‘Crimes Against Beauty’ Top Five

Talent Management has come up with our top five everyday crimes against beauty below, and good reasons why they should be avoided.

It’s only natural to enjoy looking your best. Many of us will try out beauty products and advice from time to time in order to enhance our looks and boost confidence, but what of the beauty ‘no-no’s’ that aren’t so often shared? Talent Management has come up with our top five everyday crimes against beauty below, and good reasons why they should be avoided.

Smoking. The chemicals found in cigarettes are highly toxic and reduce the efficiency of your skin to regenerate. Smoking also thins and ages the skin giving it a dull appearance. Besides the obvious health risks associated with smoking, Talent Management urges you to consider how often you have known, simply by looking at a persons face, that they are a smoker. It’s time to quit.

UV worship. Even during the colder months some of us will sneak off for a sun bed because it makes us ‘feel good’ or ‘dries up spots’. Please don’t do this to yourself. UV rays will not only age your skin dramatically but they will also raise your risk of skin cancer by up to 75%. There doesn’t appear to be any escape from the facts about sun beds and exposure to natural UV must also be kept to a minimum, whatever the time of year.

Sleeping in your make up. A common everyday crime against beauty is going to bed with your makeup still in tact. We have all done it but it’s not a good way to treat your face. At night your skin needs to breathe and renew. Leaving makeup on means that pores will become clogged and this process can’t happen as it should. Instead you’ll encourage breakouts and miss the opportunity to allow your skin some QT. Always remove your makeup before you sleep, just like mum said.

Squeezing and picking. This can be very tempting but if you feel that your skin would benefit from extractions Talent Management advises you to visit a professional. Squeezing spots and picking at your delicate skin not only spreads bacteria but can also leave nasty scars that could be with you for many years to come. A basic monthly or even bi-monthly facial costs less than a round of drinks and can really benefit problem skin – it may be worth investing in something like this. Either way, please avoid this crime against beauty.

Nail biting. If you bite your nails then shame on you! This habit not only leaves your poor fingers feeling sore and looking less than their best, it is also extremely unhygienic. Carefully consider all of the things that you may have touched during your average day. By biting your nails you are inviting anything that your hands may have come into contact with, into your mouth. Enough said.