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Models Direct Reviews - From our Child Models

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Charis, Reference: BU615990

My 2 year old daughter was booked to model, along side two other kids, various educational equipment products on behalf of Kit for Kids.  Photos were taken of the children taking part in various activities.  The children were asked to browse through/look into the story books for pictures, they also were asked to pick up toys and stick them on the wall etc. It was FUN and my little girl enjoyed her day and the experience thoroughly.  There were enough snacks and drinks for everyone and my daughter was allowed to keep the t-shirt and socks that she modelled with - she was also allowed to take some toys and room carpets!  In all, it was a good fun experience and definitely something we're looking forward to doing more in the future.  Thanks so much Talent Management!

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Lincoln, Reference: P606551

Lincoln loved the experience with Kit for Kids, he had so much fun doing what he does best - playing with new toys!

Lincoln enjoyed having his picture taken and then asking the photographer to look at them on his camera afterwards.

The assignment involved playing with the equipment from Kit for Kids whilst pictures were being taken for their new catalog.

Lincoln didn't really learn anything from the experience as he is a very confident boy, but I have learned what things I need to take and what happens on an assignment like this.

I would recommend the experience to anyone who has a child that they think would take assignments in their stride as part of their everyday life - go for it!   I would absolutely advise signing up with Talent Management, but be prepared to make time to keep your e-portfolio up to date and complete paperwork for the necessary licenses.

We signed Lincoln up with Talent Management as so many people kept telling us that he was cute and thought we had nothing to lose - seems we were right!

Jacob, Reference: A614012

Jacob was really looking forward to having his picture taken today.  When we arrived at the job we did have to wait for quite a while for them to set up, but Jacob was really good and was very patient even though he was so excited.

Jacob was asked to sit and look at a book and play with some building blocks as his picture was taken. The photographer commented that he was good at taking direction too! He got on well with the other children there and had a really fun day.

The staff were very good at the assignment. Friendly and efficient - and we finished earlier than planned.

This was Jacob's first modelling job and I stepped back and let him get on with the job rather than interfering. I would definitely do it again as he had such a good time and did what he was told. I will be making an effort to keep his e-portfolio up to date to try and get some more jobs for him.

We joined Talent Management as lots of people thought he would be good at modelling.  As long as he enjoys it, we will keep going.

Harvey, Reference: 1057

This was Harvey's first assignment with Talent Management.  He was a bit shy at the beginning, but as soon as he had his first lot of photos done he was on the ball!  The client was very friendly and it was such a relaxed atmosphere which I think helped a lot with the children's nerves. Harvey had to pose with two other child models on big carpets/mats pretending to read books while sitting on cushions. The products that were modelled are supplied to schools and nurseries all over the country - and the final images from the photo shoot will appear in brochures and on the clients website, which is exciting!  A great morning with great people. Thanks to Molly at Talent Management for the experience!

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Ashantai, Reference: BB575694

Ashantai had the most exciting day as a model for Kit for Kids.  We could see her confidence grow and grow throughout the day.  The most enjoyable part of the day for Ashantai was the interaction between herself, the photographers and another child model - she really enjoyed making new friends!  The photo shoot was very educational - Ashantai was directed to find the right time on the clock and matching up the correct colours on certain pictures.  All in all, she found it all really fun, whilst learning too - and she would love to do it again!

I would definitely recommend other children to join Talent Management and work with Kit for Kids - the staff at both company's are so friendly, and encouraging and very professional. This opportunity has really helped Ashantai's confidence grow and has given her a big boost. We decided to sign Ashantai up with Talent Management because of their outstanding experience and reputation - and they certainly lived up to this. Ashantai is very happy and we are very proud and happy too!

Priya, Reference: 1054

My daughter modelled for Kit for Kids earlier this week - an assignment she was offered through Talent Management.  When we first got the phone call, Priya was excited and couldn't wait for the day to come. The day came and my daughter was very eager and excited to get there.  When we arrived we were shown around and I was offered to help myself to tea or coffee. Priya was asked to sit on different rugs and mats and was asked to point to the different animals and to put her hand up if she liked different things i.e. chocolate, broccoli and so on.  The photographer was exceptionally good and always kept the children informed as to what was going to happen next - he was great with all of the kids. The client supplied snacks i.e. fruit, crisps and chocolate, so everyone was happy. The day itself went by pretty quick and we were all done by 12.00pm, even though we were giving a finishing time of 1.00pm!  We would definitely do it again - my daughter loved every minute we would recommend Talent Management as an agency to anyone who was considering getting their child into something similiar. We hope to be working with you again soon and thanks for a lovely day!

rodrigo, Reference: R698280

Rodrigo had so much fun on his photo shoot - he wants to do it all over again! Rodrigo really enjoyed playing with the other kids and the Kit for Kids team were great.  Rodrigo learned new skills throughout the day and he recommends the experience to other children because its so much fun. We signed Rodrigo up with Talent Management because he thought it would be cool to be a model - and he was offered this job within minutes of joining! 

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Zachary, Reference: BB546369

I was a bit nervous for Zachary before his Talent Management assignment but he seemed fine - we explained the job to him beforehand and that seemed to help.  Zachary really enjoyed the day.  The staff there were very friendly and looked after him well - they knew how to interact with a child which I think really helps. Zachary had no issues following their friendly direction. They provided a range of food for him which he was particularly happy about and were not pushy at all.
Zachary was photographed in various positions playing with Ravensburger's new puzzles, drawing aids and it all finished in a timely manner.

I would be happy to take him to do it again, especially with such a lovely company.  Many thanks to Talent Management.

Chloe, Reference: C701268

Chloe had a wonderful day!  She was so excited the night before and had a lot of fun during the assignment.  The job involved being photographed while playing with various jigsaw puzzles and a new drawing set by Ravensburger.  I think Chloe enjoyed playing with the drawing set most of all - it didn't take long for the client to get the shots they wanted!  This was Chloe's first assignment and, as a result, she was able to really work on following simple directions.  She seemed to pick it all up pretty quickly.

Chloe definitely enjoyed the day and was quick to say that she wanted to do something like that again.  Based on her reaction, I would definitely recommend the experience.  Everybody there was professional but so nice and really made Chloe feel at ease.  I signed Chloe up with Talent Management as photographs from modelling assignments would be something nice to put in her baby book, but it's great that now she is older she is able to tell me how much she enjoyed it and she really did!

Laura, Reference: P591190

Laura really enjoyed today. She was excited beforehand at the prospect of playing the big sister in a family, especially as at home she is a little sister.

Medmerry Park is a lovely site and the weather helped make the photo shoot go really well. It was a great first experience for Laura who has acted before, but never posed for still photos.  It was such a different and unique experience for Laura, which will give her confidence for the future.

We joined Talent Management on the recommendation from friends who thought Laura would love modelling work - they were right.  Thank you!

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Gerald, Reference: BM640449

I had a fabulous experience being a model/actor for a day. I was not sure what to expect, but thanks to the amazing team members and the client I felt very welcomed. I was playing a role of a little brother to my 11 year old 'sister' and had an amazing set of model parents and grandparents. We had photo shoots and a video recording at the holiday resort park. I loved playing on the beach with my sister - wish I could do it again! It was my first time and I cant wait to take part in more assignments. I highly recommend to start pursuing your acting career asap if you wish to be in the talent industry.  Thank you Talent Management for giving me this opportunity - I feel even more confident in myself and love earning money at my young age. - from Gerald

Bryony, Reference: R600348

This was Bryony's first modelling assignment with Talent Management and it took a while for her to settle in at the Kit For Kids venue. Bryony's usually far from shy but on this occasion she clammed up a bit, possibly due to the unfamiliar surroundings. We'd travelled over two hours in traffic to get to the site and even though I didn't want to let the people down I wasn't going to force Bryony to do something she didn't want to. However, rather than go home straight away I thought I'd give Bryony half hour to try and familiarize herself, because I know how much she enjoys things once she gets stuck in.

Thankfully, the people conducting the shoot were very patient and accommodating. After about 15/20 minutes Bryony started joining in and thoroughly enjoyed herself. She made some new friends and had lots of fun in between shoots. It really helped build her confidence and she came away feeling very pleased with herself. Myself and her dad are both self-employed, so we were able to take the day off to take her and we were surprised how much we learnt too.

Now that Bryony's got some modelling experience she wants to go every week and do photo shoots :-D Next time though, I don't think I’ll let her know so early on that she's doing modelling as that might've been part of her apprehensiveness. At least she's given it a go and can now make her own mind up whether it's something she'd like to do as a career one day.

Looking forward to putting her 1st wages in her bank with her :-)




Kara, Reference: BM582131

On Kara's assignment for Coco Blu, she was a little shy to begin with. She had to try a range of clothing on incase it needed altering before it was made in mass production. She loved feeling special and had great fun.

I signed both my daughters up with Talent Management because I think they are absolutely beautiful and would do great in the industry. I think it's fun for kids to join an agency - they can have lots of fun and earn some money along the way.

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cory, Reference: N582918

For my assignment I modelled for the Warner Brothers Studios - The Making of Harry Potter. I was instructed to pose in different positions giving different facial expressions in each shot, some shots required me posing with another model and some by myself. The most enjoyable part of this assignment was getting on the set for the photos hoot as this was something I have dreamt of doing from an early age. As this was my first assignment with Talent Management, I was a bit nervous, but as I arrived on site I was welcomed by the director and make up artists of the shoot, who were very nice. I learnt many new things and by attending this photoshoot - it definitely helped me gain confidence. It was a brilliant day and I would definitely recommend signing up with Talent Management to others as they provided me with such a fun and an exciting experience. I also would recommend it because it is a great opportunity to meet and work with some experts and this type of assignment is something that I would definitely like to do again.

Lauren, Reference: BM653787

This was Lauren's first job so we were both a little nervous but super excited too.  We probably took more stuff than we needed, but it's better to have too much rather than too little. The assignment was a demonstration video shoot about the best places to go rock pooling and how to build the best sand castles.  Lauren was filmed and photographed doing lots of things - building sandcastles, running into the sea and exploring rock pools.  The film crew were super with Lauren and the other model - making sure they were ok and keeping them interested.  We feel that Lauren has learnt lots and has definitely gained more confidence.

Lauren said herself "it was exciting being a model for the day, the best part of the day was rock pooling - I loved finding the sea creatures!  It was fantastic and I can't wait to do some more modelling, I felt like a film star!".

Thanks to Molly at Talent Management and everyone else on the day for looking after us and making it a great day.

Keira, Reference: CB664155

Keira was so excited when we told her that she was chosen for a video shoot for Parkdean Holidays - she wanted to get her clothes ready there and then!  On the morning Keira was a bit aprehensive about what was going to happen as this was her first assignment, but once we got to the location she relaxed.  The information we were given was very thorough about what was going to happen, what was expected of Keira and where we had to go.  We met the other child model and then our contact from Lucre who was extremely friendly and made us all feel very welcome from the start.  The camera guy was really friendly and made the girls very relaxed.

The day involved several shots regarding how to build a sandcastle with a sand sculpture expert and then how to go rock pooling again with another expert, what you items you need and Keira had to apply sun cream and pretend to take photographs as well as being filmed making a sand castle and collecting and looking at things from a rock pool.  They were given clear instructions of what was expected of them and Keira took direction well.

Keira particularly enjoyed the sand castle section (who wouldn't enjoy having fun on the beach for the afternoon!).  She wasn't rushed at all and there was time allowed for drink breaks as it was an extremely hot day.  She relaxed and enjoyed herself from the very first minute the camera was on her.

Thank you to everyone on the day and special thanks to Molly at Talent Management for sorting this for us - we all had a fabulous day and would certainly love to do it all over again !  Here's to hoping this is a start of a wonderful career for Keira with Talent Management.

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Bethany, Reference: CB674500

I was really excited when I found out that I had been chosen for this assignment with Disney Infinity. My mum and I got up early and travelled on the train to be at the studio by 9.30am. The team greeted us and straight away and put me at ease as I was feeling a bit nervous. We were offered breakfast and then I went through to the make up artist for a manicure! It was lovely, especially the hand massage. I met the boy that I was going to be doing the shoot with, he was younger than me but had been on lots of assignments before. There was a bit of waiting around but the crew kept checking on me and making sure that I was happy and needed anything. I was there until 3.30pm so it was a long day of doing the same thing over and over again, lifting a toy in and out of camera shot but I still really enjoyed myself as the people were really nice and friendly. When we finished the team gave me a Disney Infinity toy and some chocolates, which was especially nice as it was something to remind me of my first ever assignment. I am looking forward to seeing the finished advert on the Disney Channel worldwide! I feel much more confident now that I have done my first shoot and already I can't wait for my next assignment!  Thank you Talent Management and especially Molly in the assignments team for helping me start my new career in modelling!

Theo, Reference: BB545051

Theo was chosen to do his second clothes fittings with Old Brown/Coco Blu.  We arrived and were greeted by the same friendly faces who immediately made Theo feel comfortable and at ease. They took attention to detail such as making sure the heating was right and they engaged with Theo on his level. The experience was quick and very welcoming just like his first clothes fittings session. Theo has now had 3 jobs with Talent Management, who have kept me well informed and put him forward for the roles which were very suitable to his character and talent. Theo was provided with a boys magazine which catered to him to keep him entertained and engaged.

I would surely recommend other parents consider modelling for their children through Talent Management as it has helped Theo grow in confidence, especially at his age where he is growing into a boy rather than a toddler.  Talent Management have kept me as a parent up to date and I am so very proud to have Theo as a model with the agency.  We look forward to more adventures with Talent Management!

cory, Reference: 1009

Cory really enjoyed the assignment today - he said he had loads of fun and would love to do it again.  The most enjoyable part for him was flying the kites on the beach, and talking to the camera about how much he enjoyed kite flying as well as having his photo taken. Cory's message to any other children who are considering modelling is to "go for it because it's fun and all the people were really nice and funny".

I chose Talent Management because of the good reviews I read.  I am really impressed with the agency.

Apply to be a Child model - no experience necessary

Grace, Reference: BU603992

Grace loved being a model for a two day photo shoot at a caravan dealership. She was extremely excited beforehand and also when she arrived on set.  Grace was directed to do a variety of natural posses with her model family (mum, dad, brother and grandparents) in and out of the caravans and around the holiday area of Skegness. Grace particularly enjoyed being in the caravans and pretending that she was on holiday and showed confidence throughout the whole experience.  Grace said that she would recommend being a model to any of her friends and from a parents point of view, the experience has been one that Grace will remember forever and it's been an absolute delight to see her so happy and to have seen her confidence grow in leaps and bounds. I have already recommended Talent Management to a few friends who have asked about how to put their children forward for such experiences.  I would like to thank Talent Management for giving Grace such a fantastic opportunity to carry out her ambition of being a model.

Damian, Reference: BC556177

Damian wasn't nervous at all before his shoot for Latham Trust, in fact he was very excited and had lots of fun during his time there and got on very well with the other models - he would love to do it again!  Damian mostly enjoyed playing with props and doing various fun activities while having photos taken in different locations. I decided to sign Damian up with Talent Management as he loves to smile, is very outgoing and motivated to try new things. I am sure that Damian would recommend other children to try out modelling because of his enjoyable experience.

Zachary, Reference: BV616879

Zachary's first assignment was with Kit for Kids, which involved toddlers modelling educational toys for the company's catalogue and website.  I was a bit nervous as my son is only 2 years old - I wasn't sure if he would do as he was told!  The staff at Kit for Kids were really helpful and soon put my mind at ease.

I would most certainly recommend Talent Management to others as I feel they provided my son with a great opportunity and we will soon have some great shots for his portfolio, which will help him gain more modelling work.  I am looking forward to my son being placed on further assignments as he enjoyed his first experience immensely.

Apply to be a Child model - no experience necessary

Lailla, Reference: A581152

My daughter Lailla was chosen to be a clothes fitting model for a upcoming kidswear brand, Coco Blu.  Lailla had a fantastic time trying on some lovely clothes and she felt very comfortable trying on each outfit while the client took measurements.  It was a very laid back experience and most enjoyable.  I would recommend joining Talent Management to anyone who is looking to pursue a career in fashion.

Amelia, Reference: B138558

Amelia's assignment with Kit for Kids was fun - she was very confident and enjoyed having her photo taken.  Overall, it was a good experience and I would recommend it to others.

Aamil, Reference: B144318

We felt really comfortable from the minute walked into the Kit for Kids warehouse yesterday.  The team were warm, kind and smiley and they put all the parents at ease.  Aamil start playing straight away, he didn't felt shy or anything. It was such a fun day! 

I have already advised all of my friends with children to apply for a contract Talent Management because I think it's really important to give your kids a head start in life - even if it's not the path they wish to take in the future, they will have some great memories!  I signed my son up with Talent Management because I wanted him to try different activities (modelling, football, swimming etc) as this will keep his career options open when he grows up and also keep him off the streets. I would like Aamil to feel inspired and ambitious so he can challenge himself and have a bright future ahead. 

It was such a pleasure to be there yesterday - thank you!

Apply to be a Child model - no experience necessary