Talent Management - 'Talent agent' as a business for you?

Talent Management is the worldwide network of independent talent agents - you could be one of them.

We represent singers, dancers, actors, models and entertainers all over the world - one day, the world.

This online information is presented in a Q&A format, which if you are considering a business as a Talent Management agent, you might find helpful.

Q. As a Talent Management
agent, what do I do?

A. We licence successful applicants wanting a business with us, as a TM agent, to register talented people, singers, actors, dancers, models, musicians, entertainers, on the central TM national database thereby helping to promote them to potential hirers.

Talent Management
Agents 'sponsor' talent, so it is free for them to register 'On Stage'. Sponsorship by a Talent Management agent means the agent has satisfied themselves the talent is 'bookable' and they are happy to have them on their books.

Talent introduced to the national database by a TMA remain 'on the books' of that TMA.

The Talent Management management system offers big advantages to talent - with unique online features and benefits and national exposure for work. Exactly what and how, more of later.

Q. As a Talent Management agent can I also do bookings?

A. Certainly, instead of starting your own agency recruiting and offering talent, as a TMA you have instant access to the entire national central database of talent, actors, singers, models, dancers and entertainers - growing daily.

Talent Management
agents are therefore able to offer a big advantage to hirers with a much bigger, national selection of talent - other local agents offer only local talent.

Talent may only be booked via their sponsoring TMA.

UK Government. The Department for Culture, Media and Sport, 2006 Live Music Survey - Market Research Standards Board found that: 1.7 million UK talent bookings took place in the UK last year with a market value of £2.6 billion

A Talent Management agency maybe operated as a full or part-time business.

Q. OK, I can see the advantages to talent and hirers of Talent Management, how do I look further in to becoming a Talent Management

A. Contact: Director of Agent Licensing, Talent Management Limited, 1 Hornet Court, Hurricane Way, Norwich, NR6 6HJ

Director of Agent Licensing
Talent Management