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Models Direct Reviews - From our Female Models

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Zainab, Reference: BCPZ-6787

Models Direct is an amazing agency. I had a lovely shoot yesterday.

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Rebecca, Reference: SHYD - 8374

Had a great day today at a Christmas campaign shoot. The day was well structured and fun. I met lots of interesting people and the day flew.
Gemma gave me all the information required pre shoot and I felt well directed by the crew too.
Thank you for the experience.

Brianna, Reference: STWX-8443

Fun day, i really enjoyed the experience!

Trang, Reference: YCTX-7986

Great experience. Thank you very much for the opportunity.

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Dana, Reference: WHWZ-9679

What a fun first experience with Models Direct!
I did a promotional shoot in a superstore with another male model with myself playing a store assistant.
We took various product shots and situation shots. The photographer and shoot director were so easy to get on with and incredibly professional, the morning simply flew by in no time at all.
Now I'm just really looking forward to my next experience!

Catherine, Reference: RYDW-6487

This was my first assignment with Models Direct and I have to say that the process could not have been easier or more enjoyable. Charlie was great providing details and support over the telephone and by email, answering queries and providing a line of communication between the booking company and me.

The shoot itself was great fun to work on. Despite the very early start everyone was cheerful, professional and encouraging, and conversation flowed pretty freely throughout the day, around the shooting. Instructions and expectations were clear, and I was made to feel very comfortable throughout the day.

All in all, a great experience from start to finish.

Laura, Reference: PXBZ-3448

I had my first shoot today and it was a great experience. I had been with Models Direct for about 10 months before getting any assignments but I am really happy I got my first one.

It was a Morrisons photoshoot at one of their stores. The team that met me there was really welcoming, and so where the other models. The directions for the posing were clear and easy to follow, overall I had a great time. Can't wait to see the results!

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Lynne, Reference: SWPS-3763

I had a really great time yesterday on set at Overstone House with another few newbies. Staff were fab and laid on a really good buffet lunch. The photographers were very patient with us and I think they got some really excellent shots! All in all it was just a really good experience. Thanks Charlie!

Urska, Reference: VGRS-4849

It was amazing opportunity! I am looking forward to getting more bookings :)

Trudi, Reference: QCDN-6897

My first ever shoot. There were 9 models/actors and we were taking parts of residents or carers on site at a care home. Two photographers and a cinematographer worked with us throughout the day in lots of different scenarios for both advertising and marketing shots. It was very professional and really excellently organised.
Everyone was so very helpful. I absolutely loved it and had a fabulous day.
Charlie from Models Direct was wonderful from the booking stage to guidance beforehand and checking on me afterwards . Feel very supported.
Thank you.

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Malikah, Reference: FBHB-4689

I had an amazing experience as usual and I made a few friends which was great. The staff at the care house were very accomodating.

Rosamund, Reference: GXBW-6734

The day of filming exceeded all expectations and I felt so comfortable from start to finish. I hadn’t realised how much I’d enjoy the experience and the friendly chat between the client, the photographers and the models kept a smile on my face all day!

Taysha, Reference: XTWV-8883

Working with models direct was super fun!! The team made me feel comfortable and confident throughout the day. There was never a dull moment even when we weren’t talking pictures. My experience was fun and i am glad i got to be a part of it!!

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Kacrina, Reference: CTWV-4448

Friendly environment, very clear with instructions on what to do, both before and during the shoot. They had everything prepared and all in all it was very enjoyable day. Lunch was amazing!

Ewelina, Reference: SNGY-4347

I had my first shoot yesterday and I was nervous for no reason! It was a Morrisons photoshoot for the Pringles campaign and I was dressed as the store colleague. The shoot was super fun and exciting the whole way through. The team made me feel comfortable and the instructions for the photos were clear. I also want to mention that Charlie at models direct made the whole process really easy and made me feel ready and at ease prior to my shoot. Cannot wait to continue this journey and see where it takes me. Thank you models direct ☺️

Mounika, Reference: QMDV-3344

Models Direct has given me my first break in the modelling industry. I had a shoot with Morrisons, I really enjoyed working with the Academy. The work environment was very professional and fun too. We had a great laugh snacked as we continued our shoot.
My special thanks to Charlie she is very supportive and informative about this whole experience and kept me up to date with the whole process and she is so Kind helped me all the way through the assignment.

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Caroline, Reference: TYTD-6764

1st shoot with Models Direct
Thank you for putting me forward for yesterday's shoot. It was fun and I really enjoyed my first experience with the team. The production team were so friendly and welcoming and made me feel so relaxed about the whole proceedings. I do hope they were happy with the time I spent and that they will ask me again!! Thanks Gemma & Models Direct I thoroughly enjoyed the shoot experience.

Isrra, Reference: BGBH-8349

Had a fun shoot, easy people to deal with and very professional, it was quick and easy!

Betty, Reference: BMVQ-7876

The shoot today was so amazing I really loved it and with the other models I worked with today they were so lovely. Especially with Emma and Grace today and the photographers they were TOP!!

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Praya, Reference: RQXF-3767

Blessing, Reference: BXRB-4488

My recent and very first shoot went quite well for me. The client looked after us well by offering refreshments. All involved staff were polite and conversational. As this was my first shoot I was not sure what to expect in terms of make up which I could have prepared well for in relation to each photo shoot. I think for future shoots it is important for me and my circumstances to research further on the client and what they require from me as a model. Overall this was a great experience and I enjoyed it. I’m grateful to the agency staff for checking on me regularly through the whole process from pre-shoot until the shoot had been completed!

Joyce, Reference: DHMR-9938

Leanne, Reference: QRQS-7678

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
4 Aug 2023
I had simply the best experience on set..
I had the best experience on set this week, I absolutely loved every minute of it and I couldn’t stop smiling!
Thank you so much Models Direct for this amazing opportunity, for believe in me And trusting me to professionally represent you.

I was made to feel so welcome, by all the production team and I instantly felt really comfortable and at ease.
As a wheelchair model, I can face many barriers and obstacles, I can honestly say that I was treated with the upmost dignity and respect at all times and they were really accommodating and understanding, towards all my needs!
I participated in a number of different scenes and scenarios, all based around disability inclusion in the workplace. I was the first model on set, so the initially tasks were individually completed by myself and then
It was great to met and work alongside the other models..Everyone was so lovely, making this a really memorable experience!..

Thank you again Models Direct, I can’t wait to see the final cuts from this shoot and I look forward to working with you again soon..

Dik, Reference: VVST-9746

This was a great shoot today and they communicated with me as well. Lexy and her team are very friendly and warmly welcoming. Keep it up.

I want to thank you for organising such a Model Direct too. x

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