How to find baby modeling work

Babies are all so gorgeous that it’s no wonder so many mothers have serious thoughts about signing up to baby modeling agencies. There are lots of questions you might have about the process, but there’s no need to worry. Baby modeling agencies have a responsibility of care first and foremost, and will make sure every audition or job you get asked along to is legitimate. It’s also key that there is a parent or guardian present with babies and children while they’re working in show business. This is so they can make sure the child gets adequate breaks for food and rest, and that the shoot doesn’t overrun causing the children to be working longer than their work permit allows.

So when you’re looking at finding modeling work for your little one, how do you go about it? Should you sign up with an agency or go solo, trying to track down jobs yourself?

Pick a good agency

While for adult modeling it is easy enough to strike out alone and represent yourself, attending auditions and picking up work as you go along, this approach is not advisable for baby modeling. Once you’ve garnered a good reputation for both your baby and yourself you might be able to work without baby modeling agencies, but until that point (and probably after it as well), working with an agency is much more wise.

There are lots of different ways to find a great agency, so make sure you do your research to make sure you avoid falling for any scams. We’d recommend looking at how long the agency has been around for. Because scams tend to be shut down after only a few years operation, you’re much more likely to pick a winner if you sign up with an agency which has existed for at least five years.

Keep your baby modeling profile up to date

Whether you’re trying to launch your career or that of your little one, modeling portfolios are the key to actually picking up work. It’s often more important for baby modeling agencies than it will be with any other category. Throughout those early months, babies go through a lot of changes, and if you’re not putting new snaps on there, your little one could easily be missing out on auditions which they would be perfect for.

These photos don’t need to be professional by any means. Agencies are aware that this can rapidly become expensive if you’re putting new photos on all the time, so good quality photos which you take yourself will be more than good enough.

Behave yourselves

The baby modeling circuit is quite a tight knit community, with many of the same photographers and marketing managers working in the field for years. It makes sense then, that these people will talk. If they work with anyone particularly difficult, they’re likely to discuss it. This tends not to be down to the little ones; they’re only tiny and they don’t know better. If mother’s misbehave though, your name will be discussed by those in the industry and you’re likely to find your profile becomes unofficially blacklisted. With so much tiny talent out there, no one is going to choose to work with problem parents.

Instead, don’t make yourself a nuisance and be helpful when you can. Try not to fuss and get in the way, but obviously keep an eye on what’s going on at all times. Seeing your face will help reassure your little one as well, so you shouldn’t go too far from them even when they’re working.