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Models Direct Reviews - From our Male Models

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Alex, Reference: HSMZ-7343

Positive uplifting experience!
Thanks again to Models Direct for my second modelling experience! This time it was for a new men’s mental health campaign called The Big Movement. The team at Zoielogic Dance theatre was very welcoming explaining what was going to happen throughout the day. Being a wheelchair user I was very nervous but the atmosphere was very positive and uplifting that gave me the confidence to be part of the shoot!

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Muhammad, Reference: RTDG-9444

Great experience working on ''The Big Movement'' campaign to support men's mental health. The production staff from Zoie Logic Dance Theatre were amazing, professional yet considerate & fun to work with. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would be keen to work with them again. Looking forward for seeing the results of the work and campaign becoming a success. Thanks to Models Direct and Gemma for giving me the opportunity, hence, looking forward for more work from Models Direct.

Lee, Reference: ZVCG-9977

Had a great day at the photo shoot, was fun meeting new people & working with the team!
Gemma at Models Direct was really helpful providing details & what to expect at the shoot….
I’m hopeful to work with the same team at the shoot as they made me feel comfortable with what was expected & I look forward to seeing the results of the shoot & hope it helps the movement they’re trying to provide for!

Renaldo, Reference: XTQS-7689

The photoshoot was fantastic. Gemma was absolutely brilliant with her communication. The lead for the day was Zoe who was a light of sunshine. Models Direct, thank you so much for a fantastic experience. I really am looking for other opportunities to work with you. Thank you.

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Marcus, Reference: SMDZ-8938

It was such an incredible experience and I’ve now been with them for almost 2 years now; they’re incredibly flexible, the shoots are fun, the brands are well-known which makes the “modelling experience” more enjoyable and feels like actual career impacting experiences because of that. I highly recommend models of all ages, styles, and disciplines, to sign-on with Models Direct.

Imaan, Reference: VZCX-4969

Working with Models Direct was very smooth and straightforward. Charlie was great throughout reassuring me of what to roughly expect, with a brief rundown of the shoot. I had fun on shoot working with an other model and can’t wait to do more.

Ricky, Reference: DZTX-6737

Another opportunity to work for Models Direct. Another experience with a great team, everyone was nice I really had a good time I had several jobs with the agency and I don't have any bad experiences with them It's really a good agency.

Also the manager (Gemma) had been really nice and always checked on us.

Thank you Models Direct for your support.

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Shinto, Reference: XPNK-7694

Great day at shoot. Everyone was super friendly, organised and professional.
Had a great experience working with them, and I look forward to the next opportunity.

Kevin, Reference: GYCT-8678

Daniel, Reference: TTXM-3467

A Great & Legit Model Company. They are attentive, sweet, clear and upfront about the process, steps to follow and look after you. Very happy I started working with them. To a great partnership in the next 3 years.

Had a lot of fun in the first photoshoot!
Thank you (Anna, Gemma and Co)!

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Harry, Reference: CPNR-4689

It was fantastic working with them, everything went smoothly and was a very enjoyable experience!

Freddie, Reference: WSWF-8897

I had my first job on the 27th September working for a client to model showcasing the revamped student accommodation. Gemma was a great agent to assist me through the process providing plenty of information and regular calls to check if I was ok and needed assistance. The work was great fun and it was an amazing experience to introduce me into how the production team operate.

Emmanuel, Reference: ZPMQ-6776

My experience with the Hungry Horse shoot was one I’ve never had before!

My shoot was really fun, I got to meet with the directors and other model. Had a great time when recording the videos too! The directions were really easy to follow and I got to be creative as well which complimented the experience!

I can’t wait to see the results of the shoot and what next Models Direct has in store for me!

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Mehdi, Reference: VKGK-3866

It was great working with Models Direct, everyone was super friendly and clear with where to go and what to do.

Samuel, Reference: MMQG-3999

My first job with Models Direct.
It was fun, we had a great time acting as VIPs and had our own little paparazzi. I met other models as well. A wonderful experience!

Joe, Reference: ZGFG-8687

Had a lovely time shooting for magpie under representation of Models Direct. It was a very smooth process and fast communication, looking forward to the next job!

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Chukwuemeka, Reference: ZBMV-6436

It was good the team were helpful and friendly.

Adam, Reference: SKGC-9468

I had a great first experience modeling. The people from the campaign were extremely friendly and enthusiastic. Made being natural in front of camera really easy. Looking forward to the next job...

Joshua, Reference: HRKG-3943

Yesterday was my first assignment with Models Direct, being a promotional shoot for a brewery. With it being my first shoot I was a little nervous, but everyone there was so lovely and we were certainly very well looked after, diffusing any nerves that I had. Overall, it was a lot of fun, it was a great atmosphere and I met so many lovely people. Additionally, Gemma had been amazing throughout the whole process, answering any questions I had and keeping me well informed. Thank you for the experience.

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Jack, Reference: RQCK-8363

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my first time working with Models Direct. I was given clear details on where the shoot was and what to expect and wear. My account was only live for 2 weeks and I got my first job! I couldn’t thank them enough.

Matty, Reference: BVFF-9768

Christmas shoot
Had a really great time as always and will be looking forward to the next one!

Abayomi, Reference: XZHY-6693

Was a very good experience, everyone was super helpful and the process was very smooth.

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Tyler, Reference: DQSY-6647

I had a lot of fun doing my first shoot, it was a good experience for me to see and understand what it is like. We was well looked after and treated good and it was nice to meet new people who where also in the same position. Thank you very much, i appreciate you giving me the chance and opportunity and i’m excited for my next job!

Jacob, Reference: QVPS-8969

Interesting and fun experience!

Keegon, Reference: KRPY-7733

I had an awesome experience working with Models Direct regarding my photoshoot. It was quite straight forward and a very enjoyable experience. The photography/videography crew were also very hands on and made sure we were catered to throughout the duration of shoot. I would choose to work with Models Direct over and over again. We also got time to socialise with one another which was good because I got to meet some amazing people. To me Models Direct is number one(1).
Thank you Models Direct for the wonderful experience, I am truly grateful.

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