfully the weather was warm and sunny. The residents were so lovely, warm and welcoming, as were the staff, art director Chris, photographer James, photography assistant, and makeup artist (Verity) and other model Les. I truly enjoyed the whole experience (we shot various scenes, including playing pool)! I look forward to my next venture with MD, thank you!

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