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Models Direct Reviews - From our Female Models

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Nicki, Reference: A703251

Hi Models Direct. It’s Nicki here again. I’m letting you know of my model assignment that was arranged with Models Direct. The client I worked for was Invacare, a brilliant company. I was the wheelchair model which was successful and we hope for the publication to appear sometime in the summer which I can’t wait. They’ve had me on their books for quite a while and finally I was able to work for them. Thanks to Models Direct, another great booking and I hope to do more work in the meantime. Thank you.


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Chrissy, Reference: GNFQ-9866

Hi ya. My name is Chrissy and I’m with Models Direct. I’ve actually only been with them for just a few months but they’ve already given me my first assignment which was my first model experience. I had to go to Derby to do a fancy dress photo shoot. It was really good fun, I just had to model a few fancy dress costumes and everyone I met there was really, really nice. The photographer told me exactly what to do and gave me some great encouragement . It was a really good opportunity for me. I definitely looking for some more modelling opportunities.

Yomi , Reference: A727685

Hi, this is Yomi. Just to say I had an awesome time shooting at Basingstoke, all thanks to Models Direct for this opportunity and hopefully more jobs from you guys. Bye.

Chloe , Reference: BNWQ-6346

Im Chloe. I’d like to say a big thank you to Models Direct for putting me forward for the Goldwell Hair Competition. So far I’ve had one appointment and that was for my skin test but that went really well. My hairdresser is lovely. I’d like to say thank you to the staff at Models Direct for making the process of making my portfolio so easy. They have been so helpful, kept in contact with me constantly and have been absolutely amazing, I can’t fault them at all so I’m really happy and thank you so much.

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Claire, Reference: RCKN-7886

Hi I’m Claire and this week I had my first assignment with Models Direct. We were shooting in an adult care centre and the other models I worked with were great. We all got on really well. Our photographer was really professional and good at his job. We had a really good time shooting different scenarios in different rooms of the care centre and I’d like to say a massive thank you to Models Direct and hope to be getting another assignment soon.

Elle, Reference: Harris

Hi guys! I have just completed another fantastic booking with models direct, this time for a hotel company 'Jurys Inn Hotel'. This was a bridal modeling job for advertisement material! It was a fantastic day working alongside all the friendly and talented professionals. We were truly looked after with even complimentary lunch at the hotel and snacks throughout the day! I met another male model from the agency who was my 'groom' for the day and we will stay in touch and hope to get future assignments together! My advice to aspiring models? :) Be you and be a u t i f u l! So cliche but so true! The more you can relax , enjoy and be yourself on an assignment the better the outcome! You've been booked as an Indiviual so show them your unique personality too! Be that Quirky, confident and funny soul you might be! A client loves to see it all! Just be friendly and professional with it and you can't go wrong. I always highly recommend Models Direct and will continue to do so on my next assignment! Each time as something new, with new people and new experiences! Thanks Models Direct!

Nicki, Reference: A703251

Hi. I’m Nicki. I’m a freelance model, worked with various clients, in the UK and abroad. Finding work with Models Direct was refreshing and encouraging for me to see especially for a model like myself with disabilities. The Booking Agents, especially Marie and Molly, thank you so much for reassuring me from the beginning to the end allowing me to be 100% to meet the needs of the clients, especially with one assignment where I did a video shoot for a huge technical brand which I can’t wait to share soon. Thank you Models Direct.

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Samantha, Reference: K776599

That’s a wrap for today. We have been taking photographs at the Eastrop House for Priory Adult Care. Had a great time, met lots of awesome people, took lots of photos. Thank you very much Models Direct for booking me and here's to many more jobs to come.

Laura, Reference: YFCT-6847

Hello. My name is Laura and I would like to share with you my experience after my first assignment with Models Direct. I had a great time. It was a big opportunity for me and a I hope it’s not the last one. Thank you very much, thank you Models Direct.

Claire, Reference: CK743433

Hi, I’m Claire and yesterday, thanks to Models Direct, I got the opportunity to work as an extra for an advert and it was a really great experience. We basically spent the whole evening watch these incredible musicians play their music for us and we just had to have a really good time and show we were really enjoying ourselves. It was great fun and I got to know loads of really nice people as well.

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Mansoureh, Reference: C764371

Hello. I just finished my assignment with Models Direct. This assignment it was kinda different from my other assignment I've done but it was really enjoyable and interesting . I gained new experience, I met new people and also I really enjoyed.

Linda, Reference: N738111

Hi. Today I went to do a commercial photoshoot with a certain company and that says it’s never too late for anything. I really enjoyed this day it has been an experience of a lifetime. I wouldn’t have done this without the help and support of Models Direct. Thank you guys. You’ve done a great job.

Elizabeth, Reference: A697801

Had a fantastic time today at the photoshoot thanks to Models Direct. It was a really professional environment, I felt very comfortable and it was really well organised by everybody and I hope I get some more work soon so keep me posted. Thank you.

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Michelle , Reference: A774746

Hi. My name is Michelle and I recently done a model shoot with Models Direct working with the NHS. It was to help them advertise that anyone can suffer from mental health problems. It was a fantastic day, wonderful people and I am very pleased to have been selected.

Megan, Reference: MKMX-6497

I joined Models Direct because I wanted further experience in acting and modelling, something which I find really fun and I really, thoroughly enjoy it. At the same time I’m studying at university. It’s a great opportunity for me to go out, have some fun and it balances with my education. The Agents at Models Direct are lovely. The will let you know when and where the modelling assignment is, call you up and takes the stress away from everything. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience I had. So, what I had to do for my first assignment, I had to model a winter coat and watches. It was very relaxed. I was definitely nervous before it but after awhile I tended to warm up and it was fine. Definitely do this again and I recommend it to people like me, students and just want a bit of fun on the side and it works around your work life. You don’t have to do all the jobs that come your way, it’s a good idea to but there is no pressure. At first I was a bit nervous, quite shy but I relaxed and the poses went much better. I had fun doing it, that’s the most important part of it. I can’t wait to the next time, so thank you Models Direct.

Joanne, Reference: R784652

“Hello. My name is Joanne. I’m a professional voice-over artist with modelling and acting experience. I joined Models Direct (with Talent Management) in 2016 where soon after that I received my fort role. It was a very enjoyable day and fantastic location with great people. I’m very excited about this year and what it may bring and hopefully I can look forward to some more exciting new challenges.”

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Deborah, Reference: P728314

“Hi. My Name Deborah and I’m currently with with Models Direct at the moment. I think I've been with them for about one or two years now which is really good. I’ve had two assignments with them which is fabulous. My first one was a commercial video and that was advertising the Sony camera and for a company and that was with another model as well from Models Direct which was really fun and really nice and really comforting as well. If it's your first assignment, if it's your first time you can feel a bit nervous, you can feel a bit scared but honestly when we got there the team was so friendly. They greeted us, told us what they wanted, was dead friendly - just lovely and also the model was really nice as well we got really well we had so much fun.

I'm still in contact on social media, she's really nice. My second assignment was a modeling job so it was a fashion one and which had never done before either and which was in a really quirky, different factory which was really cool and was basically modelling and the designer cloths that they designed so they were really funky, really cool different and then we did a shoot in the factory in the background and then we're doing poses etc with the backdrop and and obviously the professional photographers were there and we had our hair and makeup done which was really nice as well and getting to know the team was really good. I really enjoyed that they're all really support it really nice and made some really nice friends from Models Direct as well because they were also on the job.

Models Direct as a whole would definitely recommend and has been brilliant with me and I mean every time we get an assignment my agents on the phone she's really friendly she's lovely. You'll get the full brief and ask her any questions if I’ve got them. Just go for it really, don't be shy, just do it I would never have done it if it wasn't for my friends and my family thinking go on Debs try it do it and I was like no I don't really have the confidence but one day I thought you know what just do it, just try it to see. So I did do it and then i got my first assignment and I was like wow couldn't believe it like I got my first assignment and so after that I was like just go for it and then I got number assignment so I’m just waiting on more now.

So go for it, don't be shy and you never know what you’ll get out of it and at the end of the day it's worth doing isn't it. You're not losing anything, so just go for it.”

Watch Deborah on her Models Direct modelling assignment for Wex Photographic...

...and here she is again on her Textile Fashion assignment...

Aliona, Reference: R709174

“I just wanted to tell you about my recent I had with Talent Management. I was working as an extra for a Huuuge Casino advert, which was a great experience. I was in a group of happy and professional models and also production team. Thanks to Talent Management and Models Direct I have had a great day and I look forward to receiving new assignments from them in the future.”

Mihaela, Reference: K733003

“Hi. It was a really, really nice feeling and experience. Thank you very much guys for giving me this lovely chance. I learned a lot and the people did treat me very well, the other models so fun to be around and I’d definitely do something like this again. Thank you very much.”

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Being part of the Cineworld campaign with two other models from MD was a great experience for me as this was my first ever video shoot which allowed me to be creative with my modelling experience. The shoot involved many re-takings of camera shots as well as having to be aware of the layout of the new cinema environment. I felt the day ran smoothly and I felt comfortable to talk and interact with the two other models,  during filming.

Overall I really enjoyed the day and what experience it gave me  e.g. meeting new people, being in front of a camera and interacting with a team of professional people.

I would recommend this type of  experience to others who may be interested in pursuing a career within this sector as it may lead to bigger and better things in the future.


I was very excited for the days video shoot with Cineworld. Beforehand I met the other two models who were also selected from MD to do the same shoot,  they were lovely and we got on immediately. The Crew arrived, told us what was required and we all discussed what we would talk about during the filming. We were then taxied to our second location where we changed into different clothing and completed another filming session. I loved every moment and the crew were very professional . Great assignment!


I was lucky enough to be chosen for a modelling job in Glasgow for Cineworld. I was extremely nervous before hand as this was filming, whereas all my previous experiences have been photo shoots. 

We were told to pretend we were 3 friends out at the cinema. The most enjoyable part was meeting the other girls, they were so lovely, easy to work with and we had a good laugh.

The best thing I think I'll take away from my experience  today is that it's always best to be yourself. 

This is my second job with Models Direct , they have been extremely reliable and professional. I would recommend signing up with them if you want to get into the modelling/acting industry 

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It was a Really nice experience shooting for Cineworld ! Really amazing! Thank you very much Models Direct !



My day today: Starting on a lovely frosty winter's day in a Country Park, modelling in a photo-shoot, supporting emotional health and promoting a positive outlook for those who suffer with worry, stress and feeling sad.

It was a great job, working with two lovely girls (client) and an easy-to-approach, good humoured, no-fuss photographer, not to forget Barnicale, the little Jack Russell Terrier, who also took successfully part in the photo-shoot.

Assignments like mine today make you feel a photoshoot-star! I loved it. Thank you Molly from Models Direct UK, for putting me forward in your always friendly, helpful and efficient way.


This was my third assignment with Models Direct since joining them a couple of months ago, and was another very enjoyable job. This time I was recording an website video for an online contact lenses retailer, and so I had a short script to learn. The team were very welcoming and it was very interesting to be shown round their offices. It's another video to add to my showreel and I'm grateful to Models Direct for always delivering consistently professional job opportunities.

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