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Models Direct Reviews - From our Female Models

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Lorraine & Michael, Reference: TVKW-3986

I attended my first assignment, a two day promotional photoshoot with a UK holiday resort. The communication, support and assistance from Charlie from Models Direct was amazing. Any concerns I might have had were nipped in the bud straight away; and to top it off it was an amazing experience!!!
Thank you so much Models Direct!

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Dawn & Mark, Reference: SFMV-9733

Just finished my first couples shoot - really good fun.
Started the day outside in the glorious sunshine, and ended up playing mini golf, rowing a boat, having fun in a swimming pool, rounding off the two day shoot with bar and restaurant photographs.
The photographer and the client made us feel very at ease with nothing forced. Overall a very enjoyable couple of days enhanced by the lovely other couple we were paired with.

Rosie, Reference: FDSF-6394

Had a really enjoyable shoot for a new sportswear brand today. The team behind the shoot were so lovely and made me feel very welcome and at ease. The shoot ran smoothly and efficiently and we finished exactly on time. We even got to choose some sportswear items to keep as a thankyou.

The before and aftercare by Models Direct was great, ensuring I had all the information I needed and then checking to make sure everything had gone to plan. I felt very supported. Overall, it was a positive experience.

Gabrielle, Reference: YKWM-3774

The clients were really accommodating and made my shooting experience on set really enjoyable and fun. I felt that I was able to communicate to the clients about anything and everything. I really enjoyed how lunch was provided as I had never been in that area before so was unsure on where to go.
The fellow models that I also was with made the atmosphere really welcoming. At some parts we had to sit around a bit, I found that we were able to talk to each other about life. I had great chemistry with one of the models in particular, where we were able to express that in the photos.

Date of experience: 27 June 2024

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Nalini, Reference: VFPK-3897

One very wonderful day.
From the time I joined Model Direct I have felt supported and informed as my application progressed. Today I had my first experience of a photoshoot. It didn’t start well as there was a major incident on M25 and I was delayed. Both Charlie from Models Direct and the staff from the company the photoshoot was for were very supportive and assured me not to worry. On arrival I was welcomed warmly and through the process until I left I felt special and accommodated. There was no rush though I was late . My role covered that i needed assistance in my home towards independent living and was receiving guidance encouragement and support by Care Supporting Staff to gain this eg by showing me on how to cut vegetables vegetables, make a sandwich and such.
The venue was just breathtaking and the aura was very calming. This experience was very different from being an extra on film sets. Everyone present were so friendly.

Date of experience: 26 June 2024

Gemma, Reference: ZNSS-6483

Great first experience with Models Direct, a well organised event and always checking in. The photographer was great and the organisers were so nice so they have a good clientele. Hope to work with you again soon!

Becci & Graham, Reference: CTVW-9788

We had a great day out!
We didn't really know what to expect tbh, this isn't something we've done before and actually only got into it by chance because we registered our daughter.
But it was very laid back, friendly and straight forward. Even had fun!
The team at Models direct were there every step of the way. Thanks!

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Helen, Reference: CZST-8384

Gemma was amazing throughout. Excellent communication, always positive and extremely supportive. I signed with 3 last year but Models Direct have been by far, the most communicative and professional. I loved the shoot I did and I hope this will lead to more.

Carol, Reference: VPBF-8697

It was the first time I had done a photo shoot with Models Direct, they kept me updated the whole way and were very helpful if I had a question.
I felt a bit nervous on the day but the people doing the shoot gave clear instructions and the 6 other people I was doing the shoot with were really friendly (we ended up going to the pub after the shoot).
I enjoyed the whole experience and met some lovely people and can't wait to work with Models Direct again.

Date of experience: 26 June 2024

Denise, Reference: FGNX-7633

Considering that this was my first assignment, I felt completely at ease attending. This was due to the team sharing exhaustative details which gave us a true understanding of what the assignment involved.
Before I left the train station, I met another lady who was involved too and we met another lady in our carriage ... we hit it off straight away. The rest of the individuals on the shoot were equally great and the crew were brilliant, relaxed, polite and professional.
Quite a few of us went for lunch after and we have set up a WhatsApp group to stay in touch. We are all pleased that the team put us together and we hope that we will be able to work together in the near future.
Thank you once again for this wonderful opportunity to work with such inspirational individuals

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Julie, Reference: TWVR-7933

An informative experience.
A fantastic day! Met up with some amazing like minded people, we all got on like old friends meeting up after a long time. We met outside the church and introduced ourselves before the photographer and organiser turned up and were then given a synopsis of the product and then got straight into the shoot.

It was quite poignant to participate in this campaign having recently lost my husband to a heart attack, today was also his birthday so it was quite fitting to be selected to promote the need for Defibrillators within urban communities. I felt like I was honouring him as much as the product itself.

Date of experience: 26 June 2024

Lisa, Reference: PRRK-9647

Had a fabulous first shoot. A group of seven strangers who left the shoot as friends in a WhatsApp group. A great experience thoroughly enjoyed from the moment i arrived. The photographers were professional but also amusing, friendly and very helpful. I cant wait to do more. Thank you Models Direct.

Paul, Reference: CNBD-8789

I did my first modelling shoot yesterday. I was with a group of people who were like minded, looking for different experiences . The day was enjoyable and well organised throughout and fun. Models Direct provided clear communication on what was expected to make it easy. Thanks to all involved.

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Catriona, Reference: KXVX-3366

My first model shoot with eFoldi.
Gemma from Models Direct guided me through my first modelling assignment. She was very approachable and helpful and answered all my questions quickly. The production team on my shoot with eFoldi were supportive fun and welcoming.
I was surprised to have to speak a testimonial but again I was put at ease and guided through the process.
A great first shoot and I hope for many more!

Date of experience: 28 June 2024"

Meryl & Robert, Reference: ZXKW-9876

Our couple’s shoot
My husband and I had the best two days on our couple’s shoot!
Charlie, at the agency, communicated very well with us at all times, and really looked after us so that we felt very comfortable and extremely valued.
The shoot itself was huge fun. We got to try out lots of different activities and we loved working alongside the photographer and other models.
We can’t wait to do it again!!

Date of experience: 24 June 2024

Oksana & Chris, Reference: TSQT-7736

We had a great day out, the sun was shining and everyone around us were friendly and professional. All the contractual arrangements and shoot instructions were clearly set out ahead of time and we felt well supported throughout the assignment.

Date of experience: 24 June 2024

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Arjit, Reference: FGNQ-9797

Everyone was friendly and great to be around. Very efficient and quick and user friendly for those starting out for the first time. Thanks to everyone. Would be wonderful to work with you all again.

Ratchadaphon & Jacob, Reference: HNGN-4794

Great first photo shoot. The photographer was very good and made my child feel at ease being his first time.
We were given very clear instructions on what to do the whole way through.
Overall my child found his first experience very enjoyable and he can't wait for any further booking in the future.

Nabila & Asher, Reference: VYVV-8644

My son and I had a fantastic day out in Edinburgh, participating in a photo shoot for a client of Models Direct. My son was thrilled to get his first assignment, and we hope it’s the first of many more. I can’t thank Models Direct enough for giving him this opportunit, it means so much to him. The communication was excellent from start to finish, and we felt completely at ease throughout the entire photo shoot! Would highly recommend this company if you’re thinking of becoming a model!

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Lily, Reference: KQZN-8938

Great experience
I had an amazing time at the photoshoot. The team was so kind and helpful and made me feel really at ease. The follow-up was also great and they made sure everything had run smoothly.

Date of experience: 03 June 2024

Wendy, Reference: VGTG-9833

I was offered a wonderful opportunit to shoot certain sets for people with disabilities. The day did not disappoint, it was a warm, friendly and relaxing atmosphere
And I was humbled enough to work alongside some truly beautiful inspirational people.
I will never forget my day and will always hope our paths cross again soon xx

Aseefa, Reference: FMTV-7838

I was so nervous and stressed about the fact this was my first shoot, but everyone was so lovely. I felt welcomed and valued even alongside people with heaps more experience than me! I was encouraged and supported the whole day and I forgot about my nerves by the middle of the day. I enjoyed being part of a tram and contributing. My efforts and energy became instinctive and my confidence grew eith the encouragement and help of other and members of the team, modrls and all production members. I enjoyed myself thoroughly and thank Models Direct for helping this opportunity reach me and i am so grateful for all of the help and enthusiasm from pre-shoot process to the post-shoot catch up. I look forward to the next assignment!

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Rebecca, Reference: YFTB-7769

I had an amazing day supporting Clegg Griffords new branch opening! The staff were all so lovely and welcoming. I was made to feel very comfortable throughout my work shift. I can't wait for my next assignment with Models Direct.

Date of experience: 06 June 2024

Gabrielle, Reference: YKWM-3774

I received a great service. They answered all my questions really quickly and were super helpful throughout the whole process.

Maya, Reference: TKWN-9339

I had my first shoot yesterday which went super well!

The Models Direct team checked in with me before and after the shoot to make sure I had everything I needed and i could ask any questions.

At the shoot itself the team I was working with were so friendly and made me feel super at ease. I had lots of fun and cant wait to see the shots, and work on my next job!

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