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Bournemouth Model Agency

Bournemouth is a gorgeous coastal resort town on the south coast of England which has a hidden gem that every model should know about - Models Direct's Talent Management!

You can create your free profile whether you are a new or existing model. Our agency provides a plethora of modelling categories. These include newborn, baby, child, teenager, adult (female or male), mature, petite size, plus-size, big and tall, body parts, unique features, family modelling and pets (yes, you read that right - pets!). Divisions are being added to our modelling hub to cater to the ever-evolving needs of the population.

We have been in business for the past 30 years, and each year that passes makes us feel even more proud. We have made so many people reach for the stars and achieve stardom, and equally help our clients on their marketing and advertising mission!

Models Direct work vigorously to connect our talent to our top clients who are looking for models across every category. Our clients also request for animals to feature in their advertising and marketing campaigns, so if you have a furry friend or pet bird, you can register them to our modelling club too.

We are a high-performing team and will put you forward whenever a client calls for your look (or your pets). We do not like to leave our models hanging and grab every opportunity to make the modelling dream happen, and not just happen, but to continue to excel.
Talent Management welcomes everyone to come on board as we represent real people, people who are natural and genuine, people who the population can relate and connect with. We continue to follow this ethos even after 30 years of being in the industry. Our team works hard for each other and enjoys the benefits of being in a positive environment and promoting feel-good energy that resonates throughout our workforce and models. We break down barriers and modelling stereotypes so that we can reach everyone. We are proud to be an age-positive and body-positive modelling agency, and we never scrutinise you for being you.

Steps to getting registered

If you are wondering how to get registered with our agency, it is a really simple process. All you have to do is fill in your details and attach two images of yourself, your child, family member, friend or animal, and hit the submit button. The images will need to be in front of a white background so that our team can see you clearly and match you according to what our clients require.

Our purpose is to actively look for assignments that will be suitable for you and we ensure that our existing models are never overlooked or get left behind. Our dedicated team are constantly on the lookout for models that will be the right fit for the job.

Get social and connected

We do not limit the opportunities just by finding work for you; we give you the tools to look for the opportunities that might interest you too. So, for anyone who is looking to apply for assignments directly, Models Direct's social media pages are kept up to date with a list of Bournemouth based modelling jobs. Our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages are always bustling with the latest details on these immediate modelling listings where models can apply for themselves.

Talent Management exists to provide modelling talent with all types of paid part-time jobs - whether that entails photoshoots, promotional work, or commercial modelling. We ensure that all our clients are genuine and legitimate by doing our background checks. We make sure they say who they are!

If you have decided to be a part of our modelling agency, let our Bournemouth team know. You will get the chance to work with a very knowledgeable and supportive team of modelling experts who will help launch your brand-new or existing modelling career.