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The majority of people who complain online regarding the flow of work not living up to their expectations have either failed to update their photos or ePortfolio within 6 months, if at all.

As an agency putting people forward for paid modelling and talent opportunities, how can we be expected to represent someone with out of date photos and information? This also applies to children, and we all know how quickly they change. Yet, despite constant reminders, many people continue to ignore the need to update their profile and are then surprised if work is not forthcoming.

Modelling industry blogs and forums remind us of the saying ‘a little knowledge is a dangerous thing’.

The internet has allowed the modelling industry to grow at a fast pace. People can make a new model or talent application online and clients wanting to book our models or talent can put their requests in and select their required people the same day. Years ago this process could take several days, even weeks.

'Web-blogs' and 'chat rooms' are also a result of the internet, allowing people with time to spare to comment at their leisure on topics they are interested in. It’s easy to create a blog online or comment on a forum, in fact, most of us have at some point.

With online chat in mind, we wanted to make you aware of some facts;

Some models and talent we represent do not get selected for work - we make no secret of this. There are more people than work available; this is the same in almost every industry.

Some people who are unhappy they haven't been picked feel the need to say so on a blog and, of course, blame the agency.

Modelling is competitive and some models will not be selected by our clients.

Models who are not selected will inevitably be disappointed but it's the nature of the industry. It’s the same for actors, singers, dancers, entertainers and any other form of talent selection.

We do not guarantee work - never have - beware of anyone who does.

We do not charge you for advice. There are several websites saying they can help you if you pay them first but it would be illegal for them to find you work. They are in business to make money giving you advice and are nothing to do with being a successful model or entertainer.

We put new jobs on our website every working day. Take a look at our Job Board and see how busy we are.

We cannot predict who a client will select.

We do not call our models every time they are put forward for work, instead we provide a log-in which enables them to monitor their personal progress with us. No other agency offers this service

We represent models all over the UK and many worldwide - unlike most small local agencies. We have international coverage - more people know about us and therefore could know about you.

A model who is selected for work with us is busy and unlikely to waste time praising what we do online - they are more likely investing their spare time in keeping their profile up-to-date and increasing their model experience.

We do not insist on you having professional photos, we never have and never will. Photos are expensive. Your look will regularly change and soon they will be out of date. Beware of any company enticing you into having your photos taken.

Consumer Action Group

This blog is over 5 years old with no updates.

The person who initiated it did not pay £198 for her son to ‘be on our books’ we have never charged this.

She complains that her son was not available on our website - that's RIGHT, all model and talent details are password protected, this is for security, especially where children are involved.

She complains she had to keep updating her pictures, but that’s the point. Agents need to represent people with current photographs, particularly where children are involved. If a parent doesn’t update pictures how can the agency or any client be sure that the image represents what the child currently looks like?

At the time of writing her post 5 years ago, her child had not been selected for work, he was just a ⅓ of the way through his representation with us.

Her son had been put forward for jobs, but was not selected. As explained prior to representation we cannot control who a client selects for the job.

Baby Centre

This blog is almost 4 years old, again with no updates.

We have never scouted for models and never will. All the model and talent applications we receive are unsolicited.


This is an illegal site. They are currently being investigated by the BIS (Business Department for Innovation and Skills). They are a work finding service illegally charging models.

Clive Hurst

This man is confused.

His site is over two years out of date and he is known to the authorities as nuisance, busy bee campaigner.

He is an unsuccessful actor who attempts to use his poor website to promote himself with very out of date photographs.

Yahoo answers

This in an old blog from 4 years ago, written by someone is obviously not sure how the modelling industry works.

People who don't work in the industry have attempted to offer their ‘advice’, much of which is taken from websites run by people who also know very little about the industry.


This in an old blog from almost 4 years old.

2 mums registered their children and at the time of writing the blog they hadn’t been selected for work.

One of the mums commenting had been registered with us for just 8 weeks.