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Aberdeen Model Agency

Scotland is home to Aberdeen - a glowing and cosmopolitan haven in the north-east of the country.

Every budding and existing model needs to know (and be reminded) that Models Direct's Talent Management modelling agency is right here waiting for new and existing faces to come on board or to revive their passion for this quirky profession.

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Models Direct are innovative, collaborative, and supportive where we aim to be ahead of other UK modelling agencies. We are so proud to represent a wide range of models who variate in shape, size, background, and abilities, unlike some other agencies out there. Our expert team of modelling enthusiasts welcome newborn, children, teenagers, women, men, mature models, as well as pets. Create your free profile to begin your modelling registration process. If you already have a portfolio with us, stay with us and enjoy the opportunities we can bring you.

Dundee Heritage Trust

"Molly from Models Direct was very friendly and passionate about the project. She found some good options for us very quickly! The shoot went smoothly and as expected. Michael, the model, was very polite and patient. He did a good job and followed instructions perfectly. It was a pain-free and quick process." Marina, Fuzzy Duck Creative.

Model fee: £390

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Our Aberdeen agency is set on making a positive difference within the modelling industry. We want to break the stereotypical barriers that revolve around modelling and showcase models with different looks. Models Direct intend to reveal that this industry is not restrictive or tied to unrealistic expectations. We are age-positive, body-positive and believe that our models should be real-life people who represent the population fairly.

If you are a newcomer to this industry, are your thoughts leading to the next question? "Could I make it as a model?"

Well, we will tell you why you should choose us...

Why choose Models Direct

Models Direct want to make waves not ripples in the modelling world. We want to keep reiterating that this profession is not just about conforming to the modelling industry standards. Talent Management has a realistic mindset and understanding of people. Our drive is to represent everyone so that no one ever feels left out; simple.

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If you are ready for a new opportunity, all you will need to do is fill out our online application form. With this, you will need to attach two images of yourself (your family member, friend, or star pet) against a white backdrop so that our Models Direct team can see your look. We can then put you forward whenever a client needs a model like you.

We have a high-performing team here at our Aberdeen agency who work tirelessly in matching our talent to modelling work for our clients. Models Direct work hard for each other and enjoy the benefits of being in a positive environment.

Our social media pages, Facebook and Twitter also have a list of modelling jobs so that our models can directly apply for positions they feel they are well suited. This opportunity helps our new and existing models stay up to the date with the latest events helping to increase their exposure further.

Our agency is pleased to make modelling a safe and secure environment where we run extensive checks on all of our clients ensuring that they are legitimate and that they say who they are. Having been established for 30 successful years, Models Direct's Talent Management is a government registered employment agency. Our team proficiently negotiates the best fee possible for our models. All our modelling assignments are thoroughly handled, and we make 'happiness checks' to make sure our model's assignments go well.

If you are ready to begin a new experience and want to try something unusual but interesting, apply now and become a model with Talent Management, a leading Aberdeen modelling agency!

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