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Models Direct Reviews - From our Child Models

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Bruce for Jaynil aged 7, Reference: 136860

Jaynil really had enjoyed the full day and thought it was quite a good experience. He really got on well with the other model named Rhiannon. They got on very well. More again for the future.

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Sharon for Sophia aged 6, Reference: 188823

Sophia had fun modelling for Kit for Kids, she really enjoyed herself. The people were very nice and friendly.
Thank you Models Direct.

Angela for Myriam aged 4, Reference: 186243

Thank-you, we had a great day! It was a good intro into modelling with you. lots of fun, very relaxed and informal.Myriam really enjoyed showing off her smile, certainly she felt more confident and we felt it went really well. She got a real boost from it and was quite hyper for the rest of the day.She is well suited to this we are sure and hopefully you'll get good feedback from the client. 

Lorraine for Sana aged 5, Reference: 179645

'It took Sana about 5 minutes to get into it but once she was relaxed she enjoyed herself, she would like to do it again. The client's were lovely people to work with and they said she's a natural with the camera!'

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Claire for Josh aged 5, Reference: 189560

Just to let you know that Josh's first assignment went very well, everyone was really really friendly and it was a great atmosphere. Josh had to dress up in school uniforms and use a few school like props whilst having his picture taken, but he was very well behaved and did as he was asked. The day seemed a great success.
Many Thanks

Sheenah for Benjamin aged 7, Reference: 177802

All went well on the 'shoot' yesterday. Benji arrived early at 2.20pm, and was called at 3.30, working until 4.45pm.  He enjoyed the job, and the people were great to work with.

Siyreta for Cheyenne aged 4, Reference: 172200

This morning went really well.  Cheyenne enjoyed it, she had to wear a school uniform and looked so sweet.
The people there were really nice and mentioned that she was very cute, photogenic, made them laugh and did well on set.

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Odette for Freyja aged 7, Reference: 184207

We were made to feel very welcome and at ease for freyja's photo shoot by all the team there was refreshments and activities to keep them occupied while waiting her turn. freyja really enjoyed it and is very keen to keep up her modeling. You kept me informed with all times and dates so i felt confident we chose the right agency to represent freyja.

Claire for Leon aged 4, Reference: 186608

We have just got back from Leons first assignment that went very well, Leon really enjoyed it. All of the people there were really helpful and friendly it was very calm and very well organized. Thank you very much.

Sharon for Sophia aged 6, Reference: 188823

Sophia really enjoyed modelling. She found the photographers and everyone really friendly. She also liked the clothes she was modelling very much. Thank you very much. Models Direct.

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Samantha for Freddie aged 4, Reference: 172328

Just to let you know, Freddie had a fantastic day on Tuesday, he was doing a shoot for Ladybird Back to school range and i think he did very well, he looked great with the little girl and they both worked really well. This is Freddies second shoot now and i think he is a true professional,  Thank you to the team of Photographers,  they made us feel very welcome and well looked after.
Many thanks to Models Direct for putting Freddie forward for this shoot and we hope there will be many more shoots to come.

Sam for Annie aged 10, Reference: 141306

Just wanted to send a quick email about yesterday. Annie wants to write her own feedback which she will hopefully do tonight, so I wont write too much for now. The day went really well and everyone was so friendly.  Annie really enjoyed herself and seemed to get on well with everyone. Alice did say Annie is a natural, thats always lovely to hear. It was very busy and non stop but I think Alice and Gary were pleased with what they have achieved.Many thanks Amy for this assignment, it really is a pleasure for Annie to do this. Kind regards Sam

Hattie aged 12, Reference: A182264

I had fun at the photo shoot, the people and photographers were very nice and friendly. The models were also friendly.  I really enjoyed the day, and would love to do it again

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Nicola for Abigail aged 9, Reference: F180564

Yesterday went really well, it was very relaxed atmosphere, the photographers were really very good with all the children and they put her straight at ease,  she really enjoyed the morning and when we came away she said how much fun she had  and that she hoped she'd get to do it again soon. For her first experience it was brilliant, informal, relaxed and fun . 
Thanks again

Sam for Annie aged 10, Reference: I141306

Annie completed her assignment and thoroughly enjoyed herself. Everyone was extremely friendly and Annie enjoyed working with them. It was a new experience for Annie as this was her first photoshoot assignment. Piers(the client)told Annie that she had worked very well and had worked well for them doing all that was asked. It was fun working with the other models (Val and Gordon) and they looked as though the three of them were having great fun. Thank you for giving Annie this opportunity, I hope she represented your agency well and would love to have feedback from yourselves/client as to how she was. We look forward to working with you again soon.

Samantha for Freddie aged 4, Reference: J172328

Many thanks for getting Freddie his first great assignment, it was for the Toys R Us Easter bikes brochure and was great fun. Everyone there was really Friendly and freddie really seemed to enjoy himself and was a natural, he did as he was asked and we both look forward to receiving more assignments.

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Jodie for Blane aged 6, Reference: P170409

Everything went fine on Friday and the client seemed pleased with the results. Blane absolutely loved it. It was his first time and he really did enjoy it.

Amanda for Chloe aged 6, Reference: K171471

Chloe really enjoyed the experience, all the other models were great to work with and the clients were very friendly as well. She did what was asked of her at all times and over all it was a very positive first assignment! We look forward to seeing the printed materials that Chloe will feature on, many thanks.

Fiaza for Sher

"We had a great time at the fitting. Sher really enjoyed himself and the staff really took care of us \- the food was fantastic they gave us a lovely lunch and chocolates as well." 

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Monika for Eliza

"Thank you very much for so professional, helpful and friendly attitude to us \(me and my daughter\). Eliza really enjoyed her first assignment. We all had a good time and was made very welcome. Eliza dressed up different client\'s clothes with another girl and they played together as well, when they had a break. The client guaranteed us refreshments and lunch. Eliza sad, that she would definitely do it again, maybe in the photographic studio next time. THANK YOU. My best regards"

Ikechi, age 11

"I thank you for giving me my first job yesterday. I really enjoyed it, although it was very cold, the clients were very appreciative and the photographer was fantastic. I will be very happy to do more jobs. Thank you very much."

Jays mum for Jay (10)

"Jay had a lovely day we were made to feel very welcome by the clients refreshments and lunch was provided for us. The client said Jay did really well and would consider using him again . Many thanks Grainne. Hope something else comes up soon."

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Sarah for Holly

"Holly had a lovely afternoon at her assignment with Jems. The job consisted of a photo shoot for photos to be used on the client’s new website and perhaps in the future for a brochure. Jems is a company which produces hand made Scottish clothes predominantly in tartans and tweeds, much of which would be worn as wedding attire. The client required very little in the way of poses, smiles and activity during the shoot, so I feel that it was a good starting point for Holly to gain some experience in front of the camera and build her confidence. I felt that the client was pleased with the results of the shoot and with Holly’s performance, she was particularly pleased with her complexion as it carried the bright tartan off well. Overall we had an enjoyable afternoon and learnt lots!"

Louisa for Luca (7)

"We had a fantastic time at Madame Tussauds yesterday. Lucas really enjoyed it and I believe he was able to do what they wanted him to do. A couple of Chinese TV channels were also there and interviewed him and said that it will be going out on their channels. Lucas really enjoyed the day and he says he wants to do loads more!"

Courtney, aged 8

"I had a great time at Fila and cant wait to do more jobs. The ladies were very kind to me and let me do what I liked to do. I tried on clothes so they could adjust them."

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