Picture Perfect: How to Take the Best Snapshots for Child Modeling

Child ModelingChild modeling requires great photos. Let’s face it, getting the best snapshot photo of your child is not that easy. Unlike older teen and adult models, young child models may have trouble practicing their poses and following specific instructions. But as we at Talent Management have seen first hand, this doesn’t mean that you can’t get a fabulous snapshot. Keep in mind that there are no accidents when it comes to getting the best snapshots. You have to prepare and be ready. With that, here are some tips and tricks that can help you capture the shots that will open the door of opportunity for your child to become a model.

TIP 1: Make The Child Modeling Experience Fun

It’s hard to get a great photo of your child if she’s grumpy—unless you’re going for that look. If you want your child to look truly happy in a photo, have your camera handy when your child is relaxed and having fun. Or, if you’re opting for a photo shoot, create an environment that’s comfortable and enjoyable for your child. And don’t forget about your own body language and facial expressions—If you look tense or anxious, so will your child. By making sure that your child is relaxed and happy, you’re more likely to capture that gorgeous, genuine smile that draw the interest of the child or baby modelling agency.

TIP 2: Lighten Things Up

One of the keys to getting the perfect photo is lighting. Photographers and photo enthusiasts alike know the importance of lighting. If you are planning to take pictures outside, schedule it for the morning or afternoon. By taking photos during then, you can avoid harsh shadows that can ruin a photo. If you choose to take pictures inside, use natural light and a well-lit room. Avoid artificial light. Flash is never a good idea when taking photos inside — it is unflattering and will likely distract your child. You don’t have to hire a pro to take your child’s snapshot photos, but you must know how to set up proper lighting.

TIP 3: Go All Natural

When it comes to child snapshot photos, it is best to capture your child looking completely natural. This means no makeup, fancy hairstyle or distracting clothes. Dress your child in  a solid colour and avoid busy patterns, distracting styles or big brand names, etc. Skip the photoshop and let your child’s natural beauty shine. No need to change or modify their face — you want the agency to see your real child. Let your child smile genuinely because it will show; it doesn’t matter if he or she has a close-mouthed smile as long as it’s genuine. As for the background, make sure that it’s not too wide or cluttered and avoid unnecessary distractions.

TIP 4: Take as Many Photos as You Can

You read it right. Click, click, and click some more. In order to get a good number of fabulous snapshots of your child, you should take lots of photos. It is better to have a lot of choices as you may end up rejecting a good 50 percent of your shots. Keep in mind that that you need a headshot as well as full-body and half-body shots. Know their definition and differences. Tip: Get down to your child’s eye level when taking photos — your child’s eye level. This will help you maintain good eye contact and help improve the quality. Keep your camera handy you so that you’re always ready to capture the perfect moments.

There you have it! Be prepared but don’t over-think. Make this process a memorable and enjoyable experience for you and your child. As long as your child is relaxed and having fun, you will surely capture a good number of snapshots that are ready to show a baby or child modeling agency.