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Meet the Team

Talent Management Models Direct are not just an internet showcase sites. We’re a real modelling agency, run by real people – and you can meet us on this page.

If you want to talk to us about any aspect of our work, please call us on 0844 334 0000. One of our trained, professional co-ordinators will be pleased to talk to you.


I think that's called 'passion' and 'commitment' and my understanding is that in order to be successful one needs both. If you're reading this thinking about how, you might find success, the first thing I'll freely tell you here and now is that, you'll need to never give up.

Giving up, is what everyone else does, those left standing are 'successful' or as the 'givers ups' prefer to call them, 'lucky'. Ask Elton John, Kate Moss, or anyone at the top of their profession,' how lucky have you been'? Be prepared for a moment, while they weigh up whether to go into what is really behind their success. I doubt luck will get a mention.

From photographing people ourselves, we went on to represent people farther afield, using photographs they had taken, to find them work. Whenever we we're asked for a particular look, talent, skill, we would match our models and talent with the clients' demand and if successful, 'presto' a booking would happen. For more than 20 years now this has happened and many thousands of people, with all manner of looks, skills and motivations have been represented by us to the film, TV, advertising, fashion and promotional industries throughout the UK and Europe.

All the while, we've been a Government regulated Employment Agency. Nowadays with the scrabble of competing websites, many businesses make all sorts of wild claims, while in their tiny small print there's lots of 'what they don't do', like find work for example. Showcase sites are just that. Unregulated online displays, showing lots of paying hopefuls smiling out at other prospective hopefuls' thinking of joining them. Nothing else happens. Sad but true.

Whereas, as a regulated Employment Agency, we have an in house team of professionals on the phones and online throughout the day, talking to clients and proposing our talent and models for paid work. Paid, because that's where our money comes from, 1/3 of what we get for our models and talent. That can be from £100 to several hundred pounds a day.

Have a thorough look at our site and better still, come and see us. Our UK Head Office is in East Anglia, a beautiful part of the country and there's lots to see and do, if you perhaps combine your visit into a weekend.

From our talents' online success stories if you like the look of the sort of people you'd like to represent you, complete an online application and see how we respond.

Whatever you do, if you are looking for success, it wont come looking for you. You'll need to seek it out and not give up when it takes a while. If you'd like some help in looking, that's what we do and we may well be able to help.

With, or without us, good luck!



In my late teens I did freelance work sourcing models and talent for commercials. I loved it so much I set my sights on being an Agent! Talent Management talent agency is an efficient, professional and exciting company to be involved in, no two days are the same! My favourite part of my work is calling talent to say they have been selected for an assignment - they are always so thrilled - its a real 'feel good factor'! My passion is technology and keeping Talent Management talent agency up-to the minute with the latest internet and email developments. Keep checking our site, there are new additions every week!


I have been working for Models Direct now for 12 years now ! and 4 years previous to that. I think it is safe to say i enjoy my job working as an co-coordinator.  I love interacting with people and helping them through the process. My job is most rewarding when i see my models on TV, magazines , brochures, adverts and online websites.  I am a mum of 2 very active boys, I enjoy travelling, European weekend breaks, The sun and relaxing holidays also skiing.


Music and performance is my passion and I have been playing music and singing since I was just 5 years old. After finishing my education I took time out with my family, but the lure of music, theatre, TV and entertainment kept pulling me back, the buzz of being on stage and on camera is unbeatable and 23 years ago I became involved with Talent Management and Models Direct. I work alongside a great team of people but the best thing is being able to relate directly and with experience to the models, singers, dancers and entertainers that we represent. There are some amazing assignments and bookings out there and I strongly believe we should all follow our passions and live for the moment.


I have had the pleasure to work for Models Direct now since 2006, so you are in safe hands and we have a great friendly team here in the office which always creates a great buzz! I find it interesting finding out about why people want to get into the modelling industry and also building up relationships from the application stage to placing them in paid work. Modelling is a fun and exciting thing to do and off course the added bonus of getting paid for the assignments is a big plus!  I enjoy travelling and through my mum I have family in N Ireland and on my husbands side family in Cyprus so i'm never short of a reason to travel!  I also enjoy watching football (lucky husband!) listening to music and eating out.


I have been part of the Models Direct team now since 2010, my previous job was within the catering industry but when i saw this position being advertised i could not resist in applying as i love speaking to and meeting new people. I really enjoy my job and have a great connection with everyone i work with and have made friends for life. I am a mum to 2 boys who certainly keep me on my toes. I work part-time and fit my hours in around the school runs so i can still be a mum but also work at the same time



Working at Models Direct is so diverse - I love chatting and interacting with aspiring models and interacting with many different people, if its not assessing applications/models, its dealing with the excitement of assignments and work within the agency and clients - it's a great buzz, busy and motivational and I’ve been part of the team now for 8 years - each day is so different, just like modelling so many different opportunities to be involved in!  I'm a motivational person, love socialising and travelling with friends and family (camping is one of our favourites). I'm a proud mum to my son who is 10 so he keeps me busy at all times, but being a mum is so rewarding. “Each day is a new day - the best thing about memories is creating them”. Do what makes you happy and remember to always smile!


This is my second year here at Models Direct I joined the team from a Insurance background. I particularly enjoy communicating with people and learning about the reasons behind our models applications and it's always great to hear the success of our models completing their assignments. Outside of work I enjoy the gym, swimming, travel and cooking. I love to try new things and embrace other cultures and I am lucky enough to have travelled to the Caribbean, greece, cyprus, Austria, France and Germany. I enjoy spending my free time with my partner, friends and family.


I joined Models Direct earlier this year having spent many years in a customer services background. The team here are fantastic & all work incredibly hard supporting our models and it’s so rewarding when we see them securing assignments with our clients. No two days are the same which I love. I am a mum to 2 teenagers & 2 French bulldogs so life is very full on. I enjoy eating out, socialising with friends & travelling.


I had the great pleasure of starting at Models Direct this summer, working in the Assignments Booking Team. After having a previous background of financial services I love how diverse, aspiring and rewarding this job is. I am very sociable and outgoing so love speaking to both potential clients and models, there is lots more to learn and I can not wait for this.  I love how welcome all the team have made me feel and it is an amazing support network! In my spare time I enjoy travelling,my little dog, meals out and evenings full of laughs with family and friends.


Working at Models Direct offers such variety and exciting new opportunities. Having worked on all sides of the business I have gained experience of what our models are looking for and also understand the expectations of our clients, it’s an ever changing industry. Social media is now a large part of the business and I love sharing all the great feedback from our models and clients we receive after assignments. I’m a photographer also and have worked with large and small clients across the UK and Internationally.


When not working on the Models Direct technical team I enjoy making and creating, from woodworking to web design. Happiest when outside. Chocolate is my food of choice. North Norfolk marshes, live music, walking and cycling. I've jumped out of a plane, spent 3 weeks in New Zealand and caved by candle light.