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Models Direct Reviews - From our Female Models

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Carol, Reference: KWVH-6999

I had a wonderful experience today taking part in a photo/video shoot in Manchester.
The other models who were participating and the production team were friendly and professional, I felt at ease the whole time. I was pleasantly surprised when a member of the production team recognised me from my very first photo/video shoot! The models were looked after and were provided with a meal and drinks on the day.
Thank you to Gemma at Models Direct for putting me forward for this assignment. I can’t wait for the next one.

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Ifeoluwa , Reference: MHGV-9794

Thank you to Models Direct for making me take part in a great shoot today! I had a lot of fun during the whole process of shooting. It was exactly as I had expected. I look forward to representing you in the future and for taking on other opportunities as great as the one I had today. God bless all of you at Models Direct.

Winnie, Reference: DDPW-3488

I am a high fashion model who did a commercial today and it was totally different from what I am used to however it went very well. The camera crew was lovely, we were given refreshments. It was a long day but a great experience.

Paul & Mary, Reference: DWFX-9787

A very positive and enjoyable experience being photographed for Park Holidays throughout their resort. Extremely helpful staff and professionally handled throughout our time there.

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The Ezobi Family, Reference: TXNX-4743

This was our first booking through Models Direct and we absolutely loved it! It was great to spend time as a family, whilst producing content for Park Holidays. We were very well looked after throughout the booking stage and on the day itself. Thank you to Charlie for all the hints and tips prior to the day. Thank you to the production team (Alice, Matt and Adam) for making us all feel comfortable and for making us smile.
It was great fun and we hope it's the first of many bookings.

Paula, Reference: CQXC-6766

This was my first modelling assignment so I was unsure what to expect. I was delighted to be able to work with such friendly people who gave clear directions in a relaxed atmosphere. It was great fun socialising with other models, I had a wonderful experience.
I’m very grateful to Models Direct for all their help and guidance and of course for this opportunity.
5 stars for a fabulous experience, I highly recommend being part of Models Direct.

The Rizkalla Family, Reference: KPMK-4443

We had a really lovely time at the booking. The videographer and photographer were really friendly and gave lots of constructive direction. The director kept time and made everything run smoothly and efficiently. They were all very kind and professional, very considerate and patient of our daughter on set. The venue for the shoot was beautiful, luck was with us and the weather was absolutely amazing. We were fed and watered throughout the day and my daughter was even given a little freebie at the end of the day. It was hard work but the whole family had a lot of fun.

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Malikah, Reference: FBHB-4689

I had an amazing experience with the team they were extremely welcoming and supportive. I felt very comfortable working with them so overall it was a magnificent.

Ellie, Reference: XFFY-9968

Today I was in Filey filming with YardForce; it was organised and fun; the client was friendly and and so conscious of keeping us warm on the cliff top! I thoroughly enjoyed the day and can’t wait for the next job!

Tapuwa, Reference: QFWQ-7634

My second job with Models Direct in 3 weeks! It was a different kind of job and event but exciting nonetheless. I’m grateful for the opportunity and I look forward to more.

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Anna, Reference: HYVT-7868

Great experience and Gemma made sure I was looked after and that I knew all the details :)

Ellen, Reference: PDMR-3339

I have a shoot yesterday and I enjoyed it more than I expected. The team I was working with were so nice and supportive and made me feel comfortable. We had a lot of laughs and fun during the shoot. I would definitely recommend this to everyone who is interested in this field. And I can’t wait for my next shoot.

Amy & Andy, Reference: SSXK-9697

Charlie made this whole process so easy! She’s very approachable and put my mind at ease straightaway - the modelling world is relatively new to me, so this was important!
I had all the information I needed and the guys from the PR company on the day were super friendly and relaxed, which definitely made for better photos, as my partner and I were relaxed too. 
I’d definitely do further jobs for Models Direct.

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The House Family, Reference: BGKB-6969

We loved our shoot with Morrison’s my daughters were well looked after during and communication with Charlie is always amazing as it’s our second shoot and she always makes sure everything runs smoothly thanks so much at Models Direct we can’t wait for our next opportunity to work with you again.

Kristina & Storm, Reference: A733256

All went well and great fun working with my son again. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

Tapuwanashe , Reference: QFWQ-7634

I had my first shoot with Models Direct yesterday and I had so much fun. It was an all day shoot for a pretty exclusive client and I’m glad I was part of it. I even made a new friend and it’s well paid too! It was a good day, looking forward to many more.

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Beth, Reference: TKNZ-6939

Gemma from the Models Direct team was fantastic at communicating and ensuring any questions were answered despite the last minute nature of the shoot.
The shoot location was beautiful and the crew on site were professional, fun and very skilled. Working alongside another model from Models Direct was a great experience.
A thoroughly enjoyable day!

Deana, Reference: FBKD-8487

I was very grateful to have been cast via Models Direct to shoot with Hawaiian Tropic. The process with the agency and the client were extremely easy and enjoyable! Was very easy to get in touch with the agency if there were any questions, and they provided me with everything I needed prior to the shoot.

Natalie, Reference: VNWK-3743

Great charity shoot today in North London. The vibe and the energy from everyone involved was amazing and I hope to work with them all again in the near future. Thank you Models Direct for putting me forward for another successful booking :)

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Imogen, Reference: WQMN-9369

Had my first shoot with Models Direct, It was incredible, everyone on set was so lovely and helpful!

Sonu, Reference: RRHM-7837

Lots of fun working with Models Direct on a recent job. Everyone was friendly and welcoming and it was a great experience all around.

Kyann , Reference: KHBS-8687

I had a really good time at my first shoot today!! The Models Direct team really prepared me for what to expect, and when I got there everyone was really nice and friendly. Overall it was a great time and I’m really happy that I went!

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Natalie, Reference: VNWK-3743

Thank you Models Direct for booking me for another great shoot with great people and lots of heart shaped dough balls. I look forward to many more bookings!

Amrit, Reference: YVTG-3488

Had a lovely shoot working with an extremely kind and professional team! Can’t wait to do it again ♥️

Neri, Reference: TCGT-8644

I've work with Models Direct since 2018 and always had great experiences with my bookings. I had another Live TV show with Ideal World, modelling a different product and it was a lovely experience. The staff there are always so helpful and it's so nice to go back somewhere, where they know your face. Thank you Charlie, always a superstar and you are the best agent ever!

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