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Models Direct Reviews - From our Female Models

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Marina, Reference: ZWYR-8967

I enjoyed the shoot and the atmosphere and met some lovely people. However, the production was quite disorganized, for example, I had been told I’d be in one group and brought an appropriate outfit, but then I was moved into a different group. Overall, I enjoyed the experience though.

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Natalie, Reference: VNWK-3743

My first shoot!
My Models Direct profile went live a week before securing my first job which I was excited about.
My first shoot was enjoyable. The production team and the other models from Models Direct were really friendly and supportive. I look forward to many more shoots.

Frankie, Reference: SQNY-6833

My experience with this well known brand was fun, good vibes and energy.

Gintare, Reference: KZSS-8944

It was one of the most exciting experience in my life. The creative team was very friendly and professional. I enjoyed greatly my part in the production. It was very relaxed but productive day. I can’t wait for the next one.

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Jessica, Reference: BMYH-3438

Sharlene, Reference: BKBY-6766

The photo shoot for Morrison's Halloween pumpkin campaign was a grand experience and playing a store colleague for the day was interesting. Photo shoot lead for that day, Emily was welcoming and so was the photographer.
I was excited and anxious but they were very reassuring. Thanks Models Direct, gladly to be apart of this experience.

Regina, Reference: MVRF-9983

Thanks to Models Direct for the opportunity! The shoot was well organised and the directions were clear. The communication between us was great. We really had a great time! Special thanks to Charlie for supporting me.

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Aisha, Reference: HFKR-6393

Great location, such friendly staff. Fabulous hair and make up!

Kavita, Reference: RQPF-7787

Good experience and a friendly team to work with.

Zarish, Reference: WBZN-9897

I got my first booking within a few days of my portfolio going live! Such a relaxed and friendly environment on set. Cast and crew were all very kind and helpful. A great professional experience overall. Very excited for future opportunities! Thanks

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Dandan, Reference: NBKR-9933

Today was my first photo shoot. The photographer was so professional, the staff were very welcoming and relaxed. I really learnt a lot from them. Models Direct communicated very clearly, thank you to Gemma for being so kind and patient, she helped a lot, thank you!

Monika, Reference: PSWC-6486

Very friendly and professional. Everything organised quickly, agency and the crew on set top notch :)

Anitah, Reference: DWVX-3969

It was amazing the models were friendly, and the whole team The shoot was really great from the get go, i met awesome models on the shoot, the place was great, loved every minute of it, also it was as I expect it to be can’t wait for the final result.

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Rachael, Reference: NBNS-3778

Belle, Reference: YSPZ-9933

As time progresses, it appears that my experience with Model Direct gets better and better.
They are very communication efficient, accommodating and provide hospitable environment for Models.

Lucy, Reference: DHKH-4799

I had a great afternoon on my first shoot for Abbots Ale. The crew were super friendly and the other models were lovely. It was a really relaxed atmosphere which put me at ease straight away. My agent Gemma was really professional and kept me informed from the start. Thank you . I can’t wait for my next Job.
Lucy K

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Kuli, Reference: GWHS-4943

Great experience for a first shoot! Everything was explained and I was put at ease by Gemma at Models Direct and also during the shoot!

Cat & Marie , Reference: QNBF-9687

Apart from the diversion in travel due to a serious road accident on the way there in the Scottich Highlands which resulted in us not reaching the Silver Sands site in Lossiemouth until 3am where we slept in car until reception opened at 7am. ( I always carry emergency items in car such as blankets, water, general camping equipment as i travel extensively in remote areas with mainstream work)
Staff with Models Direct, particularly Charlie, kept in touch with us frequntly to make sure we were ok. We were.
From then on everything went well for Marie and myself over the two days.
We met with the model family and the photographers who were all friendly, fun and professional. The staff on site were also very helpful. The accommodation was good and spacious for us. Weather was glorious on day one but less so the 2nd day being overcast with some wind.
The photographers directed us well to where we needed to be and what we needed to be doing. They repeated each process until they were happy with the shoot.
Sometimes we were asked just to enjoy ourselves as if we were in reality at the park on holiday. The photographers then would take shots as they saw fit.
The only hiccup was the drone. There was a complication with licenses which prevented the shoot being taken at least while we were on site the photographers expected that the hiccup would be sorted and the shoot could be taken later on that day.
All in all it was a thoroughly enjoyable 2 days work.

Marissa, Reference: SGTQ-7338

Great 1st experience.. thank you !
I joined Models Direct just over a month ago and had my first booking for a promo shoot for Abbots Ale.
Gemma of Models Direct has been very helpful in making sure I had all the information I need on the day of the shoot. It was a great experience and had made friends with another model I worked with on the day. The production crew was so helpful and made us feel at ease. Thank you for my first booking Models Direct….great experience! x

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Kelly, Reference: WQCC-8684

Thank you again for a great shoot. Production were amazing and so good to work with them again!

Ann, Reference: WGHK-4493

It was such an Epic experience!! Gemma was very supportive during the whole process prior to shooting. I had an opportunity to work with a very professional and fun team. I look forward to more projects with Models Direct.

Katherine, Reference: DMMG-7966

On the day of arriving on time, i was greeted with several other models, whom were all very friendly and chatty, i can't honestly say there were any issues regarding the group of us. It was a hardworking day but to add to that also a great deal of fun. The location was fab, too were the staff, when we were waiting to be on shoot we were all sharing our previous experiences or what each would like to follow to work on next, plus at our dinner break we all sat down and had a pub lunch, there was a great atmosphere from beginning to the end.

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Paige, Reference: KBGG-7977

Had a great day shooting for MD. The staff were very friendly and interactive during the shoot so made me feel very comfortable in front of the camera.

Carol, Reference: KWVH-6999

This was my second assignment, this time for an NHS campaign in a Liverpool studio. It was a great experience and learning curve, as this assignment including a speaking part and having a green screen behind. Good fun trying to learn to walk on the spot making walking look as if you were walking through a space naturally. Still shots were also taken. The client, all professionals and models were lovely to work with making me feel at ease throughout. Gemma kept me informed throughout. Thank you for such a great experience. Looking forward to my next assignment.

The Grimsditch Family , Reference: WVHY-3843

I just wanted to thank you for the experience of my family participating in the photoshoot. As our first professional shoot, it was a great experience and all of the production staff were so supportive and encouraging. We could have asked for nothing better.

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