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Models Direct Reviews - From our Female Models

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Mia, Reference: XMHZ-7497

My experience with Models Direct was great. They seem to really care about your wellbeing and that everything runs smoothly.

Gemma was really easy to reach and really helpful.

The shoot was really relaxed, informal and an enjoyable experience.

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Caroline, Reference: TYTD-6764

A day giving chocolate away , what could be better !
What made the day in Bristol was working with professional people who were considerate and helpful all day, also very empathetic. I throughly enjoyed my day, it was a great experience. I have to say also that Gemma from Models Direct did a good job for me with such charm and kindness.

Date of experience: 23 May 2024

Sophie, Reference: CDKC-7437

Great experience …
Had a great experience for my first shoot, the booking and the organisation process beforehand from Models Direct was really good, very responsive and informative. I was quite nervous beforehand but Gemma from Models Direct made the process so much more manageable and called me after to check in. The shoot itself was good, I really enjoyed the process. Although there was some expected waiting around, it gave me the opportunity to observe and learn.
I’m truly happy with service from Models Direct and I look forward to the next shoot!!

Date of experience: 21 May 2024

Paula, Reference: ZKBG-8673

Happy first assignment.…
All involvement was interactive and we all got on well. No one tried to over whelm you. The company representative said he was very pleased along with the photographer and the other model. So I was happy with my first assignment.

Date of experience: 07 May 2024

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Icelia, Reference: DGHZ-4639

I couldn’t believe that I was selected for this position for Holland & Barrett by Models Direct for my FIRST assignment.

I was informed of what was going to happen and prepared for this assignment. The shoot included me doing some sign language (British Sign Language) and having photos taken. I was pleased to be working one and the photographer, as they both were easy to work with and follow. If I wasn’t too sure what was being said, the photographer made sure to show me so I can see and get on with the assignment.

The atmosphere was nice in flowing with the pace of making sure to get each individual photos, tasks etc to be noted down from not getting things muddled up. Very happy with this new assignment and the opportunity for me to work with them. It is a really good experience to be able to do this.

Thank you!


Filipa, Reference: PHCW-6786

Mounika, Reference: QMDV-3344

Had a great day at the photoshoot for Peterborough City Council. I was able to meet new people and expand my acting skills. Everyone was super welcoming and friendly, Grace was so kind, helpful, efficient and clear with instructions. I can’t wait to model again.

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Melissa, Reference: NWQH-3743

My first assignment with Models Direct was really great. I was nervous and excited, but Grace and the team took my nerves away straight away! Everyone was really lovely and we all made each other feel really welcome and at ease. A campaign very close to my heart so it was wonderful to be such a big part in it! I cant wait for the next job!

The Yusuf Family, Reference: NVBK-9683

This is our first assignment with Models Direct as a family and has been a positive experience. Communication with Models Direct has been exemplary, as every email is promptly followed up with a phone call, ensuring that we are always well-informed. The shoot we took part in was not only enjoyable and laid-back, but also depicted professionalism by treating us with utmost respect. Upon our arrival, we were briefed on the shoot's concept and the day's itinerary, which helped us smoothly navigate through the day. The welcoming demeanor of both cast and crew contributed to a seamless experience on set. We extend our gratitude to Models Direct for granting us this opportunity and eagerly anticipate the prospect of future collaborations.

Anisha, Reference: VWTQ-7396

My time shooting was fantastic! The atmosphere was professional yet sweet, with everyone bringing their A-game. Thanks to Models Direct for this opportunity! Working with other models was a pleasure; we bonded instantly, making the experience even more enjoyable. It's commendable how Models Direct matches models with such exciting projects. Overall, it exceeded my expectations, leaving me eager for future collaborations. Thanks for the unforgettable experience!

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Gayatri, Reference: VZBB-6786

This was my second assignment with Models Direct. The shoot was amazing. The set and the photographers were welcoming and made us feel comfortable.
Thanks to Gemma and staff for organising.

Luminita, Reference: YZVW-4984

Amazing day, looking forward to getting more opportunities.
Amazing day and people!!! It was my first job with Models Direct and I can say it was the perfect job you can ever have for a beginner! I did learn a lot about the industry and I finally feel like a model. I feel more confident and ready for the next jobs that may come ahead!
Gemma helped me with the process, and informed me about everything I should know, absolutely brilliant and friendly!
Can't wait to do it again and seek new experience in the industry!

Demi, Reference: KZRP-6939

Amazing! I really enjoyed doing my first assignment for Models Direct. The bookings team kept me up to date with everything I needed to know leading up to the shoot, including a phone call on the day just to ask how I was feeling and to wish me good luck.
I was modelling in a student accommodation and the production team were very friendly and helpful. Met another model who shared their experience with me and how they like working with Models Direct. I loved my experience and I look forward to my next assignment.

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Emily, Reference: BVQG-9868

Had a great first experience modelling!
Had plenty of notice and was kept well informed with lots of information from Models Direct.
I had a great day and the other models were super friendly which helped make the day run really well! I can't wait to hopefully work with Models Direct again in the future!

Alena, Reference: DMBY-3469

Great first shoot set up by Models Direct! All details on email, was super quick and easy. Very friendly team enjoyed it a lot!

Date of experience: 10 April 2024

Sophia, Reference: VGGN-3367

Great experience with a good team, really enjoyed being on set. Definitely a 10/10!

Date of experience: 09 April 2024

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Leah, Reference: VPVB-4489

Loved it!!
It was so much fun, the crew were lovely. Such a nice experience overall.

Date of experience: 09 April 2024

Hannah, Reference: PHPZ-3996

I have just completed a really fun modelling assignment thanks to Models Direct. We were asked to do enjoyable tasks such as playing pool and table tennis whilst having our picture taken! Everyone was so friendly and communication was great. A very good experience overall. I look forward to working on another assignment for Models Direct.

Freya, Reference: RKNG-9934

My experience having my first shoot with Models Direct was wonderful.
A lot of information given, very friendly and helpful when i asked questions.

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Yasmina, Reference: WBQS-3949

Had a wonderful shoot with Models Direct, it went really well they gave us directions on the day and felt at ease, everyone was lovely to work with, Models Direct is an amazing agency I feel taken care of and they always check in with me, thank you!

Date of experience: 10 April 2024

Zadie, Reference: QMKC-6696

I was lucky enough to get my first assignment this week. I worked alongside 2 great guys and we did some fun skits for TicTok. I spent the whole time laughing and it was great fun. Thank you Models Direct for putting me forward and I can’t wait for my next assignment!

Karen, Reference: DNGW-8378

From start to finish Gemma was fantastic at keeping me informed about the day and how best to prepare myself. She told me who would be there and everyone made me feel very welcome. My choice of outfits were appropriate and I felt we bonded well as a 'family unit' as per the comprehensive brief! The photographer was really calm and gave us useful prompts and guidance so we all felt very comfortable. The house setting was lovely and we were able to relax in-between our sessions. Lunch was also excellent. I'm really looking forward to my next assignment!

Date of experience: 26 March 2024

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Fiona, Reference: VYSK-7496

It has been a wonderful experience working with Models Direct. Since joining, they have always been supportive in helping me curate and build up a professional portfolio.

The communication and professionalism in the lead-up to and post-shoot have been excellent, as well as the calibre of clients, crew and talent I have worked with. It's an absolute joy to work together. Thank you! xx Fi

Lucy, Reference: QVYV-7787

I had a great time working on a Student Accommodation shoot recently. It was great fun and everyone was absolutely delightful to work with and super friendly. To say it was my first job I felt very welcomed and supported by the team and throughly enjoyed the day!

Jae, Reference: CZVW-6966

What made my experience great was that the team were very welcoming and supportive as it was my first photoshoot which made me feel nervous to be there.
The setting was aesthetically pleasing and clean. Each photoshoot you were encouraged and valued. By the end of it I was smiling and felt really proud to be chosen to work with such an amazing client.

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