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Models Direct Reviews - From our Female Models

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Yasmin, Reference: GDVM-6993

Had my first shoot this week via models direct. It was at a pub to take images for the new menu they have, was arranged great, got all details correctly and all went well. Hope for more shoots soon!

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Viktorija, Reference: BYTD-3999

Have done a great photoshoot today! Met very nice colleagues and looking forward to working more with Models Direct!

The Semedo Family, Reference: MHCR-3834

I honestly couldn't be happier with the agency. Yesterday was our second assignment and one more time was a great experience. With Charlie on the other side everything goes stress free as she is always ready to clarify any questions/concerns and wastes no time in keeping us updated. Charlie is always very supportive and professional. We are looking forward to the next assignment.

Elle, Reference: HZRM-3383

‘Another successful & enjoyable shoot with the client. They were very accommodating with everything and welcoming when I arrived. A very professional & kind team too throughout! It was great to be back with them to finish the last of the project!’

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Elle, Reference: HZRM-3383

Another assignment with models direct! It was great to be on set again for a fun promotional ad. Lovely kind and understanding people and a beautiful location! :)

Sarah, Reference: NRYS-6988

I had a lovely conversation with the team at Models Direct this week, very friendly and interested in how I have been through lockdown. Having joined just before lockdown in 2019. I have only now had the opportunity to under take an assignment. The facilitation of this was seamless and my agent was informative and answered all my questions. It is disappointing to hear that others have had a bad experience, but I would advise you to trust your own judgement because I've had a very pleasant experience with them.

Carina, Reference: PMYQ-9994

My first booking with Models direct and it did not disappoint. I was made to feel really comfortable by the whole crew and other extras and had such a fun time shooting. I was kept well informed via email about any changes and what to expect on the day which made it easier for me. cannot wait for the next one!!!

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Aminata, Reference: XZMX-6466

The shoot when well I injoy it was my first job with model Direct everyone was lovely and I feel very comfortable around the team and I hope to do this again.

Abigael, Reference: VHMX-8668

I’m rating them 5 star as their customer service is just the best. I had a Photoshoot on 13th Dec and it was my first paid job, models direct made sure that I was sent every information I need for the Photoshoot. I got to the location that day, I think I got lost but I called them and they helped me over the phone to find my way. I had a great experience. Thank you model’s Direct

Abinaya, Reference: WYZV-8878

I had my first shoot organised by Models Direct this week for the launch of Sleep London and ProBloUK, and it was a great first shoot!! Everyone on set made me feel comfortable and I felt reassured the entire shoot. Overall, I loved the first experience and now feel confident to do more!

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Kastur, Reference: YXYX-7683

Sophie, Reference: WXZP-3893

Models direct is great! I had a shoot recently that was so much fun! Lovely people to talk to over the phone to get all the details of each job. Fabulous! So happy with how the day went and met some lovely people on shoot.

Nyasha, Reference: YZSB-9933

Such an amazing experience working with Models Direct. Everyone is so friendly. The Models Direct team helped me a lot in terms of my portfolio and working with them is always a pleasure.

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Claire, Reference: FVBB-7379

Such a professional company, I have a great agent Charlie she always there to listen and give advice and always try her best to finds you work!

Kristina , Reference: A733256

Rachel, Reference: RCYZ-7864

I’ve just left the shoot and had a brilliant day. Everyone involved were so warm and welcoming, and there was a genuinely lovely, conversational vibe to the day. It was a brilliant first toe-dip into modelling, and initial apprehensions were very quickly dispelled. The business was one I know, with an established reputation and fantastic products. The real icing on the cake was having a brilliant rapport with the other models - we really seemed to click and had so much in common. There were laughs a plenty! Models direct made this opportunity really easy, I was well informed and given plenty of notice and encouragement. I wouldn’t hesitate to accept another similar assignment! Thanks so much for the opportunity- I had no idea just how much I would enjoy it!

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Elena , Reference: QTSD-7687

What a lovely shoot Charlie, my favourite agent at Models Direct, booked me in for! I enjoyed the two days on set, the friendly, relaxed crew and my colleague, Kalium. All in all, perfect combination! Thank you, Charlie, for looking after me as usual with great care and professionalism. Much appreciated!

Francesca, Reference: WDNC-3696)

I completed my 2nd assignment for Models Direct yesterday, modelling on a fabulous clothing stand at the Moda show at the NEC. Charlie, at Models Direct, was great and made sure that I had all the information that I needed. I’m looking forward to more assignments in the future!

Janet, Reference: HPRP-3394

Great day chatting in a superb kitchen with a wonderful fellow model amongst the technical team who were professional and great fun. Charlie as ever was very supportive and informative as ever. A happy day.

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Ruth, Reference: HHTP-4883

It was so much fun and Models Direct were fantastic. Thank you Charlie for arranging it. The team for Kitchen Depot were so friendly and welcoming. It was a real pleasure.

Chloe, Reference: P770348

This was my 5th assignment with Models Direct, and it was fantastic! Molly was so friendly, efficient and kept me up to date with all the arrangements for the shoot. The shoot itself was great too! Everyone was so accommodating and we had a lot of laughs. It was another great shoot, and I am looking forward to my next one!

Ilyara, Reference: WPNN-8348

The shoot was great. I enjoyed being there and shooting with the models, while it was a little bit rushed we were all made to feel very comfortable. The rest of the models were great and the clients were also very welcoming. Only thing I would change is to have more nibbles available apart from just sweets and crisps. Maybe some sandwiches or wee sausages. Otherwise an amazing day!

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Justyna, Reference: SQDG-6436

Great photo shoot , great atmosphere loved it!

Lauren, Reference: FCZR-3869

Diana, Reference: XXSZ-4337

I would like to thank Charlie at Models Direct and Krow for a wonderful day yesterday. I was involved in a photo shoot for Aviva. The day went very smoothly from start to finish and I was given all the information that I needed prior to the shoot. I was given a lovely make over and all the staff at Krow were wonderful, very friendly, supportive and helpful. It was one of my best days and I would like to say a very big thank you to everyone involved.

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