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Models Direct Reviews - From our Child Models

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Joanna, Reference: SSVQ-8972

The whole fund raiser was wonderful and an entertaining session for kids. My daughter was excited and had a lot of fun. Many thanks goes Molly who kept me in touch and helpled me understand the whole process. My daughter can't wait to be on the next event. Thank you ever so much!!

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Jamal, Reference: GHYH-4988

Archie, Reference: DYHC-6837

My son got his first job after being on the agency for a couple months. The shoot/filming went well and I can’t wait to see if he gets any more work from this.

Lily, Reference: KCKW-4448

We had a fab day yesterday! This was the perfect first assignment for my daughter and she did so well (in that heat too!)

The client was lovely and very patient with the children. The location was great as it was in our hometown so not much travelling for us and familiar surroundings for her first assignment. She had a great time meeting a new friend and trying on lots of shoes!

Great communication from Models Direct, very prompt with responses to questions and instructions for the day. She’s very much looking forward to doing another assignment.

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Beau, Reference: WSNG-8898

Beau had a fantastic day yesterday shooting promotional shots for a footwear brand. The day was very well organised and we knew exactly where we needed to be to start the shoot and also additional locations we would be visiting. Models Direct were very clear on instructions, going through everything on the phone then following up via email. Charlie answered all the questions we had about the shoot in a very comprehensive manner and also called us the day after to check everything went okay and to discuss next steps. We can’t wait for the next opportunity, thank you xx

Devon, Reference: PYQQ-9863

Devon really enjoyed his time at his first photo shoot with you guys today. The photographer was very friendly and they understood that Devon is very young and kept Giving him praise and breaks.

Elsie, Reference: P753112

"Elsie and Mummy had a fun two days on set in Wales. We spent the first day at the beach, and the weather was lovely for most of the day. We made friends quickly with the other families involved in the shoot. The day was enjoyable and went surprisingly quickly. We spent the second day in two different locations. Firstly, in the park, on the swings, scaling the climbing frames and running around with elsie’s new-found best friend Annabelle. The second location was set in the woodlands by a beautiful castle just outside neath. A stroll by the stream further into the countryside, a spot of fishing and splashing away in the water was a great way to finish off our second day. A thoroughly enjoyable first experience, a brilliant learning curve, and hopefully the start of many more to come for Elsie."

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Family Bakshi , Reference: FFVG-4489

My family’s first experience with Models Direct was smooth & throughly enjoyable. My 2 young sons were chosen to do 2 days of shooting for a BBC series shot in the city. The communication before hand was efficient and thorough and the whole team on the day were extremely kind & cooperative... a treasured experience, my boys loved it! Can’t wait to do more!

Myleigh, Reference: K593952

"Myleigh was booked for an assignment for Invacare. Molly contacted us to say the client wanted Myleigh and kept us in the loop the whole time regarding the licensing. Myleigh has been fortunate enough to have had quite a few amazing jobs from Models Direct. This has gave her the experience and the patience for the long days and what is expected from them. The clients were extremely happy with Myleigh and said “she was a natural, not at all nervous and didn’t need to be directed”, they asked her to do certain things and she was able to listen and perform in the way they required for the shoot” Myleigh enjoyed every moment of this assignment, she made good friends with her model mum and grandmother, she even got to eat birthday cake!! Models Direct and especially Molly the bookings coordinator has always been very supportive and it’s an absolute pleasure to work with them again! “Thank you for another great day, doing what I love” - Myleigh "

The Karlsen Family, Reference: 168203

"Yesterday's family job for Electrolux was great fun. It was a long day but the crew were funny and it was totally relaxing. We love doing jobs together as a family and the kids are getting so used to it now. Thanks to Charlie at Models Direct for this booking."

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Shai, Reference: MTQS-8988

Hasbro Photo shoot My son and I (Shai) had our first assignment with Model Direct together, the assignment was for an online advert for Hasbro, it was my son’s first time so he was a little shy but after sometime he settled in quite nicely. We had various scenes with Shai in the bathroom and of us in the kitchen with me rewarding him (after his successful potty training) with a tub of ice scream. The film crew were very friendly along with the lovely ladies who were looking after Shai who were very helpful, we both had a really good time!

Jayana, Reference: ZSFH-7787

Hasbro Photoshoot "Jayana had a great afternoon yesterday on her first shoot with Models Direct. She was so excited about her first shoot. Thanks Molly for all your work! "

Scarlett , Reference: 173517

Hasbro photo shoot "My little girl who is six had the best day ever on a assignment from Models Direct for a advert for Hasbro for a Baby Alive Doll. It was a great day lovely people.They directed her well looked after us brilliantly"

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The Friend family (Alanta), Reference: BM722575

It was an early start to the day however I was excited for the shoot and to see where the destination of it would be. The shoot was takeoff place in Stroud Gloucestershire so thankfully it wasn’t too far from where I live. The photographer we have worked with before (Alex) but this time we were working with his daughter too (sasher) who was assisting with the shoot. They were really kind, helpful and funny and that really increased how fun the shoot was. I would love to do this kind of shoot or any other shoot again maybe branching out on my own. All together it was 4 hour shoot, we were given details of what Alex was after which always helps me. The house that we worked in was beautiful the atmosphere was amazing very chilled and the people lending to us were so nice and polite. It was such a blast and I’m looking forward to more shoots and furthering my career. Alanta

Aiyana, Reference: A780517

Aiyana has a fab time in the swimming pool at the Virgin Active campaign today in Birmingham. Everyone was lovely.

Oscar , Reference: BM722577

We had started our journey around 6am knowing it would take 2 hours we arrived on time with two very excited children and 2 nervous but excited parents. We were put at easy instantly when meeting our photographer and the two other models from Models Direct. We went and had a quick meeting about what photos we were trying to achieve and quick change we were ready to go. The children were super excited about doing the shoot in such a a massive super store and loved that people were watching, the photographer was giving us great direction and was amazing at making us feel at easy. Always telling the kids they were doing a fab job . This was the first time we had met with other models from the company and they were brilliant so funny and talkative, the shoot went so well and the photos were just as the brief asked. We can't wait till the end of March for our follow up shoot and working with Models Direct we have done a total of 5 modelling shoots now and have always enjoyed our experience and making memories with our beautiful family.

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Melissa, Reference: XKCM-9838

Thanks so much for the Cheque, we received it on Friday. The shoot took place across 2 locations. The first location to shoot was the home scenes then we travelled down with the crew to the second location in a restaurant in Chinatown.

Alisha, Reference: P743077



Huge Congratulations to model Alisha on your recent filming assignment with a large high street nappy brand Pampers - Well done!!

Rebecca, Reference: PMYN-6789


Normally you see Babi in my videos as a Crafty Creations model, but she recently got a chance to film for Pampers, thanks to Models Direct. She had a superb time, and it was a wonderful experience for her that she's busting to now do more. Hopefully future chances will arise. Thank you to Models Direct for your superb assistance, including taking the initiative to call me in advance regarding address confusion (which could have been very problematic).

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Myleigh , Reference: K593952

We have been very fortunate to have a fantastic relationship with Molly (assignments coordinator) , Molly knows us as a family and Myleigh has been booked for modelling alone , but also recently , of late, we have been chosen too!!
Our recent assignment was for a new trampoline web promo for Air Boing , we had so much fun on this shoot , Myleigh had the best time jumping on the trampoline , playing on the tree swing, and we as a family laughed all day. We really do rate Models Direct, for us it was the best decision we made putting Myleigh forward and now as a family we are doing things together , having fun and getting paid !! This really is a fantastic way to get a second income , plus to start your child's future in the business. We are very grateful to Molly and her team at Models Direct for yet another fantastic opportunity.

Bonnie, Reference: CB743348

Thanks Models Direct for a fun and exciting day of shooting. We had a great time with our family and it was very fun.


Freya, Reference: DWRF-8633

Dear Marie and Models Direct representatives. We would like to express our gratitude for making our daughter's first ever assignment so enjoyable for us all, we really didn't know what to expect as this is a completely new adventure for our family. From the moment you rang us letting us know that Freya was shortlisted for the assignment until the actual photoshoot and beyond, we felt valued, reassured, comfortable and very well informed about the process step by step. When we arrived at the venue, there was a lovely representative of Models Direct that greeted us and the waiting room was very welcoming. The most important thing for us was that our daughter was happy with the photoshoot and comfortable in that environment and I can honestly say that she really enjoyed her experience. Everyone was so friendly and our daughter was full of smiles although your client needed a serious facial expression for their campaign :). We got there eventually! I cannot thank you enough for your professionalism as an agent and for choosing us to be one of the Models Direct models.

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My name is Kyarna and I was modeling in Doncaster. I liked the costumes I was wearing, specially Egyptian and Vampire once. Everybody was helpful and lovely. I really enjoyed my day and had fun too. Thank you Models Direct. I'd like to do it again.

Hollie, Reference: BM783307

I’m Holly. I’ve just completed my first modelling assignment with Models Direct. I got to try on loads of Halloween costumes. My favourite was Dracula, everyone loved me in it. I can’t wait until the next assignment. That you Models Direct.


Rianna, Reference: CB723317

It was a nice experience filming. I would like to do it again. I met the people who were kind and patient to me. Thank you Models Direct for giving me this opportunity. I would live to have another chance of doing that. Bye.


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