Jelly Wrists, Twisted Knees & Stick Insect Arms: Christina Gets The Photoshop Treatment

Poor old Christina Aguilera has been given wrists that look like gummy bears.

Close ups of Christina Aguilera's new fragrance ad
Close ups of Christina Aguilera’s new fragrance ad
Christina Aguilera models in an ad for her new fragrance Royal Desire
Christina Aguilera models in the full ad for her new fragrance Royal Desire

When will brands learn that airbrushing the bejesus out of your models just looks plain ridiculous? Time after time, Talent Management have slated retouchers, not just for going OTT with the airbrushing tool, but for ‘Frankensteining’ models so they look anatomically incorrect, or even have limbs missing.

2012 alone we’ve seen a 41-year-old with not a wrinkle in sight, models’ kneecaps completely blended out, Doutzen Kroes’ leg digitally amputated and now poor old Christina Aguilera with wrists that look like gummy bears.

The blonde singer is the latest to join a long line of Photoshop blunders in an ad for her new fragrance, Royal Desire.

Alongside the tagline ‘Feel Like A Queen’, a much skinnier Christina appears disjointed from her ultra slim stick insect arms. With her right wrist looking the strangest, resembling jelly, we expect this was the retoucher’s attempt at slimming down the whole arm. Her knee, crossed over her leg, also appears odd, with the definition looking fake and almost backwards.

While apparently the ad was shot 2010, which to an extent accounts for the skinny arms and weight difference, we still think the retouchers have been over zealous in Photoshop and it seems we’re not the only ones to think this.

Jezebel’s Dodai Stewart wrote: “First of all, the face: The chin’s been sculpted, but then someone couldn’t figure out how to make it look normal where the shoulder meets the neck, so it just turned into a valley of shadows.

“Next, the arm: Sure, it’s bent at a strange angle, but it also has a zillion varying widths, narrowing, then widening again, and finally tapering into a long, strange wrist. On the other side, the other arm looks like it might have two elbows? Or one elbow and one valley of shadows? Also, there’s something missing where her other hip or the rest of her body should be over there on the right.

“Finally, the knee: The indentation and the width seem off.”

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