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Models Direct Reviews - From our Pet Models

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Bo, Owner is Dawn, Reference: RGPZ-3934

Bo the Border Collie’s first shoot and all went very smoothly. We felt relaxed and at home.

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Bella, Owner is Adam, Reference: HVYN-7976

Another successful and enjoyable day. The crew at G-tech know Bella very well now, which makes the day much easier and quicker, so getting her ready for each set is so straight forward.

Charlie at models direct was also very on the ball and played a big part in us getting there smoothly in the morning, making sure everything was ready!

Christine for Sansa, Reference: FMZF-3767

Fabulous day with my dog, her first assignment, for Morrisons. Charlie was super helpful with information, where, when, who; that kind of stuff. My dog, Sansa loved the attention from Emily and was keen to meet everyone, especially Keith, the photographer! Can't wait for our next assignment. Christine and Sansa x

Bud, Reference: TPSB-3934

Another great modelling experience for Bud! Charlie at Models Direct is always so kind and helpful - making sure that we have all the necessary information prior to attending the shoot, and taking into account Bud's needs as a cat model. The client was great - very patient with Bud, even accommodating a location change when the conservatory became too hot for Bud. The human model was wonderful with Bud, and we all had a smooth and stress-free experience.

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Sparky & Delilah, Reference: YSZR-7863

A good day with professional and kind staff. Wasn't sure what to expect being the first job and timings weren't quite as expected but a really interesting and fun experience all round.

Sarah for Honey Belle, Reference: ZBFK-9389

Great day shooting with Models Direct today! I performed so well, the client asked me back for a second day! Watch this space and look out for me in a department store near you!!

Georgina for Queenie, Reference: BYZP-8769

Queenie had an amazing day cat modelling for John Lewis. Models Direct were fantastic through the whole process and always there if I had any questions! Thank you so much and what a great service!

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Emma for Elliott, Reference: XDWD-3477

This was our first photo shoot for our bunny and it was amazing! Models direct are a wondeful company to work for, staff are very helpful, giving great advice and always take the time to listen.

Nickie for Bo, Reference: FGZZ-7799

An amazing day , Thank you Models Direct and especially Charlie who reassured me and was always easy to get hold of for any questions.
A Fantastic day for myself and my lovely lab who enjoyed all the fuss and attention. The assignment was full of fun and lovely people who made us both feel so relaxed. One of my best days out this year!

Harry for Louis, Reference: HXKV-7949

Louis had his first photo shoot via models direct and it was great. Charlie was super helpful and professional, and the team we worked with on the shoot were absolutely fantastic and friendly. Thanks for the opportunity! 

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David for Sashimi, Reference: RMQG-4769

From signing up our puppy online after chatting with Magdalena to booking her for her first gig with Charlie, the experience was professional yet personal. We recommend the agency for pets and humans alike.

Bella - Owner is Adam, Reference: HVYN-7976

It was another really successful day. The G-Tech team seemed really happy with Bella again. They told me that we wouldn’t be finished untill 6:30 but managed to get finished at 4:30 due to all the scenes going so well. I was also told that they have some more shoots coming up that they’d want to use her for again. Everyone was lovely and bella was used much much more than last time, as she was the main model in every scene, also having her own scenes. We also tried new things and experimented with her and I felt she did really well, so we look forward to the next one!

Bobbie - Owner is Lilian, Reference: PFCP-3873

Thank you models direct for the opportunity provided for my dog to model. The people were lovely to work with and the team easy to communicate with. Hope to work with them again in the near future.

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Sammy - Owner is Amy, Reference: ZXNC-4696

Sammy and I had our first booking this week; filming with a group of students at a veterinary surgery in Bracknell. Models Direct were very helpful and ensured we had all of the information we needed but also made us feel comfortable going into our first booking. The film crew were all very friendly and respectful of Sammy's age, his mood on the day and were happy to take direction from me. We had a great time!

Boo - Owner is Lorraine, Reference: QFHK-3868

What a fabulous experience for both Boo and her Mum! I take my hat of to the models as there is a lot of waiting around but that did not bother a very spoilt Bulldog who loved the attention (even when she did not do what they wanted!!) Her first shoot and hopefully not her last!QFHK-3868

Daisy - Owner is Rebecca, Reference: BNQW-6799

Great communication and information for the shoot. Photographer and company were very thoughtful ensuring Daisy (labrador) was well looked after with lots of breaks. Lovely experience.

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Weston, Reference: CRGX-9698

Hi Charlie and everyone at Just wanted to thank you on behalf of Weston who should be appearing on TV, social media and or a Cinema near everyone soon . We had a great experience working on the set for the advert for Tipi he was well looked after even having his own vet for the day ( not many dogs can say that) - You have been great to work for keeping us informed at all times and checking everything is going well while on location. Thanks and hope to work with you again soon Weston , Graham and Weston

Willow , Reference: BBBB-8886

I really enjoyed working with The Clementine in Hyde Park and meeting the other models both four and two legged! I hope that Willow gets chosen again to do another job as this one was great fun and everyone was so friendly.

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Bertie, Reference: ZSWB-9483

The day on Saturday was fantastic. It was much longer than anticipated but the crew and client were brilliant and we were really well looked after. Bertie did an amazing job and looked great.

Wilfred - Owner Sharon , Reference: XTKM-4873

What an amazing experience modelling for The Pet Lab co all thanks to Models Direct. Definitely a day we will not forget

Toby - Owner Harjit, Reference: BRSK-9469

I had signed my dog up with models direct and updated my profile every so often - for a while I did not receive any contact but then received a request for my dog. Models direct called me regularly to ensure I was happy with the conditions of the shoot and was ready to attend with all relevant information, Charlie was great at responding and following up.
I had a good experience all in all and so did my Dog :).

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CJ - Owner Dominic, Reference: XBHG-9994

Had a wonderful day with a group of cuddly dogs taking shots for a pet supplements company. There were lovely people on set from Altitude productions and it was all really relaxed. The contact with Charlie at Models direct was great in the weeks before the shoot. thanks :)

Dudley - Owner Alannah, Reference: TWMV-4668

My little French bulldog, Dudley had he’s first professional shoot yesterday for Pet Lab and Co thanks to Models Direct. The day was an amazing experience and Dudley was on top form. Any camera he came across, he looked at and loved being apart of the different shoots. When I got the call a couple of weeks ago, I was so overwhelmed and pleased that Dudley had been picked. Charlie from the team was amazing and she helped with all my enquires up to the day. The studio was lovely and we had a lovely lunch provided. Dudley was given so many treats and it was safe to say he slept well last night after a long 8 hour day. I cannot wait for the photos to go live of Dudley in November and I can’t wait for our next assignment. Thank you Models Direct, you’re amazing and can’t wait for Dudley to continue working with you ❤️ #somuchlove

Marty - Owner Michelle, Reference: WSMZ-4397

My name is Marty and yesterday I had my first Lifestyle magazine shoot for Gtech's new range of vacuum products. I was given lots of treats and cuddles, and the Team were all very friendly and professional. I can't wait for my next assignment with Models Direct. #starpets #modelsdirect #modellingagency

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