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Entertainers - Circus

Entertainers - Circus

Circus Entertainers & Performers Wanted for Carnivals, Theatre Shows & More

Calling all circus entertainers and performers for a host of circus skills related jobs and opportunities such as carnivals, outdoor theatre and more, ideal for circus entertainers.

  • Bristol based jugglers

    4cb0db / Male / 20 years - 50 years

    Looking for jugglers with their own 45min - 1 hr acts who are local to Bristol.

  • Stocky male performers

    b3e68e / Male / 23 years - 46 years

    Seeking stocky, strong builder/farmer type male performers for a TV channel's rebranding campaign.

  • Circus/parkour performers

    a9a0b2 / Male / 16 years - 100 years

    Casting for circus performers, parkour, art collectives, or anyone doing anything underground.

  • Wannabe circus stars

    422bbd / Male / 16 years - 25 years

    Great opportunity for young persons (16-25) to be professionally trained at the Wookey Hole Circus School.

  • Circus acts wanted

    e08758 / Male / 18 years - 99 years

    Acts wanted for a small circus in Guernsey, between 9th July- 1st Aug.

  • Seeking female trapeze artist

    05f58a / Female / 25 years - 35 years

    Seeking female trapeze artist/ SWINGING & STATIC/ SILKS for an alcoholic drinks commercial.

  • Seeking male stilt walker

    b86b11 / Male / 25 years - 35 years

    Seeking male stilt walker for an alcoholic drinks commercial.

  • Seeking female trapeze artist

    ac972e / Female / 25 years - 35 years

    Seeking female trapeze artist for an alcoholic drinks commercial.

  • Acrobats/Contortionists Needed

    ae8b00 / Male / 25 years - 35 years

    Acrobats/Contortionists needed for a commercial for a drinks company

  • Unique Dancers, Performers and Circus Acts Needed

    38a7ce / Male / 16 years - 99 years

    New professional dance agency based in the South-West is looking for unique dancers, performers and circus acts.

  • Sports/Circus Performer Models Wanted For 3D Shoot

    266756 / Male / 18 years - 40 years

    We're looking for contact sports and circus performers to take part in our first ever 3D shoot

  • Circus Entertainers Wanted

    5b3564 / Male / 18 years - 101 years

    Three circus artists are required for three months paid work in India

  • Volunteer Entertainer, The Earl's Court Festival

    d16119 / Male / Up to 100 years

    Would you like a chance to give something back to a community in a fun and rewarding way?

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