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The female modelling industry is very competitive indeed. There are plenty of clients looking for models for specific assignments, every day. Talent Management talent and model agency offers you two very distinct advantages.


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First, unlike most model agencies, we offer our clients (and therefore you) national coverage. This means that if a client in another part of the country is looking for a model who matches your look, we will put you forward for the assignment if you are prepared to travel, expenses paid. This has the distinct benefit of offering our client exactly the selection of models they need (when sometimes it's difficult to find the right models through local agencies) whilst also ensuring that you don't miss out on being put forward for female modelling assignments just because the client is based in another part of the country.

Secondly, because Talent Management talent and model agency covers every key modelling category and a huge range of looks, we have developed a reputation with clients as being the agency which is able to deliver. This means that clients are much more likely to come to us when they have very specific requirements, because we're likely to be able to find exactly the female model they're looking for, or urgent needs, because we have such a wide selection of models who can work at short notice, or even more demanding requirements, such as multi-location assignments, or assignments involving many female models.

We're in the business of connecting models with business every day. If you're interested in putting yourself forward for commercials, films, TV, photographic modelling work, click here to apply as a female model.