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Nottingham Model Agency

Models Direct with Talent Management is an outstanding modelling agency which offers a plethora of opportunities to new models all over the UK, including Nottingham. 

Nottingham is home to legendary heroic outlaw Robin Hood; rich in art, history and bursting full of scenic landscapes. But did you know that Models Direct's Talent Management is also situated here? No? Well, added to the fine beauty of Nottingham, our Talent Management agency has been running for the past 30 years seeking new models.

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Our agency works tirelessly to connect our modelling hub to our leading clients who are looking for models across every category. From newborn to mature models, petite to plus-size, our models also extend to pets, and our clients request for models all the time. If they like the look of our models, we go ahead and make it happen.

Map of Nottingham featuring example models

We welcome everyone to come on board and give this out-of-the-box profession a go. Our existing models have lots of genuine positive feedback to say which adds more vibrancy to our agency. We work hard for each other and enjoy the benefits of being in a positive environment, breaking barriers and stereotypes. We are an age-positive and body-positive agency. We never scrutinise you for being you!

The application process is simple with Models Direct. If you are ready for a new path, to take a dive and begin a journey that is full of exciting possibilities then filling out our simple and straightforward modelling application is just the beginning. You will need to attach two images of yourself, your family or pet against a white background so that our team can see your look. We then match you to what our clients are requesting. If they like your look, you will be chosen for casting in Nottingham, right at our Nottingham modelling agency. We will be in touch with your preferred method of contact so that you are immediately informed about our client's interest. And that is it!

You can trust that we will be actively looking for you because modelling is at the heart of everything we do. With three decades under our belt and the thousands upon thousands of models we have had entered our doors, our agency is still going strong.

A night view of Nottingham

For anyone looking to apply for assignments, Models Direct's social media pages are kept up to date with a list of Nottingham based modelling jobs. Our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages are booming with the latest information on these immediate modelling listings where models can directly apply for themselves.

Talent Management exists to provide modelling talent all types of paid part-time jobs. We ensure that all our clients are genuine and legitimate by doing our background checks. We make sure they say who they are!

If you have decided to be a part of our modelling agency, let our Nottingham team know. You will get the chance to work with a very knowledgeable, high-achieving, and fun team who will help you kick-start your modelling career.

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