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Models Direct Reviews - From our Female Models

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Whitney, Reference: CM771744

Booking for RGB Supplies. This was my first model experience with the agency, the whole experience was very organised and professional. I had loads of fun and it was nice to be working with another experienced model from the agency which made me feel more confident and relaxed. The company gave me guidance and everyone was very approachable and friendly! It has been a very exciting 2 days and i hope to be able to have more opportunities like this again! Thank you!

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Tamia, Reference: ZWZH-7683

Assignment for Great Western Railway. Thanks for everything the experience was really nice and the people really lovely! You are the best.

Joanne, Reference: QSBR-4777

This was my first assignment with Talent Management. Everyone was lovely and professional. I hope it is the first of many!!!!

Natalie, Reference: MCVN-9697

My whole family did a shoot for a global tech company and everything was so perfectly organised. The staff at Models Direct were so helpful, especially Marie and everyone on set was lovely. We had our children with us and we were all looked after so well. It was a great experience which we thoroughly enjoyed. Would definitely recommend Models Direct! Thanks again for the opportunity!

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Orika, Reference: KPTY-9949

I recently attended the photography show with Models Direct it was a great experience, I had so much fun, it was a pleasure working with Sony at the Birmingham NEC. I'm looking forward to do more shoots with Models Direct.

Jovita, Reference: FYKP-6849

My first assignment for Models Direct went very well! It was with Sony camera company. A wedding shoot in Colchester with a male Model, I did really enjoyed, it’s my first time I had experience shoot with Male model. Team was amazing very friendly and warm people, brilliant atmosphere. Marie is my agent, she is very professional, explained everything in detail. Thank you so much to Models Direct for this opportunity it was great! And I’m looking to do it more! Definitely Recommended!

Claudia, Reference: YPWB-4967

The assignment on Monday was a lot of fun, and I had a great time in modelling Glouseter. Working with Alex was so comfortable as well as with the other model(s). The shoot was in a very casual setting and we managed to get everything the client wanted whilst having fun! I’m really looking forward to the next assignment for the same client, and working for Models Direct again.

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Katie , Reference: DTDF-6434

All went really well this morning in Birmingham with Virgin Active! Such a lovely, considerate crew and they were really pleased with the footage. Max loved it!

Charlotte, Reference: CG751496

I had such a great time shooting the new commercial for Deliveroo in London, everyone was so friendly and the food was out of this world!! Met some really amazing people, can’t wait for the next one x

Sinead , Reference: YXZT-4389

It was great to meet everyone on the shoot for Hardhats! Really enjoyed working with our director on characterisation of the script, he was very good at drawing out different elements of the scene. Everyone was fun to work with! We had a nice lunch and finished on time, so overall I enjoyed the experience!

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Rebecca, Reference: BM741406

We had started our journey around 6am knowing it would take 2 hours we arrived on time with two very excited children and 2 nervous but excited parents. We were put at easy instantly when meeting our photographer and the two other models from Models Direct. We went and had a quick meeting about what photos we were trying to achieve and quick change we were ready to go. The children were super excited about doing the shoot in such a a massive super store and loved that people were watching, the photographer was giving us great direction and was amazing at making us feel at easy. Always telling the kids they were doing a fab job . This was the first time we had met with other models from the company and they were brilliant so funny and talkative, the shoot went so well and the photos were just as the brief asked. We can't wait till the end of March for our follow up shoot and working with Models Direct we have done a total of 5 modelling shoots now and have always enjoyed our experience and making memories with our beautiful family.

Tannith, Reference: CE769364

Such an amazing opportunity working with the Monmouthshire Building Society. Everyone was so friendly and put me at ease (as I was a little nervous ). Thank you Models Direct :)

Patricia , Reference: CB695733



I’ve done a lot of photographic work for Talent Management Models Direct but today was a first - live TV for Ideal World. Thank you.

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Veronica, Reference: HSCB-6369


Thanks Models Direct for the Scam awareness job yesterday. A very good day, very interesting to see what goes on. Thanks once again.

Debbie, Reference: RKKW-7837


Today I took part in the Get Safe Online, Scammer Nanna. Thank you Models Direct for selecting me, it was a great learning experience.

Grace, Reference: NFRP-3938



I’d like to thank Models Direct for putting me forward for The Ones Shows Get Safe Online Campaign. I’ve learnt a lot.

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Jane, Reference: VSHY-9873


Great feedback from our model Jane on her recent assignment with Get Safe Online Campaign as featured on The One Show.

Lana, Reference: BM763938


Hi there. My name is Lana and I would like to say thank you to Talent Management Models Direct for the opportunity to be part of the advert filming in London.

Lawayne , Reference: CB696002


Another great experience modelling through Models Direct in the big outdoors. They matched me so well with the client and their story. I was doing something that fitted in with my lifestyle, my values and also stories that I like. I was happy , the client was happy. Models Direct: a no brainer!

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Sabah, Reference: CDBZ-4788

Did an assignment on the 7th November, for Brides do good. I had a great day and everyone was really friendly and great to work with. The other model Jake was great and was fun to work along side. The dresses were amazing and the shoot location was outstanding. Thank you for the opportunity 

Adriana, Reference: VYXG-9673

I loved my first assignment with Models Direct and can't wait for the next one! Marie explained everything in detail and the team on site was friendly and professional. I would certainly recommend this agency. Thank you so much for the opportunity :)

Sabah, Reference: CDBZ-4788

Done a 2 day shoot for a commercial for 8ball pool for miniclip. Was a interesting day and I enjoyed myself a lot. Met some really nice people. Thank you to models direct for the new opportunity

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Miriam , Reference: SMFZ-4396

Just finished up my first assignment with Models Direct shooting a tourism video for the company Travel Click in my home town of Cardiff. The shoot went off without a hitch and I had a great time. The team I worked with were an absolute pleasure and being booked for the shoot via Models Direct was straight forward and easy! Can't wait for my next assignment!  

Shobha, Reference: CM787705

Hello. I’m Shobha. I’d like to tell you about a really good experience I’ve had with Models Direct. I had all the information, on time from Marie. I was able to attend the venue. The client was quite happy I wore a hearing aid, no difficulty with that. I really gelled with the other models from Models Direct and the client appear really satisfied at the end of the day. It was really gratifying.


Elizabeth, Reference: A69780

Hi. I had a great day to day at the photoshoot. It was great to work with the company again. I had such a great time, everyone was friendly and welcoming. Thanks Models Direct for a great and fantastic day. Thank you.


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