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Models Direct Reviews - From our Female Models

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Erin, Reference: QKQN-7939

From start to finish I have had an amazing experience with Models Direct. I had my first modelling session on the 11th January, which was great!
A great group of models, friendly staff and an overall chilled experience!
Anna has been so helpful setting my account and portfolio up, and Gemma has been a star organising everything for the modelling day!
I really felt part of a team and at ease with the whole process.
Hopefully on to many more modelling endeavours!

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Sophie, Reference: CRZS-9884

I really enjoyed the experience . All the staff were lovely and the other models too, it was a really fun shoot that made me feel comfortable even though I myself am not a very confident person so it was a great opportunity for me.

Megan, Reference: TQHB-6699

Great experience, had a fun shoot which was well organised. Would definitely do it again.

Yewande, Reference: DBSW-8879

The team were really welcoming and made me feel comfortable. I felt well looked after. Everyone was lovely which made the shoot tons of fun!

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Athina, Reference: QHRB-6933

All the crew were nice and polite. I liked the overall theme of the shoot and the atmosphere was great as well.

Susie, Reference: TBPQ-6943

The shoot was really fun, it was quite chilled which made it such a nice environment.

Simone, Reference: KCDF-6439

First shoot with Models Direct
I recently attended my first modelling assignment with Models Direct. I was nervous but quickly adjusted as the team was very welcoming and friendly. Overall, I had a great experience and enjoyed meeting new people. I’d love the chance to do more work with them and gain more experience.

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Marianlly, Reference: TCMK-3493


I loved it!! it seemed like a great experience. It is also a great opportunity to get to know myself, make new friends, gain work experience and, above all, interact with a new adventure.

Thanks you Models Direct for this opportunity. Gemma, also thanks you for your support in all moments

Emma, Reference: KKBK-7433

So this was my first shoot since joining the agency. It was a Six Nations rugby themed shoot. Upon arriving at the shoot I was greeted by a friendly team who instantly made me feel at ease. I met another fellow model who was also on his first shoot. I have to say that I really enjoyed myself. Although it was only a short shoot it was very professionally handled and I was made to feel an important part of the experience. A big thanks to the team and Models Direct for the opportunity. I can’t wait for the next one!

Jennifer, Reference: HCDD-9899

Had my first shoot today after only signing up in November. The atmosphere was nice and the people were friendly. I'm happy that Models Direct offers lots opportunities for models who are just starting out, and I hope to get more jobs such as this in the future.

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Marta, Reference: FTRM-6474

I had another photoshoot in Manchester and it was great as always. Great atmosphere from the very beginning, we laughed a lot but everyone was very professional.
Gemma was very helpful as always, before and after the photoshoot. Thank you Models Direct.

Ana, Reference: WKTH-7749

Today I had my first assignment with Models Direct and it went smoothly.

We were greeted with drinks and snacks on arrival and the crew were very straightforward with all the directions and tips. We did some promotional videos while chatting away and laughing with each other; we also cheered for the national teams on set. Overall it was a very rich and smooth experience.

Abi, Reference: THHX-7977

I had my 4th job with Models Direct yesterday in Manchester and wow, what a fantastic experience. Everything was professional but so so fun! We all laughed from start to finish and everyone on set were just amazing and friendly. Gemma was great as usual too in the lead up to the shoot & after the shoot! I really hope to land more of these jobs! Thankyou Models Direct!

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Ellen, Reference: PDMR-3339

I had my 2nd job with Models Direct on the 4th of January 2024. I didn’t know what to expect but when I got there everyone was friendly and had a laugh. The team i was working with were very welcoming and Gemma was wonderful as always.

Jenny, Reference: PCCQ-9846

Yasmina, Reference: WBQS-3949

I had another wonderful shoot with Models Direct, it went very smoothly and Gemma was wonderful she checked in with me making sure I was in the loop of things and also checked up after the photoshoot, very grateful and also grateful for the opportunity, thanks Models Direct!

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Danesh-Ara, Reference: XVXY-9648

Wonderful, warm and exciting experience.
The team were lovely, very amicable, and made me feel very comfortable.
I can’t wait to work with them again!

Alexandra, Reference: ZBBT-9438

Incredible First Shoot
Had a really amazing first shoot through Models Direct. The people I worked with today were lovely and put me at ease straight away. Everyone was really easy going and we got to have a good laugh while we worked.
As usual, communication with Charlie from Models Direct was an absolute breeze. She kept me in the loop and made sure I had all the information I needed. If the next shoot is as great as this was, then I cannot wait!

Angela, Reference: PQYN-4386

Today I had my first assignment with Models Direct. I had a great time at the shoot, which was for a supermarket. The photographer and the photoshoot organiser were super friendly and very professional. We worked really well as a team, a very enjoyable experience. Models direct were very professional in making the booking etc, I look forward to the next opportunity.

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Abi, Reference: THHX-7977

I had my 3rd shoot with Models Direct & it was really fun and straight forward, Gemma did great once again with keeping me in the loop with everything on the lead up to the shoot and made sure to contact me after to make sure I’d had a great time. Thankyou Models Direct for the opportunity.

Ana, Reference: ZVMM-4396

Nadine, Reference: KXVK-7737

I enjoyed the shoot, working on a new Microsoft surface was fun. Creating videos and working as a team everything went well and the client was very happy.

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Bina, Reference: BBGC-8863

This was my first official photo shoot, extremely grateful to Models Direct for representing me & putting my portfolio forward. I was apprehensive however Charlie made the process seamless & put my mind at rest.

Great journey & location selected by the client, lovely picturesque part of the world to be in.

I was met by Aled who’s mum Dawn owns the company, grateful to Aled for directions & introductions to everyone.

I worked with model Katherine & photographer Owen, thankful to Katherine for her expertise and advice on the day & to Owen for making me comfortable & reassuring us as we worked through the shots.

All in all an amazing first experience, one I’ll never forget!! Thanks the Dawn for selecting me to represent her brand ☺️

Catherine, Reference: XWQQ-8436

I had a great day shooting in Pembroke for an Organic Skin and hair care Company. The afternoon was fun and relaxed and went really well from start to finish. The communication from Charlie from Models Direct has been amazing, from first discussing the job to the follow up phone calls, she really looks after you..

Karolina, Reference: SYPK-8764

Today I had a pleasure to take a part in PokerStars Christmas campaign and it was brilliant, thanks again, until next time!

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