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Beauty Reviews

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder... and there are some great products out there that can enhance your natural beauty!  Whether you head for the top end branded make up counter and celebrity fragrances or prefer the do-it-yourself route, let us guide you every step of the way.

Check out our beauty reviews below and keep up-to-date with the latest beauty products, celebrity trends and money saving ideas to keep you looking your best...


BBC Botex Interview With Model Alicia Douvall

We were pleased to hear about reviews to the Royal College of Surgeons code of practice this week. The changes are aimed at medical professionals...

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We Review ASDA's 'WonderFit Jeans''Talent Management Reviews ASDA's WonderFit Jeans

We love anything that makes life easier so when we heard the hype about a new type of ‘magic jeans’ that would apparently fit you perfectly even if you gained (or lost!) a dress size or two, we wanted to believe! But it sounded to good to be true…

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Talent Management Review Of Best Beauty Products 2012Talent Management's Favourite

Many of us have a favourite moisturiser, lipstick or mascara and some will stick loyally to one brand for years because they trust the name, but which beauty products really are a cut above the rest?

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Confessions Of A Retoucher: Professional Admits '1Confessions Of A Retoucher: Professional Admits ’100 Percent’ Of Fashion & Beauty Imagery Is Altered00 Percent' Of Fashion & Beauty Imagery Is Altered

With beauty firms blending models’ lines out in anti-wrinkle cream ads, to fashion brands unashamedly blended out their models’ kneecaps, we’ve seen it all. But just how often this kind of thing happen?

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Nicole Sherzinger Dabbles In Hair Modelling As Next Herbal Essences Girl

Today, Talent Management found out that Hawaii-born recording artist Nicole Scherzinger has bagged a job that sees her dabble in hair modelling.

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The Body Shop's New Super-Glossy, Mouth-Watering Lip Gloss RangeWith 11 luscious shades to choose from, each with a succulent fruity flavour to lift your mood, we’ve been converted to gloss – even if the gorgeous French beauty modelfollow Constance Jablonski does rock an amazing matte lip in the Estee Lauder ads.

At the beginning of this year, our beauty bloggers at Talent Management were all about the matte lip trend. But, with gloss pretty much dominating lips over the past decade, we can’t forget it, especially now that The Body Shop have just released a brand new super-glossy, mouth-watering lip gloss range!

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Could you be the face of MiNK 2013? Beauty Model Search Begins! Award winning makeup agency and school, MiNK London, is looking for a new face to front its campaign in 2013

As always, Talent Management is constantly on the hunt for modelling competitions and has just found out that award-winning make-up agency and school MiNK London is launching a nationwide model search to front its 2013 campaign.

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Christina Aguilera models in the full ad for her new fragrance Royal DesireJelly Wrists, Twisted Knees & Stick Insect Arms: Christina Gets The Photoshop Treatment

When will brands learn that airbrushing the bejesus out of your models just looks plain ridiculous?

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56-Year-Old Models For Eyelash BrAH Francis Lashesand...Seems Strange But We'll Go With It!

Talent Management just heard news that leading eyelash brand AH Francis has booked 56-year-old model and actress Mirella D’Angelo to front their latest line.

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