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Models Direct Reviews - From our Female Models

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Amrit, Reference: YVTG – 3488

The day couldn’t have gone better! It was my first shoot, fair to say I was nervous but everyone was in the same boat so we all felt at ease very quickly! I can't wait for my next job! I'm so excited. Thank you for this opportunity! Was a great experience:)

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Faye, Reference: VCTB-8383

Great Day!
This was my first experience on a shoot with Models Direct. I had a great day. Everything was super professional and well organised. The crew looked after us really well and made us feel very comfortable and relaxed. Everyone was available to answer any questions we had and help us in any way possible. I really enjoyed the experience and can’t wait for the next shoot!

Ashley, Reference: FSXF-3684

Great first shoot with this wellknown brand. The crew was amazing very helpful and great explaining the role. l was working along side another model who was very nice and made it very easy to work with. I enjoyed myself. I can’t wait for more amazing shoots like this!

Ann, Reference: WGHK-4493

This was my second shoot for this brand, and it was very relaxed and professional. I thoroughly enjoyed every step of it. Thank you, Gemma.

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Charlotte, Reference: GBPG-8877

I had a great experience modelling for a TV advert with a well known UK brand. I was surrounded by a group of Models Direct models. It was very productive and great fun!

Jacqueline , Reference: HRYC-6698

First timer although it was an early call. Once the roll call was done. It was quite friendly and professional. The staff especially Benjamin put us at ease, for a first timer this was very important. I was impressed at the age range of fellow models and Gemma from Models Direct The experience was great and I look forward to the next.

Angelica, Reference: XQYF -9644

I was booked for a advert last week through Models Direct. The whole experience from start to finish was pleasant. Gemma was very helpful in providing all the briefing information necessary. The models I met on the day were all super friendly and the filming crew were easy to work with. It was my first booking since joining Models Direct and I am looking forward to working with more of Models Direct's clients.

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Francesca, Reference: SYMF-7966

The shooting was nice and I had a great time. Gemma was really helpful and communicative.

Djamila, Reference: MQPB-4663

I was booked for the filming of the Greene King advert yesterday. Very positive experience. The booking went seamless. The crew was welcoming and friendly, the other models were lovely and supportive. Looking forward to seeing the final product.

Ahyoung, Reference: RMKY-6644

The work with the client was great. The staff and crew knew exactly what they were doing and did their best at making the experience as smooth as possible. Arranging the work was also easy from the introduction for the role to finish so overall, great experience!

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Sadia, Reference: WWKZ-3494

Filmed with them yesterday and it was an amazing experience! Gemma was really helpful and made the process so easy before the assignment.
Hope to continue to work with them!

Elaine, Reference: WCMT-9363

I had a fantastic day on my first assignment. Very friendly and professional production team. Plus meeting new faces..I had an amazing experience. Look forward to attending the next assignment in the future.

Maura, Reference: NHFB-8736

Had a brilliant first experience at the shoot yesterday. I didn’t really know what to expect, but everyone was amazing and I met some lovely people. Was so interesting seeing how it was all put together and I can’t wait to see the final results.

Sarah, Reference: PMSM-4987

Amazing experience from start to finish with Models Direct and the client. Kept up to date all the way. I was made to feel at ease and comfortable, very professional!

Emma, Reference: HYTD-9336

I enjoyed the experience and met some lovely was great to work with the team and see how the industry works..looking forward to future shoots.

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Kerry, Reference: FRDT-7969

Great first assignment! Had a great first shoot for this brand. All the production staff were friendly as were the other talent. I look forward to seeing the final advert.

Abinaya, Reference: WYZV-8878

This shoot was definitely so much fun! Amazing co-models to work alongside, had a laugh while being on set with a team of people who knew exactly what they were looking for!

Hannah, Reference: KCCW-9437

This was my first assignment and i loved the experience. The other models and the crew were very friendly and I felt at ease. I hope to get more bookings in the future.
Thanks Gemma at Models Direct for booking me.

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Paige, Reference: KBGG-7977

Really enjoyed working with this brand on their promotional shoot. The team were so lovely and accommodating. Thank you Models Direct for this opportunity.

Natalia, Reference: YFXD-7788

This was my first photoshoot with Models Direct, I was nervous at first but when I got to the shooting place I felt much better. Met such lovely people and had a great time! Hopefully, there will be more photoshoots soon! Thank you.

Femi, Reference: KSZZ-3838

I was given the opportunity to model with this client for the world cup. I really enjoyed the photoshoot as it was really nice, fun and relaxed. I had such a positive experience. The production team as a whole were really pleasant, helpful and created such a relaxing environment where I felt comfortable in front of the camera. I enjoyed working with my fellow models, they were really nice and friendly and we all developed a good working relationship with each other. I would be happy to shoot with this client again.

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Lucy, Reference: PWSZ-7348

This was my first time working with Models Direct and I had a really great time. All the information I needed for the day of the shoot was sent over to me in plenty of time which allowed me to arrive at the shoot well prepared. At the shoot, everyone was really lovely and the whole atmosphere was relaxed and friendly. While I was behind the camera, the photographer and director gave super helpful directions and feedback and made sure we were all comfortable throughout the day. The makeup and wardrobe team were really friendly and it was so fun to be working in a large group of people. Overall it was a really exciting and successful day for me and I would definitely work with the same team again!

Crystal, Reference: GXYB-3844

My first shoot with you guys it was not what I was expecting or what I was promised from when I first signed up to the Agency but it was a experience and I found it very interesting how they run the shoot on the day. The other models that I worked with was really friendly down-to-earth same with the cameraman he was really friendly down to earth made us feel comfortable when he was taking the photos. So all in all to summarise the whole day it was a very interesting experience.

Adele, Reference: YZCT-9469

Had a great time with some lovely people, the whole experience was very professional and i loved every minute of it. I cannot wait to do it again.

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