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Models Direct Reviews - From our Female Models

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Samantha, Reference: YBDM-6398

Another great experience with Models Direct. Friendly and comfortable atmosphere.

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Nathalie, Reference: GSDY-9494

I recently did a Campaign Shoot booked via. Models Direct - not to mention my first ever shoot!

Instructions and all communication prior to the shoot were great - Gemma was super supportive!

During the shoot it was cool to see the “behind the scenes” when they were shooting other models and get a sense for how shoots like these work.

I was working alongside 15 other models, meeting new people in the same boat as you - this helped make the experience more comfortable and a lot of fun!

Overall, it was a cool and fun experience that I can now add to my portfolio.

Katia, Reference: GBWR-9898

I had a great time during the shoot in Manchester.
The team were productive and professional.
I've met some amazing people who made the day very enjoyable.
Looking forward to my next shooting with this great team!

Ruth, Reference: HNSM-7687

I can say that I had a nice experience, even if I didn't know anyone, the people around me were very friendly. We had time to exchange information about ourselves, getting to know each other a little. Being the first time I had quite a lot of emotions, I didn't know exactly how it works or what it entails, but the producers made things easy, relaxing the atmosphere, making jokes and giving us enough explanations to understand exactly what needs to be done.

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Andreea-Diana, Reference: VSQH-6367

For me this was my first shoot but it was absolutely fantastic and interesting. I met new people and the production team were very professional.

Karolina, Reference: WQMM-7637

Chidera, Reference: TVXT-4464

It was very chilled and I got meet other models, a huge variety in age & race. The actual shoot was very relaxing and not nerve racking as I thought it would be.

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Aylin, Reference: WCPD-8648

The experience in Liverpool was a brilliant one! All the team that were there were really friendly, we all got on and had a good laugh together. Everyone was really friendly, happy to be there and most importantly, prepared!

The product was seriously good quality and will be promoting it personally on my social media platforms. Again, a brilliant day, some great people met and an experience to remember.

Leah, Reference: VPVB-4489

It was an amazing experience over all. The set crew where polite it was smoothly ran. I enjoyed meeting new people definitely something I want to do again and a lot more of it in the future.

Molly, Reference: MGTD-7636

Working on a shoot down in Nottingham was great for me to meet so many different people. Started off slow, as we were waiting to be used in filming but when we finally started it was great.

I’m from Birmingham so travelling down to a place i’ve never been was so much fun as well. I took the train, and walked about 20 mins to the bus stop to get to where i needed. But just that small walk, i got to see some street art, saw some shops, it was nice. Getting home wasn’t too bad either, walked to the station with some other people from the day, and it was lovely.

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Monique, Reference: THSR-9887

My first ever job and I was so excited I was home practicing in front of the mirror until I got to the venue. I was nervous, but as the time progressed I got more confident. When I sat in front of the camera I was so shy but the model that was there with me was talking to me so it helped to overcome the anxiety. The team were great, they assisted and directed me in preparation in front of the camera.
Overall the shoot went well and I can’t wait to do more jobs with Models Direct.
Thanks again Models Direct!

Ana, Reference: ZVMM-4396

Anisha, Reference: VWTQ-7396

I had a great experience shooting for this campaign. There were 20 models in total, everyone was so friendly. I would like to thank Models Direct for this opportunity.

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Eva, Reference: MYFV-3746

I have attended my first assignment and I am very pleased with the experience. It was very well organised and coordinated by Models Direct, with clear directions for the venue and instructions regarding look and attire. My agent, Gemma also checked in regularly to ensure everything was ok, and was at the end of the phone to answer any questions I might have. The paperwork to sign up is straightforward.
At the assignment, we were well looked after by the production team, and the job was fun to do. I recommend Models Direct!

Yasmina, Reference: WBQS-3949

I had another wonderful photoshoot today with Models Direct, Gemma was very helpful and lovely, I felt relaxed for todays photoshoot and it was really fun! Really enjoyed my experience today thank you!!

Ellie, Reference: XFFY-9968

Today’s experience was at a family run dental practice for photos and video testimonials. The client was so welcoming and gave such clear and simple direction it made everything feel so natural and easier to deliver. Grateful for a lovely and fun experience.

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Rashmi, Reference: KFND-7348

Great experience working in Bournemouth. Super fun team who made the day easy and enjoyable as we worked through still and moving shoots.

Yasmina, Reference: WBQS-3949

Had another lovely photoshoot with Models Direct, Gemma was fantastic keeping me in the loop and checking in its very appreciated, had a great experience, was very excited!

Tegan, Reference: SCHH-3983

My first paid job with Models Direct, i really enjoyed myself and felt so welcomed & comfortable. Went around Birmingham city centre, had photos taken. Was so much fun! Thank you for such a brilliant experience, loved every minute!

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Aneta, Reference: BHTB-9884

Fantastic experience, everyone involved was welcoming and friendly.
It was a very enjoyable and fun today, exactly as I expected it to go.

Tianyi, Reference: CXSN-4636

Gemma was wonderful to work with. She recently booked me for a modelling job in Bournemouth, and communication was smooth throughout.

Cristina, Reference: KHVK-3888

My experience with “Models Direct” it was fantastic.
The best agency, very nice staff and we have a lot of fun ❤️

I recommend to everyone who likes modelling to apply.

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Erin, Reference: QKQN-7939

From start to finish I have had an amazing experience with Models Direct. I had my first modelling session on the 11th January, which was great!
A great group of models, friendly staff and an overall chilled experience!
Anna has been so helpful setting my account and portfolio up, and Gemma has been a star organising everything for the modelling day!
I really felt part of a team and at ease with the whole process.
Hopefully on to many more modelling endeavours!

Sophie, Reference: CRZS-9884

I really enjoyed the experience . All the staff were lovely and the other models too, it was a really fun shoot that made me feel comfortable even though I myself am not a very confident person so it was a great opportunity for me.

Megan, Reference: TQHB-6699

Great experience, had a fun shoot which was well organised. Would definitely do it again.

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