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Hannah Webster Photography

Location: Leeds

From the moment I picked up my great uncle Athol’s Olympus OM-1 at the age of 14, I knew that photography was in my blood. This love has never left and in 2011 I set up HW Photography.

My background is in fine art photography. I see a photograph as a piece of art, demanding as much attention as a fine painting. One of my great skills is the ability to see creatively. By bringing this creativity to my commercial projects, I am able to produce unique and powerful images that stand out from the crowd.

I take a great deal of pride over my work and, being a perfectionist, I work very hard to ensure that I excel in all my endeavours. I bring this level of care and commitment to all my clients. I also offer bespoke photography training courses on a one to one basis to individuals and businesses. Please visit my training page for more information.

I live and work in Leeds, Yorkshire. I spend my spare time working on personal photography projects as well as chasing after my toddler, camera in hand! My passion is photography, and it tends to take over most aspects of my life one way or another, just as it did as a teenager, much to my delight.

I have had the pleasure to work with a number of creatives in my time, Ryan is a food stylist and photographer who works with me when an additional photographer or stylist is required.