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Models Direct Reviews - From our Female Models

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Yasmina, Reference: WBQS-3949

I had another wonderful shoot with Models Direct, it went very smoothly and Gemma was wonderful she checked in with me making sure I was in the loop of things and also checked up after the photoshoot, very grateful and also grateful for the opportunity, thanks Models Direct!

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Danesh-Ara, Reference: XVXY-9648

Wonderful, warm and exciting experience.
The team were lovely, very amicable, and made me feel very comfortable.
I can’t wait to work with them again!

Alexandra, Reference: ZBBT-9438

Incredible First Shoot
Had a really amazing first shoot through Models Direct. The people I worked with today were lovely and put me at ease straight away. Everyone was really easy going and we got to have a good laugh while we worked.
As usual, communication with Charlie from Models Direct was an absolute breeze. She kept me in the loop and made sure I had all the information I needed. If the next shoot is as great as this was, then I cannot wait!

Angela, Reference: PQYN-4386

Today I had my first assignment with Models Direct. I had a great time at the shoot, which was for a supermarket. The photographer and the photoshoot organiser were super friendly and very professional. We worked really well as a team, a very enjoyable experience. Models direct were very professional in making the booking etc, I look forward to the next opportunity.

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Abi, Reference: THHX-7977

I had my 3rd shoot with Models Direct & it was really fun and straight forward, Gemma did great once again with keeping me in the loop with everything on the lead up to the shoot and made sure to contact me after to make sure I’d had a great time. Thankyou Models Direct for the opportunity.

Ana, Reference: ZVMM-4396

Nadine, Reference: KXVK-7737

I enjoyed the shoot, working on a new Microsoft surface was fun. Creating videos and working as a team everything went well and the client was very happy.

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Bina, Reference: BBGC-8863

This was my first official photo shoot, extremely grateful to Models Direct for representing me & putting my portfolio forward. I was apprehensive however Charlie made the process seamless & put my mind at rest.

Great journey & location selected by the client, lovely picturesque part of the world to be in.

I was met by Aled who’s mum Dawn owns the company, grateful to Aled for directions & introductions to everyone.

I worked with model Katherine & photographer Owen, thankful to Katherine for her expertise and advice on the day & to Owen for making me comfortable & reassuring us as we worked through the shots.

All in all an amazing first experience, one I’ll never forget!! Thanks the Dawn for selecting me to represent her brand ☺️

Catherine, Reference: XWQQ-8436

I had a great day shooting in Pembroke for an Organic Skin and hair care Company. The afternoon was fun and relaxed and went really well from start to finish. The communication from Charlie from Models Direct has been amazing, from first discussing the job to the follow up phone calls, she really looks after you..

Karolina, Reference: SYPK-8764

Today I had a pleasure to take a part in PokerStars Christmas campaign and it was brilliant, thanks again, until next time!

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Yasmina, Reference: WBQS-3949

I had a shoot today which I really enjoyed! Everyone was so welcoming and a pleasure to work with. Charlie was so lovely and kept me in the loop of things making sure I had all the information needed prior to the shoot. Lots of laughs today and met some lovely people, was also very relaxed and I was instructed on what to do so wonderful shoot with Models Direct.

Sana, Reference: SKCM-6936

Gemma at Models Direct is a legend!
Want to give a massive thank you to Gemma at Models Direct for being the absolute best at making sure the whole process and shoot goes as smoothly as possible. From the very beginning til the end, Gemma has clear and efficient communication, answers all questions and makes sure we’re fully prepared going into the shoot to support the client in the best way.

2 days of shooting with the Team at Legal & General Tower Works was an absolute pleasure. The team was so organised, super friendly and make the whole experience so much fun.

Thank you Gemma and the team at Identity Design for making this experience so fun and wholesome. Appreciate you guys!

Amber, Reference: CBSX-6674

My experience today was great for my first photo shoot it was very professional and a calm experience was very pleased to be there and take part!

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Leah, Reference: TXCZ-3484

I had a great shoot yesterday. I modelled football tops for a company at a football club. It was a great opportunity and working under pressure was a great experience. I had a lot of fun and would definitely do it again.

Isabelle, Reference: KFZP-8477

The photoshoot for a company supplying bedding to the NHS was a blast. The company's staff knew exactly how they wanted to feature their products with the models and gave a lot of excellent guidance. Somehow the products lent themselves to endless jokes, so models, photographer and company staff had a lot of laughter throughout the day. Truly great photoshoot that I would gladly do again.

Asrin, Reference: VCYD-6934

This was my first photoshoot since I signed up with Models Direct! Firstly, I would like to give a big shout out to Charlie who was super supportive prior to the shoot, checking in before and after to make sure all was ok - Thank you! I naturally was nervous this being my first shoot but as soon as I was acquainted with the crew and the other models, the day flowed with such ease and comfort. We laughed, shared personal experiences, (even had a mini b'day celebration for one of the crew members!) I honestly enjoyed every moment. The crew were so relaxed, helpful, and supportive. They looked after us throughout the day. Thank you MIP UK for making my first experience so awesome! I hope to work with you again :)

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Paula, Reference: CQXC-6766

Had a wonderful day at the photo shoot. The crew members were very well organised and professional.
All the crew and the fabulous models I was working with made the day great fun.
Love working with Models Direct, they’re always so helpful and supportive.
Looking forward to working with them again.

Ana, Reference: ZVMM-4396

Rashni, Reference: KFND-7348

Great day at the shoot. Everyone was super friendly, organised and professional, making the most of the time between videography and stills. The team were very patient and very easy to work with. Truly a great experience working with them, and I look forward to the next opportunity.

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Trang, Reference: YCTX-7986

Melissa, Reference: RQFC-8448

Another great day of shooting! Loved the variety of shoots we took part in. Met some other lovely models and had a great laugh with the whole team. Best experience yet!

Patsy, Reference: BHPC-4986

This was my first ever shoot therefore wasn't sure what to expect. The photographer and professor involved in the project were extremely welcoming and put us at ease.

They suggested poses depicted through photographic examples, which I and my male model partner (also a newbie) found very facilitative.

We were encouraged to play around with the poses which we enjoyed doing. The photographer commented that we appeared very natural.

The shoots went smoothly and in fact we not only finished over half an hour early but more shots than originally planned were able to be taken.

Overall this was an excellent experience that proved to be interesting and done in a pleasant, informative way - as the professor was happy to tell us about the nature of the project.

At the end the photographer commented that it had been fun. I agreed!

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Eugenie, Reference: SQGH-3367

I accomplished my first assignment with Models Direct today - a small corporate Christmas advert for Morrisons. The process was well organised by Charlie, although it was last minute : I received the paperwork with clear instructions and I was explained what type of photoshoot it was so I could chose whether to go for it or not.
On the day, it really felt home. A good small team to work with in a relaxed fashion and making it a fun experience out of a short and simple photoshoot which seemingly didn't have much special about it - except the Christmas hat!

Viktorija, Reference: BYTD-3999

Excellent company! Once shoot is confirmed there is a lot of support and guidance.

Abi, Reference: THHX-7977

Yesterday I had my 2nd ever shoot with Models Direct, it was so laid back from start to finish and I did not feel nervous at all ( which I normally would be ) I got on with the people on set and it was a really lovely atmosphere. Gemma has been great as usual, keeping me in the loop with everything in the lead up to the shoot and on the day! What a great team! Thankyou Models Direct I hope to get lots more modelling opportunities.

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